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The Perfect Backpack Diaper Bag for Disney World

The Perfect Backpack Diaper Bag for Disney World

As a Disney mom with 2 toddler boys, I get asked often about the items I take to Disney World regularly. One of my most asked questions is “Do you really like that backpack diaper bag”? Not only do I prefer a backpack style diaper bag it truly is ideal for Disney World adventures with little ones in hand. I wear it on my back, clip my bag to the stroller, I set it on the stroller when the kids are walking, and I use it for personal use for long solo trips too! Here are my tips on what to look for when searching for the perfect backpack diaper bag for Disney World.

Disclosure: I have not partnered with this specific backpack diaper bag brand, but do prefer a brand and name you can trust with a warranty. There are a wide variety of trusted brands that offer diaper bag backpacks. This is my honest opinion on the best qualities to find in a backpack geared toward toddler needs when traveling around Disney World. 

What to Look for in a Disney World Diaper Bag

Here are a few things to look for when shopping for the perfect backpack diaper bag for Disney World trips and beyond:

Insulated pockets – This is the second bag I have purchased that had insulated zipper pockets on both sides of the bag. While it doesn’t keep things as cold as an ice pack would it truly does keep cold things cool. I’ve wrapped bottles of water and tried my hardest to keep fruit cold in other manners, but you end up with a leak of some sort if they are just tossed in the diaper bag. This bag, for example, can hold 2 bottles of water in each insulated pocket making space for 4 bottles of water that are kept cool during your Disney World visit.

Adjustable straps, hook, AND stroller clips– This bag has all of the hook, strap, clip options you need! The hook is easy to hang up on things such as the back of a bathroom stall, adjustable strong straps that feel secure are a must, and stroller clips are a lifeline. Stroller clips are what I do most of the time while pushing my stroller through Disney so I’m not required to wear the backpack diaper bag the entire time. These clips are short, on the top back of the bag and clip to the top of any stroller. We have a stroller that has the stand option for the oldest toddler so I have adjusted where I hand the backpack diaper bag using the stroller clips but never the less it’s a must to have these strap clips for Disney days and stroller action.

Lots of room– I pack water bottles, additional drinks or refill bottle for water, a small lunch box, diapers, wipes, sunglasses, sunscreen, chapstick, a small wallet and a change of clothes in my backpack for our lengthy Disney World days. While that sounds like SO much stuff (and it sorta is) having a bag that allows you to pack all of those items is a must. There are some days I only have clothes, diapers, and wipes in the bag for quicker Disney trips but having a bag that offers the space for multiple things is a better option.

Look for a cute style but put emphasis on functionality– We all want to look cute, ladies! My first diaper bag was super cute and I got so many compliments on it but it hurt my shoulder and it didn’t have enough space for snacks AND diapers – I had to pick one or the other. My second diaper bag was more of a crossbody type that actually had Mickey mouse all over it. It is super cute and I still have it, but the crossbody style was not made for the weight I put in the bags from time to time so it’s used as a simple overnight bag for solo use.

A small secure pocket to hide things in– There are usually hidden pockets inside all diaper bags, but some diaper bags have 3-6 hidden pockets inside and that can be a bit much when you’re just looking for one go-to safe spot for items. In this bag, the inside has a small zipper on the back where I slide my credit cards and car keys so I know they are not only safe but won’t fall out if the diaper bag falls on the ground for some reason.

The Perfect Backpack Diaper Bag for Disney World 8

Disney Diaper Bag Conclusion

My biggest tip would be to try on a couple of backpack diaper bags and truly imagine all the things you could fit inside of it before you buy. This is not only my go-to Disney diaper bag it’s our daily use diaper bag. I’ve tried several diaper bag styles and this is a Disney World diaper bag style worth trying to get the ultimate functionality during your trip! Here is a link to the exact bag I have just a slightly different color scheme.

While it might not seem so at first glance, many diaper bag backpacks can hold much more than you think. What is your go-to bag for toddler items at Disney World? Are you also a big backpack diaper bag fan too?