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Hunter Boots Releases a Mary Poppins Collection

Hunter Boots Releases a Mary Poppins Collection

We have been waiting a long while for Mary Poppins to return to the big screen and at last, the time has come! Mary Poppins Returns is a sequel to the 1964 original. The film stars Emily Blunt and is set in 1930s Depression-era London. In celebration of this new movie, Hunter boots partnered with Disney and released a drool-worthy Mary Poppins collection. Some may say this new collection is practically perfect in every way. Let’s explore the iconic Hunter boots, bags and umbrellas printed with the Mary Poppins silhouette in muted camouflage and vibrant neon. Or you can skip everything and shop the entire collection here.

Collection Mary Poppin Prints

First off let us start with the prints of the collection. The neon print features a bright, punchy background layered with electric-hued outlines of the iconic Mary Poppins silhouette. Nodding to our history of experimenting with traditional camouflage, the refined print (shown in middle) is a more muted take on the silhouette. Similarly to the neon motif, it takes cues from the film’s narrative, with a reference to the kite from the sequel.

Mary Poppins Hunter Boots 

Hunter Boots Releases a Mary Poppins Collection 10

These Women’s Original Tall Disney Print Rain Boots come in all three colors of the collection. They are priced at $165 and you can buy them here. Also if you want your little one to have their own matching pair they are priced at $155.

The Mary Poppins Bag

Hunter Boots Releases a Mary Poppins Collection 11

The Original Mary Bag has been specially created for the launch of ‘Mary Poppins Returns’ and is based on the carpet bag from the original film. Crafted from our signature water-resistant rubberized leather, it features the iconic Hunter parachute top clip closure and mustache detailing. Unfortenly this bag will set you back a steep $490 and can be purchased here!

Mary Poppins Backpack

Mary Poppins Hunter Backpack

This practical, weatherproof backpack is reimagined with an exclusive camo print, featuring the iconic silhouette of Mary Poppins and utilizing the traditional camouflage color palette. Crafted from water-resistant rubberized leather, the neat and compact body of the bag holds up to 6L and is secured with a parachute clip and zip at the top, while the mustache detail at the front references our Original Tall Wellington boot. The backpack costs $290 can you can purchase it here.

Bubble Umbrella in Poppins Print

mary poppins umbrella

The Original Bubble Umbrella gets a fun update. Hunter plays on a traditional camouflage color palette and combines it with the iconic silhouette of Mary Poppins. Perfect for wet and windy conditions the design features rubberized grip handle and durable rib frame. Umbrellas from the collection are $80 and can be purchased here.