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Slinky Dog Arrives at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Slinky Dog Arrives at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Great news for those awaiting the opening of the new Toy Story Land! Slinky Dog Arrives at Disney’s Hollywood Studios marking a major milestone. The family-style coaster that will be part of the all-new Toy Story Land arrived at Hollywood Studios! Marking its appearance on none other than National Slinky® Day. Walt Disney World Resort revealed the first attraction vehicle for Slinky® Dog Dash. I don’t know about you, but this has me excited for the new land which is set to open June 30th, 2018! For more on what new is coming to Disney World in 2018 read, New at Disney World in 2018.

What Disney Says on Slinky Dog Arrives at Disney’s Hollywood Studios  

Slinky® Dog Dash will be among the toy-riffic experiences found in the all-new 11 acre Toy Story Land that opens next summer. It’s all part of a multi-year transformation of Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

Toy Story Land will invite guests to step into the whimsical world of Pixar Animation Studios’ blockbuster films where playtime stretches longer than a Slinky® Dog. Guests will feel like they’ve shrunk to the size of a toy as they play in Andy’s backyard with their favorite Toy Story pals.

Inspired by the playful dachshund spinoff of Slinky®, the classic American toy, Slinky® Dog Dash will send riders dipping, dodging and dashing around turns and drops that Andy has created to stretch Slinky® and his coils to the max.

Slinky® Dog Dash will be joined in the new land by more beloved Toy Story pals in another fresh-from-the-box themed attraction — Alien Swirling Saucers. This Pizza Planet toy play set is loaded with Aliens circling about in their flying saucers pulling along rocket ships full of Guests.

The new land will also encompass what’s already one of the most popular Walt Disney World attractions – Toy Story Mania!

Slinky Dog Dash Ride Vehicle Arrives at Disney's Hollywood Studios