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Picking out Toys with Toddlers at Disney Springs

Picking out Toys with Toddlers at Disney Springs

My boys are 4 and 2 and they are Disney babies through and through. We frequent the theme parks as often as possible and we’ve grown to love Disney Springs just as equally too! I recall when Disney Springs was Downtown Disney which didn’t offer as much as it does now and I recall girls night out at Pleasure Island. Does anyone else remember Pleasure Island and the clubs?

Since those days, Disney Springs has transformed into a shopping and entertainment destination at the Disney World property. We’ve packed our bags a handful of times with plans to enter a theme park and have found ourselves turning into the Disney Springs parking garage. During our last visit to the Springs, we let the kids take over the stores, more specifically The World of Disney Store. I’ve been asked a handful of times on how I handle toddlers wanting toys and selecting toys at Disney and I have a few tips on the topic. Picking out toys with toddlers at Disney Springs can be an adventure all on its own. Here’s how we make picking out toys at Disney a dedicated outing filled with laughter and toddler fun! 

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Planning your Disney Springs Toy Shopping

I’ve chatted before about my top tips on things for toddlers to enjoy at Disney Springs and mentioned our birthday traditions with our toddlers. We find Disney Springs to be one of the most fun places on property and it’s not just about the adult fun and food. Disney Springs is the place to go if you don’t have passes to the theme parks, but it’s also a place we consider a bit relaxing outside of the theme parks.

Disney Springs can hit capacity as the theme parks do, but we often find it to be smooth sailings during the morning hours. The stores open between 10 am – 11 am and we arrive between 9 am – 9:30 am. We get the stroller ready, grab a coffee (Starbucks is open), and let the kids play before it’s time to enter the stores.

HINT: Basin is open before the World of Disney opens, we pop in there to grab surprise bath bombs for the boys occasionally before the “big Disney store” opens. 

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Making Disney Toys Magical

Here’s how to make picking out toys with toddlers at Disney Springs a fun outing and a unique magical experience. This might also help with reducing the stress level involved with picking out “the perfect toy” during your Disney vacation or staycation. 

Prep the kids for a total shopping experience! Talk up the toy shopping, discuss enjoying the Disney stores, mention the fun you’re about to have, and be sure to let your favorite toddlers know that it’s a no rush experience. I’ve heard parents mention they don’t talk about toys or getting things to get their kids hopes up, but if you are planning on letting the kids pick out an item or two this IS the time to talk it up. My kids get so excited when we talk about going toy shopping and they know they will never be rushed when it comes to picking out the perfect Disney toy. 

Set limits and stick to them with positivity! Let your kids know they are going to have blast picking out 1 toy. There’s no need to mention the limit in a harsh tone, mention it in a fun tone. They GET to pick out a super fun toy. When I remind my boys they get to pick 1 item and talk it up as 1 item they understand the rules without it being forced or with a harsh tone. Once shopping if they request 2 toys I remind them that they get 1 and then suggest they get the second toy during our next shopping outing. Find clever ways to positively let them know they get 1 item but they could have more in the near future. It’s all about getting creative, staying positive, all well setting limits for Disney shopping. Limits can be per item, based on price, or based on functionality but either way, making it a positive experience is what it’s about. 

Picking out Disney Toys

Let them soak up the store just like they would soak up a Disney World ride! This is my most favorite part of the shopping experience at Disney Springs. Letting our toddler boys take over the World of Disney Store and fully immerse themselves in each section of the store is a magical experience for everyone! The cast members even enjoy watching our boys try on hats, hug toys, sit down and examine a possible take home item, and get loudly excited when they see something they love and recognize. I’ve often found that when you let toddlers take the lead and explore on their own magical things happen. 

Take photos with the new toys! This might sound silly, but I love having the boys show off their new goodies with photos with their toy and with their parents. The entire Disney Springs shopping experience has been a fun outing from beginning to end so it should be wrapped up with photos to capture the unique fun Disney outing! 

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