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Iconic Disney World Photos You Must Get

Iconic Disney World Photos You Must Get

Walt Disney World is home to iconic photos and makes it easy to get the perfect shot. The Disney community is taking over Instagram and the team here at WDW Vacation Tips would love to share our secrets on how to get a better profile. If you do not have anyone to take your magic photos, Disney has photographers set up in numerous locations throughout the parks. Park by park, we will go through the basic photo spots and the hidden gems that will blow your mind.

Magic Kingdom Photo Spots

Obviously, the Magic Kingdom is the first thing that comes to mind when you mention Disney. There are those photo spots that everyone gets, but it’s like you can’t visit the kingdom without taking the photos yourself. Every trip I say to myself, “if I took out every single photo I ever took here, I would have ten million of the same photos”.

The first iconic spot to take photos at the Magic Kingdom would be in front of the “Partners” statue located in front of the castle. Cinderella Castle is super photogenic so any angle you decided to snap a pic, she will always be gleaming and ready. As you are walking up the side ramps to the front of the castle, stand against the stage wall directly under the clock. Aim your camera up and you will have the world’s best photo. My favorite spots to take pictures of just the castle with no people are on either side of the castle on the walkway bridges.

On the bridge heading towards Tomorrowland, there is a secret spot that has a beautiful view of the castle. It is located between two bushes and makes the castle look clear as day! Also on that bridge, you can catch the sun setting just behind the castle. I have only experienced that once but it was the most amazing thing I think I have ever seen.

Purple Wall Magic Kingdom

Walls across Disney are super popular too, and the Magic Kingdom has one iconic wall that everyone knows about. Just over the Tomorrowland bridge before you actually enter the land, to the right there will be a huge purple painted wall. It has transformed into the Galactic Purple Wall and is just stunning. Bonus: it has great lighting.

Another iconic pose every human on Earth must take is the ears selfie. Who doesn’t know this selfie? Stand in front of the castle and show just your ears in the bottom! Talk about a classic.

Photos to Get at Epcot

In my opinion, Epcot has more photo-op spots than any other park. It is full of different background everywhere you look with all sorts of amazing lighting. Let’s begin when we walk in. A backdrop of Spaceship Earth finishes a group photo. It is just so darn beautiful, especially at night! Epcot has a bunch of walls that every Instagrammer stops to take. Bubblegum wall and Blueberry wall are located back to back. Another thing Disney makes simple. Epcot also has Toothpaste wall near Nemo and Friends!

Bubblegum Wall Epcot

The photo that defines Epcot is standing behind Spaceship Earth and holding the “golf ball” in your hand!

World Showcase has hidden photo spots that you probably would never know unless told. I recently discovered two that I do not stop thinking about. I highly advise everyone to an in-depth walk of the countries. You are guaranteed to find spots you will love. My favorites are the fountains and marketplace in Morocco and the falls in Canada. Each country is individually gorgeous and has amazing photo spots that should not be passed up.

Hollywood Studios

Before the removal of Mickey’s sorcerer hat, there would be millions of visitors who snapped away from down the road. Hollywood Studios was practically made for iconic photos. You can get beautiful shots of Tower of Terror and the Chinese Theater at any time of day.

Iconic Disney World Photos You Must Get 4

With newly added Toy Story Land, there are endless possibilities to photo-op spots. Our favorite characters soaring overhead, string lights and super large toys, it might be easy to reach your storage limit on your phone! Walking the streets of the studios offers the opportunity to feel as if you are literally walking the streets of Hollywood, CA circa 1920. My favorite time and place might I add.

Animal Kingdom

The Animal Kingdom is another park that holds so much beauty that is often overlooked; myself included. With so much greenery and wonderful animals, everywhere you look is photo haven. The most iconic picture taken in the Animal Kingdom is directly in front of the Tree of Life. The tones of the tree with a clear blue Florida sky make your photo surreal. The walking path around the base of the tree lets you get great shots of all the animals carvings.

Tree of Life

On Kilimanjaro Safari, you will be able to take almost-touching photos of exotic animals. You aren’t getting those pictures back home I can tell you that. Plus let’s not forget the World of Pandora. You have the moss wall and dozens of other unique photo ops you can get on this planet.

Taking the right photo in Disney can be difficult because there are so many spots and you just can’t choose. Plan on posting some of these beauties to your social media account? Then read up on the top tips for creating the best Disney captions. If this article helped you brighten up your amazing Disney profile, be sure to send your photos into @wdwvacationtips or @carinnaatthecastle. Have the most magical photo shoot… from us to you. See ya real soon!