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Casey’s Corner

Casey’s Corner

Casey’s Corner is a famous spot at the end of Main Street USA in the Magic Kingdom. If you’re in the mood for a hot dog this is your stop! It serves nothing but dogs. They have all beef dogs, vegetarian hot dogs, chili dogs, and even corn dogs! Let’s take a look at our full Casey’s Corner dining review.

Casey’s Corner Quick Breakdown

  • Service: Quick Service
  • Type of Food: All American
  • Price: $$
  • Location: Main Street USA, Magic Kingdom
  • Disney Dining Plan: Yes, 1 Quick Service Credit
  • Discounts: None
  • Good For: Comfort Food, Quick Meal
  • Menu: Official Disney Menu

A Tour Around Casey’s Corner

A look at Casey’s Corner at the Magic Kingdom.

You will know you have arrived in the right spot when you see this baseball player who is located right outside of the entrance. I highly recommend with the business of this spot to put in a mobile order for here. It saved us a ton of time. We put in our order and picked it up inside the special side door on the building. You can’t miss it, there is a giant mobile ordering sign attached to it.

Casey's Corner Menu

The menu here is pretty basic, just like the menus you might actually find inside a baseball stadium really. You have your select of various hot dogs and that is pretty much it.

Inside Caseys Corner

As you can see on the left the regular ordering section is a madhouse. The mobile ordering on the right is where it is at!

Casey's Corner 2

If the place isn’t wall to wall packed the various baseball and Americana items put up through Casey’s is worth a look at.

Dishes from Casey’s Corner

Here is a look at the dishes we tried from Casey’s Corner.

Casey's Corner 3

Here is a close of what I think is Casey’s most popular item, the corn dog nuggets. They are just mini corn dogs essentially. Also, don’t make our first-timer mistake and be sure to get a side of cheese sauce to dip them in!

Casey's Corner 4

Bacon Mac and Cheese Hot Dog

I wasn’t expecting much I mean it’s just a hot dog, right? The mac and cheese they put on top was so good and the bacon just added in some extra flavor. While the $10 this meal set me back is probably way too overpriced I was shocked to see two plates of fries like they were trying to make up for what they charged.

Casey’s Corner Review Recommendation

We enjoy stopping in here from time to time but we are still mystified as to why this spot has become a Disney must. The indoor section is super tiny and in one of the main entryways to the parks largest gift shops. So make sure it’s a nice day when eating here because odds are you are sitting outside… if you can get a table there. Just about every trip to the Magic Kingdom you can spot people who have to take their food to the hub grass and eat. Also be prepared to wait in a long line I have yet to see this place without the line to the door!

I just wish it had a bigger range of options outside of hot dogs if one person in your party doesn’t want one then they are stuck or eating across the street at Starbucks. The real winner here is that castle view. You can have a meal and soak in all Main Street USA has to offer.

Also, bonus tip, if you are on the dining plan we suggest you skip using a credit as this is a really poor value for your ever-increasing cost of the plan.

Have you eaten at Casey’s Corner before? Leave your Casey’s Corner dining review in the comment section below. For more dining recommendations read, Magic Kingdom Dining Ranked Best to Worst.