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How to Tell if Disney’s Memory Maker is Worth It

How to Tell if Disney’s Memory Maker is Worth It

Every vacation is all about making memories to last a lifetime with your family. Disney vacations, of course, are the pinnacle of memory-making. Of course, this also means you want to share your happiness with your friends by sharing your Disney moments all over social media. On a serious note though we get that your vacation photos are a keepsake of memories from happy days with your family. Well, we are going to break down the service so you can decide if Disney’s Memory Maker is worth it to you.

What is Disney’s Memory Maker

First off let’s get started with what exactly Memory Maker is. Memory Maker is a digital download package that includes all of your pictures taken with Photopass. Photopass spots are included around the theme parks, resorts and even includes on-ride photos. You will have the rights to print the photos at home or order through companies like Mixbook and Shutterfly. Memory Maker doesn’t just include photos you will also get on-ride videos and animated Magic Shots that are not available to anyone else.

How Much Do Disney’s Photo Packages Cost?

The cost of Memory Maker is the main reason why we get the question all the time, “Hey Patty, is Memory Maker worth it for my family?”  Memory Maker is $199. If you order more than three days prior to your arrival, the price does drop to $169. You can also opt to just get Memory Maker for a single day at $69.

How Memory Maker at Disney World Works

First, we recommend that you take advantage of the early bird pricing, which saves you $30. As we stated earlier you’ll need to buy it at least three days before your trip. The pre-purchase price is $169 and the full price is $199 and it can be purchased online here.

Note: If you are an Annual Passholder to Disney World you most likely have the photo package included for free. There are some levels that do not include photos you can read more here.

Getting as many pictures taken as possible is key to increasing the value of Memory Maker. To get pictures simply be on the lookout for Photopass photographers station throughout the parks. After they take your picture have your Magicband or park ticket handy and it will link up to your My Disney Experience account. Of course, this is all assuming that you have them linked to your account already. When you are on rides most of the time photos taken during rides will automagically be linked to your My Disney Experience account. We have the complete list of on-ride photos here.

If you don’t see it in your PhotoPass account within a day, call 407-560-4300. Be prepared to give them your information, where the photo was taken, what day and time. More often than not they can dig up the pictures that went missing.

Sharing Memory Maker

Going on vacation with friends or family, you can actually share your Memory Maker account! Or if it makes sense one family member can become an Annual Passholder and reap the benefits of free photos for everyone. Sharing is easy, you simply need to make sure they link with you. This can happen by having them all listed in the same My Disney Experience account OR linking as friends within My Disney Experience and check off the option to allow sharing of photos for all people.

Essentially, everyone is sharing the photos with the person who purchased Memory Maker. Only the person who has Memory Maker on their account can edit and download the photos. This is the part that trips a lot of people up. I know this is the part that got me when it was first introduced. The good news is that the person who owns the photo package doesn’t have to be present to add more photos. Any linked account can do that! This means large parties could split the cost out over everyone making it even more affordable.

Tangled Lantern Photopass Spot at Magic Kingdom
Tangled Lantern Photopass Spot at Magic Kingdom

The Pros of Memory Maker

Let’s take a look at great reasons why you should get Disney’s Memory Maker.

  • Pictures are taken by experienced Disney photographers with professional camera equipment. The end result normally shows it too! This is a stark contrast from asking a stranger to snap a shot of your entire family for you.
  • There is no other way to get your on-ride photos they can only be purchased from Disney.
  • Disney Magic Shots are another exclusive. This is when your photographer has you pose perfectly to fit in with the animated Disney characters that will be added to your photo.
  • No one has to sit out with Memory Maker. Since a Disney Photopass photographer will be snapping all the shots this lets everyone be in the picture.
  • Disney gives you access to hundreds of custom Disney picture borders and more so you can customize your pictures to your heart’s content.
  • No more lugging around heavy and or expensive camera equipment. Disney has you covered so you can take it easy on your trip.

The Cons of Memory Maker

Here are some of the reasons you may want to skip out on buying the Memory Maker Disney photo package.

  • The package is pricey, especially for short trips.
  • The lines can sometimes get quite long for these Photopass pictures. Just take a look at the lantern shot over by the tangled restrooms in the Magic Kingdom. While the shots are one of a kind you can find yourself waiting in picture lines instead of ride lines. You can find some of our favorites in the Must Do PhotoPass Spots at Disney World.
  • Some of the same pictures you can get for free by having PhotoPass photographers take pictures with your own camera. If you ask the will always do this.
  • PhotoPass photographers are not everywhere you may want a picture taken. They are only selectively at the hotel, typically just during the holidays. Sometimes they are not at every character meal either so you may want to bring a camera for those special meals.

The Conclusion on is Memory Maker Worth it?

As every family vacation is different and based on the unique needs of the family there truly is no right or wrong answer. It tends to be a perfect fit for those on a longer vacation since the price stays the same no matter the length of your trip or if you have a large party. Memory Maker takes the stress out of getting the picture shot for your holiday card and helps you capture your magical vacation moments. If you have purchased Memory Maker before let us know about your experience in the comment section below.

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