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How to Make Mickey Waffles At Your House

How to Make Mickey Waffles At Your House

Obviously, the best part about a Walt Disney World vacation is eating Mickey-shaped waffles for breakfast. Whether you’re grabbing them at Chef Mickey’s at Disney’s Contemporary Resort, the Intermission Food Court at Disney’s All-Star Music Resort, or from the comfort of your own home you’d be hard pressed to find a Disney fan who DOESN’T wish they could eat mickey-shaped waffles everyday for breakfast. Well, the good news is that now you can – and we provide all the tasty tricks and tips you need on how to make mickey waffles at your house. 

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What Waffle Batter Does Disney Use? 

For years, I have been curious about what Walt Disney World uses to give their mickey waffles their sweet distinct flavor. Did Tinkerbell sprinkle pixie dust on them? Did the Evil Queen cast a spell that went awry? Well, it turns out that what gives those fluffy mouse-shaped waffles their distinct flavor is something called Golden Malted Waffle and Pancake Flour mix and you can buy it for yourself on Amazon for only $24.61. The mix is also available on Carbon’s Golden Malted’s website, found here

Fun Facts About Golden Malted Waffle and Pancake Flour Mix

  • It’s certified Kosher
  • The recipe has been around since 1937 (the same year Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs hit theaters!)
  • The mix is made up of sugar, malt, vanilla, wheat and corn flours, leavening and buttermilk powder

Nutritional Value (One Serving)

  • Total carbohydrates: 228
  • Protein: 5.5g
  • Total fat: 9.6g
  • Vitamin A: 7.2%
  • Potassium: 25.7mg
  • Cholesterol: 102.5 mg

What You’ll Need to Make Mickey Waffles

How to Make Mickey Waffles At Your House 1

Of course, you can customize this recipe as you see fit, however, this is the recipe we use at my house: 

Since the mix does already have vanilla included, you don’t have to add your own vanilla extract, however, it’s an added boost of sweetness if you do. 

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  1. First, whisk the eggs and milk together
  2. Add in the melted butter
  3. Slowly fold in the Carbon’s Golden Malted Waffle and Pancake Flour mix and sugar
  4. Mix until all combined
  5. Place into your mickey-shaped waffle iron and cook for about 3-4 minutes 

This recipe makes about 8 waffles, however, the quantity will depend on the size of your waffle iron….and speaking of….

The Best Disney Waffle Irons on Shop Disney

There are a ton of Disney-inspired waffle irons on the market. Currently, there are six different themed waffle makers you can choose from on Shop Disney’s website. These include: 

The Best Disney Waffle Makers on Amazon

Please remember that as with any website, prices are always subject to change. 

Best Disney Waffle Makers at BoxLunch

In recent years, the company BoxLunch has partnered with Disney to create some unique, one-of-a-kind products, including waffle makers and trust me, they have some really cute options:

And Now For the Best Part…

Eating them! 

Making Mickey waffles from the comfort of your own home is a fun and easy way to celebrate the magic of Disney when you can’t be at the parks. My husband and I have a fun tradition of making Mickey waffles on the morning of our Walt Disney World vacation. It’s a tradition that brings a smile to my face and I know it’ll be one that continues for years to come. Why? Because that’s the magic of Disney!