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Spread the Magic of Disney to your Child

Spread the Magic of Disney to your Child

The love of all things Disney, movies, characters, theme parks and more was passed down to me as a child by my mom. My memories of Disney vacations as a kid are ones I will cherish forever and I am so thankful that I was lucky enough to get the opportunity. I love when I see new things that help spread that Disney magic. Which is why I am sharing the Disney Premier pack with you.

A Look Inside a Disney Premier Pack

Spread the Magic of Disney to your Child 1

Every box you receive comes with three different hardcover books, three sheets of stickers, a special activity, and a collectible Tsum Tsum. If you sign up with our special offer you can get your first box for just $9.95! All you need to do is sign up here to get the discount.

How the Disney Premier Pack Works

Once you order you will first receive your welcome package. The welcome pack is the same as pictured above. The package includes The Lion King, The Lion Guard, The Lion King 1-1/2, Simba’s Pride, Silicone Bug Mold, Pride Lands Pack Card, Tsum Tsums: Pumbaa, Lion King Stickers, Lion King 1-1/2 Stickers, Lion Guard Stickers, Disney Sticker Collection, Pride Lands Pack & Free Shipping.

The first welcome box, you will receive at a special discounted rate of $9.95 but future boxes are $19.99 plus $5.99 for shipping. Wondering what box will come next? You can preview your upcoming backs and modify them! They have alternative options! Plus it’s good to know you can cancel or skip a box at any time with this subscription.

If you are interested in seeing more or what to order one just simply go here!