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FREE Disney Princess Trivia Printable & Answer Key: Plus extra fun facts! 

FREE Disney Princess Trivia Printable & Answer Key: Plus extra fun facts! 

Get ready for the most intense round of trivia about the Disney Princesses with our free printable, and don’t forget the answer key! Plus, read all of the answer key below in depth fact nuggets! 

Snow White

  • Snow White is the O.G. Disney Princess
    Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs was Disney’s first full length feature film and debuted in 1937. At the time animated cartoons were reserved for shorts to play before a film at movie theaters. The Disney Company played an active role in selling Mickey cartoons to theaters across the globe, but Walt Disney knew that he couldn’t grow or expand on shorts alone. Insert Snow White!
  • What is Snow White’s favorite pie?
    Snow White makes the dwarfs a gooseberry pie while she is cleaning up their cottage, so we can assume that it is her favorite.

    BONUS FACT: If you want to try Snow White’s favorite pie for yourself you can try a mini version in Walt Disney World! At the Snow White character dining experience, Storybook Dining with Snow White at Artist Point gooseberry tartlets are part of the dessert trio.
  • Whose bed(s) does Snow White sleep on while waiting for the dwarfs?
    Snow White combined Happy, Sneezy, and Dopey’s beds to make one full size bed for her. Remember, she thought that the beds were for children.
  • How many Oscar Awards did Snow White receive?
    8. Walt Disney was presented an Oscar for Snow White, but that Oscar had 7 little Oscars attached to represent the seven dwarfs!

    BONUS FACT: Adorable Shirley Temple was the person who presented “Mr. Disney” with the Oscar for Snow White!
  • What other roles has Adriana Caselotti (the voice of Snow White) played?
    Trick question! Walt Disney was very protective of his inaugural character. After losing his character Oswald and his best animators to Universal just over a decade prior, he was very protective of his star. Adriana Caselott, a professionally trained singer, signed a strict contract with the Disney Company saying that she would not play any other roles! With the exception of a small singing role in The Wizard of Oz in 1939, she didn’t sing in Hollywood again!
  • All of the profits from Snow White were used for one major project. What was that project?
    All of the profits from Snow White were used to build their animation campus, Disney Studios in Burbank, California.  Snow White grossed $8 million dollars in the United States in 1938, making it a runaway hit.

    The new studio was the epitome of technology and creativity, perfect for expansion and growth to come.
  • How old is Snow White?
    Snow White is by far the youngest Disney princess at only 14. Yikes!
  • What country is Snow White from?
    The story Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs takes place in Germany.


FREE Disney Princess Trivia Printable & Answer Key: Plus extra fun facts!  2
  • What year was Cinderella released?
    Cinderella was released in 1950. At the time, the actress who played Cinderella had a young daughter that she brought to the premier. When the movie opens and Cinderella starts singing “A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes”, her daughter exclaimed in the theater, “Mommy, she sounds just like you!”.
  • What color is Cinderella’s dress?
    Insert the internet debate between fans, super fans, and you have the blue versus white dress debate all over again. Do you remember that thing? For the record, we stand by that it was a white dress with gold lace in a shadowy corner, but nonetheless!

    The original dress in the original version of the animated classic is a sparkly silver dress that is almost white. When it was digitally remastered the dress became more of a blue tint, but is still not the baby blue that we see on all of the merchandise.

    So why is Cinderella’s dress blue on all of the merchandise?? It’s messing with our heads! It all comes down to the principles of marketing and color. Animators created a color that evoked magic and wonder. The business side of things knows that a light silver doesn’t pop off the shelves. The trademark Cinderella blue contrasts with the princess pink and really catches the eye.
  • What country is Cinderella from?
    The opening narrator says, “Once upon a time in a faraway land, there was a tiny kingdom; peaceful, prosperous, and rich in romance and tradition. Here in a stately chateau, there lived a widowed gentleman, and his little daughter, Cinderella.” Cinderella was written by Charles Perrault, a french author, and we can see based on the narrator’s use of the French word for house, Disney maintained this heritage.
  • One of Disney’s oldest princesses!
    Cinderella is considered to be one of the oldest princesses at between 19-20 years old!
  • What size shoe did Cinderella wear?
    She wore an incredible size 4.5! The average American woman wears a size 8.5! No wonder why they felt that they could seek her out by trying on the slipper of every eligible maiden!
  • How much money did Cinderella make?
    Cinderella brought in a whopping $85 million! What is even more incredible is that the film cost $3 million.
  • Where can you see Cinderella’s glass slipper in Walt Disney World?
    There is a glass slipper encased in protective glass in Princess Fairytale Hall in the Magic Kingdom. Guests can see it as they walk by in the queue to see Cinderella herself. 

Princess Aurora

FREE Disney Princess Trivia Printable & Answer Key: Plus extra fun facts!  3
  • What was Princess Aurora’s secret name?
    When the 3 fairies, Flora, Fauna, and Merrywhether agreed to raise her, they changed her name for her protection to Briar Rose.
  • Was Sleeping Beauty a smash hit or an epic fail?
    Disney was hoping to create another Cinderella. No expense was spared in the making of Sleeping Beauty. The backgrounds were even created by master artists to create an art piece, not just children’s entertainment. Critics, however, were not impressed.

    The movie was such an epic fail that Sleeping Beauty was the last princess movie of Walt’s life, and the company didn’t make a princess movie until 30 years later with The Little Mermaid.
  • How many lines does Princess Aurora speak during the film?
    Princess Aurora has the least amount of speaking lines for a main character in any Disney movie. She has a whopping total of 18 lines throughout the movie!
  • Who voiced Princess Aurora in Sleeping Beauty?
    The iconic princess in Sleeping Beauty was voiced by Mary Costa, a professional opera singer. No wonder why no one can replicate her notes while strolling in the woods!

    BONUS FACT: Did you know that Mary Costa almost didn’t get the job because of her southern accent? Ms. Costa is a good old fashioned southern belle, and the studio didn’t think that she could refrain from her sweet southern lilt long enough for audiences to believe that Sleeping Beauty took place in Europe.
  • What real life actress inspired the look of Princess Aurora?
    Animators were inspired by the infamous Audrey Hepburn to create her character and style.
  • Sleeping Beauty is the first (and only) princess that actually has both of her parents!
    Disney movies have been known to kill off a parent. We’re still crying for poor Bambi! Sleeping Beauty is unique because she actually has both parents, and the live the whole way through the movie! 


FREE Disney Princess Trivia Printable & Answer Key: Plus extra fun facts!  4
  • Why is Tinkerbell so moody?
    Animators say that Tinkerbell is excited one second and angry in the next because her small size prevents her from holding more than one emotion at a time.
  • When did Tinkerbell start flying towards the Disney castle to signify the start of the fireworks show?
    The first time Tink was seen flying through the sky for guests was in 1961 in Disneyland. The high flying stunt was performed by a 71 year old Hungarian performer!
  • Who inspired animators in their creation of Tinkerbell?
    Many people think it was Marilyn Monroe, and while the dates line up, it just isn’t true. Animators were inspired by actress Margaret Kerry.
  • Is Tinkerbell a Disney Princess?
    Trick question! The answer is yes and no. Tinkerbell was originally in the official Disney princess line up, but Disney felt that she needed a special group all her own.
  • When was Tinkerbell designed?
    Peter Pan was released in 1953, but animators had been tinkering with the design for a special fairy since 1939! Walt Disney loved the story Peter Pan so much that he actually obtained the rights to the stage play in 1904.
  • How many lines does Tinkerbell have in Peter Pan?
    TRICK QUESTION! Tinkerbell actually has no lines in Peter Pan and like the stage play, Tinkerbell communicates only in bells. 


Ariel Rooms at Art of Animation
  • What was the original design for Ariel’s hair?
    Ariel is most known for her bright red locks, but that almost wasn’t the case! Ariel was originally going to have blonde or brown hair, but the animators just weren’t happy. Animating a character underwater was a new experience for the studio and they needed a color that would have depth and would be highly visible whether it was wet or dry. Brown or blonde hair just got lost amongst the bright colors of the ocean. Could you imagine if the protagonist was upstaged by the background?!
  • What actress inspired the animated Ariel?
    Actress Alyssa Milano was the real life inspiration for the original Little Mermaid. Old footage of the character building sessions reveal just how much they put of the actress in Ariel. Everything from the big eyes, to the exaggerated expressions, and to the way her bangs moved with her body motions, Ariel basically is Alyssa Milano.
  • What is the shade of green called that was used to make Ariel’s tail?
    That’s easy. Ariel. Disney actually created the perfect shade of green to compliment her red hair and purple shells. When tasked with naming their new creation, it was simple.
  • How old is Ariel?
    “I’m 16 years old, I’m not a child!”. Yes, sweetie, you are. Listen to your daddy. To King Triton who is trying to raise 7 daughters on his own… Bless your heart, sweetie. That’s southern for it sucks to be you.
  • What famous song almost didn’t make it into The Little Mermaid?
    Could you imagine the movie without the song “Part of Your World”? Well, it actually got cut from the film and only reinstated with the movie’s composer and music producer insisted that it was necessary to the storyline.

    But why was it cut?

    “Part of Your World” was cut because of some spilled popcorn. Yup. Before a Disney movie is released to market, Disney does test runs with real children in a movie theater to test their reactions to the film. Of course, these kids are given the works, soda, popcorn, and candy. Well, fast forward to the song in question and a kid in the front row spilled his bucket of popcorn and then there was a bit of a kerfuffle while the kids did what kids do, which is cause drama. The movie’s producers took the kids’ reaction to the incident to mean that they were bored and thought that kids don’t like songs and that that one in particular needed to be removed.Thank goodness the music producer helped them to see the light!


  • Jasmine and Mulan are basically the same person…
    Watch Aladdin and Mulan back to back. Do you notice how similar Mulan and Jasmine’s singing voices are? That’s because they both share the same singing actress. Disney often has different actors to play the speaking and singing roles, and they love to recycle actors that they like.

BONUS FACT: Princess Jasmine was the first Disney character to have separate singing and speaking voices.

  • How old is Princess Jasmine?
    Princess Jasmine was a shocking 15 years old in Aladdin. No wonder why her father was so frustrated with her behavior
  •  Jasmine is the only Disney Princess that isn’t the main character of her movie.
    Think about it, the movie is called Aladdin, not Jasmine. It takes a second to wrap your head around, but you go girl!
  • What was Disney’s original name for the Arabian princess before they settled on Jasmine?
    Badroulbadour. Don’t ask us how to say it. I think I know why they decided to go with Jasmine over this option.
  • Jasmine is the only Disney Princess who doesn’t have a gown for her official outfit.
    Jasmine is all about breaking those glass ceilings and defeating stereotypes, even down to her royal wardrobe. While every Disney princess is wearing a dress or gown, Jasmine is rocking some genie pants. STOP! It’s Jasmine time! *Dances to MC Hammer in my head*


FREE Disney Princess Trivia Printable & Answer Key: Plus extra fun facts!  5
  • Belle is Disney’s oldest princess.
    She wanted adventure in the great wide somewhere, and she couldn’t do that by settling with some man at 16. During the time of Beauty and the Beast, Belle is actually in her 20s, making her the oldest Disney princess. Looking back at it, it’s not that shocking. She does seem to have the most mature nature.
  • Who was Belle modeled after?
    The full character of Belle was inspired by actress Katherine Hepburn in Little Women. Both women had a thirst for knowledge and wanted more than their current situations could offer them.

    Animators were also inspired by Judy Garland as Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz and Julie Andrews in the Sound of Music for her look.
  • “Who’s that funny girl?” “That’s Belle!”
    Watch the opening scene again. Did you notice that in a town filled with earth tones, Belle is the only resident of her poor provincial town that wears blue?
  • Sleeping Beauty is in Beauty and the Beast
    Ok, not exactly. Animators like to reuse animation cells from different movies to save time and money, and that was also the case in Beauty and the Beast. That famous dancing scene at the very end between Belle and the Prince is EXACTLY the same as Princess Aurora and Phillip. Animators just changed the faces and details on the clothing.
  • Beauty and the Beast Makes History
    While the Disney Company is no stranger to the Oscars, Beauty and the Beast is the first full length animated film to be nominated for best picture at the Oscars. The beautiful music that really brings the movie to life was created by Disney Legend, Howard Ashman. He was also known for the music in The Little Mermaid.

BONUS FACT: Those that represented the Disney Company at the Oscars that year did not go out and celebrate their achievement in the traditional way. You see, Howard Ashman suffered from A.I.D.S. Disney was unaware of his ailments until his health declined so much that he could no longer come into the studio in Burbank, California.

Disney wanted Ashman to create Beauty and the Beast. He was the perfect man to make it a hit, so Disney actually created a studio in Ashman’s home on the east coast to accommodate him.

Unfortunately, the world did not understand HIV well in the 90s and Ashman continued to decline. Eventually he was admitted to the hospital, where he spent the rest of his days. His fellow employees went to visit him in the hospital when they left the Oscars to share with him the news. Beauty and the Beast was a hit. Audiences loved it and it was making history.

Howard Ashman passed away a short time later on March 14, 1991.

  • What is the meaning behind Belle’s yellow gown?
    Over a late night pizza the animators decided to give Belle a gown that represented the warming of her heart towards the beast as she sheds the blue clothing into the warm colored yellow/gold.
  • Belle is the first Disney Princess with brown hair!
    Up until this point the princesses have had black hair, blonde hair, and then even cherry red hair. Funny enough, brown hair is the most popular hair color for girls in the world! 


  • How many animators did it take to create Pocahontas?
    It wook a whopping 55 Disney animators to create the famous Powhatan Princess. To give you an idea, a character typically is only assigned ONE animator.
  • Pocahontas featured Disney’s first interracial couple!
    The Walt Disney Company has always rebuked racism within its company, hiring African American men and women as animators, painters, and artists during the eras of Jim Crow Laws and other acts of division. It makes sense that they would push the social boundaries in the films as well!
  • What is the significance of Pocahontas’ release date?
    Pocahontas was released in 1995, exactly 400 years after the birth of the real Pocahontas who was born in 1595.
  • Who is Redfeather in Disney’s Pocahontas?
    Trick question! Redfeather was originally one of Pocahontas’ sidekicks. He was meant to be a turkey to play alongside her raccoon and hummingbird, Flick. He didn’t make it to the final film.

    BONUS FACT: What happened Redfeather? In the original concept of the movie, Pocahontas could talk with her animal friends. The voice of Redfeather was none other than Hollywood funny man, John Candy. Unfortunately, John Candy died during the production of the film so the turkey was removed as a character, and the other animals became mute characters.
  • Pocahontas vs. Lion King
    The Disney Company likes to work on multiple projects at a time to keep production flowing. At the same time as the production of Pocahontas the studio was working on The Lion King. Animators reportedly fought over which movie they got to work on, with most people preferring to work on Pocahontas because they believed it would be a bigger hit than The Lion King. They were wrong…

    BONUS (NON-DISNEY) FUN FACT: A similar situation happened with the animators over in Universal around the same time. A new animation studio (with shady ties to Disney) called Dreamworks was just getting their food in the door when they started working on what was believed to be the next animation masterpiece and a bold move taking on one of the most influential stories of the Bible. Animators fought to have their names tied with The Prince of Egypt.

    Funny enough, any animators who were not working as expected or were in trouble were threatened with the task of working on that other less prestigious project down the hall… That project was Shrek. Shrek would go on to be a runaway hit grossing almost $492 million.
  • How long did Pocahontas take to make?
    Pocahontas took a whopping 5 years to make! It didn’t help that animators were tasked with remaking scenes up to 75 times to get it just right. 


  • What hand does Mulan write with?
    Mulan is a lefty, which is how animators showcased right from the start that she was different! Did you know that only between 10% – 12% of the world is left handed?
  • Not actual royalty…
    Mulan is the first Disney princess not actually born into royalty, nor did she marry a prince. She earned her title.
  • Mulan is the first princess to be seen wounded.
    Disney movies always have a gauzy rose glow about them where you know everything is going to end up “happily ever after”. That is, until Mulan when she takes a sword to the gut.
  • Mulan smoothed rough relations between Disney and China.
    Prior to the release of Mulan in 1998, the Chinese government placed a ban on all Disney films after a sympathetic film about the Dali Lama was released in the country. China lifted the ban after the release of Mulan, and it played in over 100 cities across China.
  • Mulan is the most “adult” family movie of the Disney animated movies…
    Mulan is not the first Disney princess to be naked on screen, (she’s actually the third!), but she spends the most screen time naked than any other human character in a Disney film. But don’t worry, you don’t see anything. It is all very delicately implied with splashes from Eddie Murphy’s humor.
  • Mulan is not wearing a kimono!
    The kimono is a traditional silk japanese dress, and while similar in style, is not the same thing as what Chinese Mulan wears to meet the matchmaker. Mulan is wearing a traditional hanfu.
  • What does the name Mulan mean?
    Mulan literally means wild orchid in Chinese. Now, think back to the hair comb that her father presented on it. It was adorned with an orchid!


  • Tiana is left handed!
    It is said that left handed people are more creative, but we also see it that left handed people are more determined, which matches Tiana perfectly. Think about it, we live in a completely right handed world, so instead of going against their nature to learn with the right hand, lefties forge their own path.

    BONUS FUN FACT: The voice actress Anika Noni Rose is also left handed! The animator who was responsible for creating Tiana would record Rose while she was doing lines and incorporated some of her mannerisms and characteristics into Tiana!
  • Tiana was not the original name for the beloved princess!
    Tiana’s original name was going to be Maddy. It just doesn’t fit! Also, she originally was supposed to be a chambermaid to Lottie in the LeBouf mansion, which didn’t sit well with many, so it was changed to her mother being a respectable dress maker who struggled.
  • Who inspired the animators when creating the look and design of Tiana?
    Tiana did! The voice actress Anika Noni Rose who played Tiana asked that her princess look like she ate, have curly hair, a round little nose, and be her own character unlike other princesses. She said that she didn’t want her princess to look like she was another Disney princess that was colored in brown, so animators made Tiana into her!
  • Tiana is the only Disney Princess to wear a wedding ring!
    Considering that people have been wearing wedding rings as a symbol of fidelity for over 3000 years, it’s impressive that Disney hasn’t included that little detail until now.
  • Tiana and Naveen kiss more in The Princess and the Frog than any other Disney couple!
    Pucker up, buttercup! For a girl who got her start swearing that she would never kiss a frog, it’s ironic that she would win this title!
  • Princess Tiana is a real person!
    The story Princess and the Frog was largely inspired by the “Queen of Creole”, Leah Chase. Leah Chase is a hard working African American woman who paved her path in times where it was less path and more brick walls to become the famous Cajun chef.

    BONUS FUN FACT: The Princess and the Frog takes place in the 1920s, based on the styles and music, and we know that Leah Chase was born in 1923. Miss Chase passed away in 2019, 10 years after the film that she helped to inspire.
  • How many outfits does Tiana wear in the film?
    Who knew she was such a fashionista? Tiana wears a whopping 11 outfits in The Princess and the Fog!
  • Tiana is the only working Disney Princess that gets paid!
    It is funny to note that Tiana keeps all of her tips in jars in her dresser instead of a bank. It works out for her since the Great Depression happens just a few years later. 


FREE Disney Princess Trivia Printable & Answer Key: Plus extra fun facts!  6
  • Tangled is the most expensive animated movie ever made!
    Tangled cost Disney $260 MILLION! That not only sounds high, it is high! Not only does Tangled earn the spot for the most expensive animated movie of all time, it is the second most expensive movie EVER, second to Pirates of the Caribbean at World End.
  • How long did it take animators to create Rapunzel’s hair?
    Believe it or not, it took over 6 years just to create the programming to properly animate Rapunzel’s long locks
  • How long is Rapuzenl’s hair?
    Her hair is a grand total of 70 feet long and made up of 100,000 digitally animated strands!
  • Rapunzel is the first Disney princess to be animated using CGI technology.
    Up until this point, Disney princesses were only created using traditional hand-drawn methods. Remember what Walt said, “Keep moving forward”.
  • Tangled is the first Disney princess movie with a PG rating.
    Due to the brief violence with knives and kidnapping, the powers at be in Hollywood gave it the PG rating!
  • Tangled has the longest hair of all of the princesses AND the shortest!
    Once Flynn Rider cut her hair *SPOILER ALERT* and seriously cut off more than necessary. Like way more. The result was a cut and spunky short layered cut that was all the rage in 2005, which was likely around the time it was designed. 


FREE Disney Princess Trivia Printable & Answer Key: Plus extra fun facts!  7
  • Merida is Pixar’s first human princess.
    The first princess to come out of Pixar was actually Princess Atta from the movie A Bug’s Life.
  • What does Merida’s name mean?
    Merida is Latin for “one who has achieved a place of highest honor”.
  • Merida’s hair is 100,000 individually animated strands of wild awesomeness!
    Her hair is part of what makes Merida, Merida! It’s wild, unruly, and beautiful, and it also was the most complicated part of the film to create. Animators had to create new technology in order to create it.
  • Merida don’t need no man!
    Princess Merida is the first Disney Princess to not have a love interest. In fact, she’s the direct opposite and fought for her own hand!
  • Disney created and registered a real tartan for the clan Dunbroch!
    A tartan is a traditional woven plaid that has a specific pattern and color specialized for individual Scottish clans.

    Disney registered the tartan as follows:
    “Much like Scotland itself, the DunBroch Tartan is set against the ocean blue of the North Sea. The deep scarlet represents the family’s reverence for its own history, and the blood shed during battles between the clans. Deep green shows a love for Scotland’s majestic highlands, where the story of Disney Pixar’s Brave unfolds. Navy blue, and its clear central intersections, represents the forging of the clans within the DunBroch kingdom. And finally, the subtle grey imbues a sense of respect for the inner soul of the strong Scottish people.”
  • Who was the real life inspiration for Merida?
    The feisty character was inspired by the director’s daughter! Director Brenda Chapman had this to say about her daughter: “She has been quite a challenge to my ‘authority’ since she was five years old. I love that she is so strong, but it sure doesn’t make my job easy! She is my Merida … and I adore her.”
  • Merida is the only Disney Princess without an American accent.
    The voice of Merida is Scottish born Kelly Macdonald, and naturally she had the perfect lovely accent for the Scottish lass. Funny enough, Reese Witherspoon was originally tasked with playing Merida. Could you imagine?


  • Moana has the most realistic body types of the Disney princesses.
    Disney princesses are almost always depicted as tall, very slender, and basically perfect. Moana is a strong daughter-of-a-chief, (don’t call her princess!), so animators wanted to give this confidence to a realistic girl!
  • What does Moana’s name mean?
    Her name is Hawaiian and it literally means ocean. That really brings new meaning when she belts out, “I am Moana!”.
  • Auli’i Cravalho is literally the perfect Moana!
    Out of hundreds of actresses auditioning for Moana, Auli’i Cravalho was literally the last person to audition and she was perfect. Not only that, it is a complete fluke that the actress looks a lot like Moana, since the character was already created before the voice actress was assigned.


  • Raya was a real fighter!
    All of the fighting styles in the movie were choreographed from real fighting styles and techniques. The animators said that they wanted little girls who wanted to be like Raya to have the opportunity to really be like her.
  • Raya was made through telework!
    Raya and the Last Dragon took 3 years to create, but the most important part of creation took place during the global pandemic. Instead of just shelving the project and losing the momentum, animators worked from 400 different locations to finish the project.