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4 Tips on Celebrating a Child’s First Disney World Visit

4 Tips on Celebrating a Child’s First Disney World Visit

I will forever remember the day I first brought each of my boys to Disney World. The first Disney visit is such an experience I can recall each and every detail. There’s something to be said for a first Disney experience at any age, but watching your child experience Disney for the first time is like nothing else. I can recall some Disney “firsts” but nothing beats seeing my kids at Disney!  When they see their favorite character for the very first time or when they walk down Main Street USA for the first time or when they experience a Disney World resort for the first time, it’s all so very magical. I could go on and on for what would seem like hours about this topic, but I’ll just leave you with 4 of my top tips on celebrating a child’s first Disney World visit.

For my sons very first Disney visit we went all out. While this isn’t a must, I don’t regret one single moment (or dollar spent). Toddlers and babies do Disney differently than we do as adults and making it extra special is a requirement in my book.

Take your Child at the Age that Feels Right to You!

We opted to go during the holidays because Disney is extra special during that time and because he was 9 months, an age we felt comfortable doing all things Disney with. I’ll admit that our second child experienced Disney at 3 months old, but things tend to be a tad different with the second baby.

The weather was ideal and the crowds were low before the holiday season truly kicked in. I would say fall and winter are great times to go due to the Florida weather but stay clear of the Christmas weeks because the parks can hit capacity! The number one rule for a first Disney visit age is this – take your child when you feel it’s the right time. Amazing memories are made at every single age.

Book a Disney World Resort to Soak up ALL the Magic!

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A Disney resort is just as magical as the theme parks, in my opinion, so we put a lot of emphasis on soaking up all the things resorts have to offer to give our toddler one epic first Disney visit experience. We opted for one of our favorite resorts, Disney’s Port Orleans Riverside.

This resort is stunning and the scenic views are something I knew our outside loving baby would prefer. We strolled the resort grounds making sure to catch all the themed holiday decor, offerings in the shop, resort food, and many more resort amenities. The surrey bikes are such fun and who would think our 9-month-old was in heaven riding one?! Often we assume babies and toddlers would only like specific things, but a common adult event can be something that tickles a baby the most.

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Visit Magic Kingdom, Mickey Mouse, and Book a Dining Reservation! 

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Okay, so maybe this is more like 3 tips in one but they all go hand in hand at the Magic Kingdom. Outside of spending a lot of time enjoying the Disney Port Orleans resort we spent a full afternoon and evening at the Magic Kingdom. Seeing my little baby going down Main Street (my favorite place in the world) gave me chills.

We opted for a sit-down meal at the Crystal Palace which was a hit! You never know with character meet-n-greets how things will go and my 9-month-old loved Pooh and his friends at the Crystal Palace as well as meeting Mickey Mouse. Meeting Mickey Mouse is an absolute must! There’s always the chance your baby won’t be a fan, but it’s still a must for toddlers first visit at Disney… it’s a right of passage. My little guy rode his first set of Disney World rides that day too; here’s a list of rides for littles.

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Roll with it! 

My biggest tip will always be to go with the flow and do what you know your little will like most. We made random stops throughout the resort and park the second our baby showed interest. I didn’t allow a random nap, nursing, or diaper changes to slow me down or add-on any level of stress. We stopped multiple times with 4 additional family members to nurse my baby or just relax when we could tell he needed it.

The more you relax the more your children relax, so don’t make any rushed decisions and if you miss a fast pass then that just means something else wonderful is to come! We missed a fast pass and stopped to enjoy the dance party which was my sons favorite part of Magic Kingdom that day. You can read more about baby friendly park options including a private nursing room here.

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Enjoy the magic through your children’s eyes, it’s a blessing!