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Finding Rapunzel’s Tower at the Magic Kingdom

Finding Rapunzel’s Tower at the Magic Kingdom

Are you planning the best day ever at the Magic Kingdom and have a Rapunzel fan? Most people know that you can visit Rapunzel herself at Fairytale Hall, (be sure to get a Lightning Lane to avoid waiting in an hour long line), but did you know that you can actually visit her tower and the village of Corona? 

Ack! After the last couple of years no one wants to hear the “C” word, but what was once a mythical kingdom that no one ever heard about has now gone viral with jokes and memes during the coronavirus pandemic. Funny that Tangled was released in 2010, but no one knew the kingdom’s name until 2020. We all had a lot of time on our hands, huh? 

Forget those icky times! Disney animators chose the kingdom name “Corona” because it means a crown, which only seemed fitting since the plot is centered around a stolen crown. 

Corona is in the Magic Kingdom… Sort of

You may have seen the pictures showing Rapunzel’s famous belfry tower in the Magic Kingdom surrounded by flags with suns and beautiful scrolling artwork. It definitely a must go area of the Magic Kingdom, but not for dancing, galavanting, seeing lanterns, or really doing anything that was in the movie Tangled. 

This is a must-go spot to go to the bathroom! You see, the Tangled area is actually a rather large relaxing restroom/rest stop area in Fantasyland. You may think a toilet is a toilet and a bathroom is a bathroom, and we would have to say that you are wrong, my friend! The Tangled area bathrooms are the nicest (and largest) bathrooms in the Magic Kingdom. 

More Than a Tangled Bathroom

Finding Rapunzel’s Tower at the Magic Kingdom 2

This is Disney. There is always more than what meets the eye. The Tangled toilets, as they’re called, also have a very cute and themed seating area. These stumps aren’t just convenient, they’re helpful, too. These seats include USB charging ports! 

While you’re charging your phone you can keep your kids busy in this area that is just off the main drag area walking into Fantasyland with a Pascal hunt! That cutie chameleon is able to hide anywhere! See if you can find all of the hidden Pascals! No more “I’m bored” while you’re trying to get your phone a little boost. Everyone wins!

I Spy…

Hidden Pascal Game

Did you have fun finding all of the hidden Pascals? See if you can find these great Tangled easter eggs: 

Frying pans. Who knew right?” – Of course there is a frying pan to find! Here’s a hint: Frying pans were always used against men… What would be a devilishly ironic place to put a frying pan at the Tangled bathrooms?

Flynn’s (Eugen Fitzherbert’s) Satchel – Hidden in plain sight, check the balconies!

Restroom Signs – Instead of the traditional ladies or mens signs, you will see instead a lilac sign with a girl with some really long blonde hair. “She’s growing it out.”. The mens sign is a little less obvious. It’s a horseshoe? 

Wanted Signs – Apparently there are wanted criminals even in the Magic Kingdom! Geeze, they still can’t get his nose right!

About That Tower…

Strange that Rapunzel would want her former prison immortalized in the Magic Kingdom, but hey, to each their own, right? Her tower is called a belfry tower, and typically these structures were built to hold bells, not stolen princesses against their will. 

The real question is, is Rapunzel’s tower considered a Disney princess castle? Yes, yes it is. No, it’s not really a castle, and no it didn’t house a king and queen, but it was where Rapunzel was raised and the tower is basically a museum of her childhood and her art. It’s a classic case of something being ugly and depressing and turning it into something good and beautiful. 

Tangled Magic Shot

Tangled Lantern Photopass Spot at Magic Kingdom
Tangled Lantern Photopass Spot at Magic Kingdom

Want even more Tangled in your vacation? Also in the Tangled toilets area is a PhotoPass photographer with a very special magic shot. A magic shot is where something or someone is magically added to your photos with special Disney magic. 

Here at this photo spot, a Cast Member may ask you to hold an actual lantern from the festival of the lost princess. In this special picture, you will look like it’s nighttime at the special festival and you are just about to lift the lantern to the skies to fly off with the others. 

Meeting Rapunzel

Finding Rapunzel’s Tower at the Magic Kingdom 3

Now that you scoped out her tower, and kingdom, and did all of the scavenger hunts, you should probably take the time to go meet the girl behind the paintings! Rapunzel can be found at the Disney princess meet and greet location at Fairytale Hall in Fantasyland in the Magic Kingdom. The hall is split into 2 lines. One side meets Cinderella and Elena of Avalor, and the other side meets Tiana and of course, the lady of the hour, Rapunzel. These 4 princesses are pretty constant, but on rare occasions, you can get lucky and they will put a rare princess in the meet and greet, like Mulan! 

If you are using Genie+, you will need a Lightning Lane for each side if you want to meet all 4 of the princesses. If you have purchased Genie+ for the day we highly suggest snagging a Lightning Lane for meeting them as the lines can hover around an hour. 

See more about meeting the princess here. 

Rapunzel Character Dining

Before the 2020 closure, Rapunzel and Flynn Ryder, along with Ariel and Prince Eric had their own character dining location on the Boardwalk. Just for breakfast, the restaurant Trattoria Al Forno hosted the Bon Voyage breakfast with these rarely seen characters, and in the evening it was an upscale Italian restaurant. 

This dining experience was unique and so fun! The meal was a prix fixe menu and some of the dishes were actually themed to the stories of the character hosts, like Rapunzel’s Tower of Pancakes. Not to mention, this is the only place at Walt Disney World where you could actually meet Flynn Rider, and the only place you could ever see Prince Eric, let alone meet him and say hi! 

Unfortunately, we can’t help but notice that while a lot of other character dining is back in the swing of things, or given a date of when the characters are to return, there has been no information given on the Bon Voyage Breakfast at Trattoria Al Forno. Disney, why all the silence?! Inquiring minds want to know – are the characters going to return to the Bon Voyage breakfast at Trattoria Al Forno??? 

Trattoria Al Forno is currently open but only operating as an upscale Italian restaurant. See our dinner review here.