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Hunting for Hidden Pascals at Magic Kingdom

Hunting for Hidden Pascals at Magic Kingdom

In the Magic Kingdom at Disney World, you will find the most beautifully themed toilets you will probably ever come across. The Tangled themed restrooms in Fantasyland have lovingly been dubbed the Tangled Toilets. In this area, you can find signs of Rapunzel all around the women’s section and for the men, the area has Maximus hoof prints and Flynn Rider’s satchel. It’s just like being in the real village of Corona. However, what many people don’t realize is there is also a special scavenger hunt in this area. Scattered around the area of the Tangled toilets are ten hidden Pascals. And don’t worry none of the Pascals are actually located inside either of the restrooms. 

Tips for Playing Pascal’s Hunt Game

If you don’t want to have the entire game spoiled for you, do not skip ahead to the next section. This is because if you keep reading long enough we are going to tell you exactly where to find all the hidden Pascals. 

The first tip, most of the Pascals are found right around the central river area. We must have stared at the waterfall area by the Tangled Toilets for 20 minutes but turns out there are NO Pascals in this area at all! 

In total, I would leave 30 minutes to an hour to find all ten of the hidden Pascals around this area. It may seem like a lot, but you can double up the time and charge your devices at the same time. Hidden in the stumps that double as seats are chargers, both US and International.

Be warned as this is a stroller parking/ phone charging/ bathroom area the crowds can get quite heavy in this area of the Magic Kingdom. This can cramp your game of hunting out Pascals.

Cheat Sheet for Hidden Pascals

Pascal Windowbox

On the back of Memento Mori, the Haunted Mansion gift shop look up at the window. Tucked underneath the flower window box you will find a Pascal. 

Hidden Pascal Lightpost

Inside the seating area with the charging station is a good place to start looking at the light posts. You will need to look real close to see this all brown Pascal. This one almost blended in too well to his backdrop. 

Pascal in Window

Pascal in a window box. This time you can spot Pascal on the top of the window box. This window is on a different building than the one mentioned prior. To find this guy you will need to look above the building that holds the bathrooms.

Pascal on River Rock

To spot the Pascals along the river be sure to look on the rocks. 

Hunting for Hidden Pascals at Magic Kingdom 1

Remember when I told you Pascal really liked rocks? Well, here he is again this time right by the bridge that crosses over into Liberty Square. 

Hunting for Hidden Pascals at Magic Kingdom 2

Now if you are in the same spot just look to the left some more. This guy is on the opposite bank and up much higher. If you want a good look I recommend walking inside the seating area. 

Hunting for Hidden Pascals at Magic Kingdom 3

Look at the trim of the blue building also known as the back of Memento Mori. 

Hunting for Hidden Pascals at Magic Kingdom 4

This was the hardest one to find, Pascal is hidden in the tree bark. Even just looking at this picture it took a second. Can you find him? I didn’t circle this one for you on purpose. 

Have you taken the time to find the hidden Pascals by the Tangled restrooms at the Magic Kingdom? Let us know in the comments below if you have found them all.