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Guide to Disney World’s Cancellation Policy

Guide to Disney World’s Cancellation Policy

After Walt Disney World reopened after the pandemic there were a lot of changes that came with the cancellation policies. In fact, those who have only visited since the pandemic may be just finding out that there are cancellation policies in place at all. In the past, you were able to cancel your trip tickets, hotels, and everything at the drop of a hat due to illness, but now that the world is heading back toward normal, so are the windows for cancellation. So let’s deep dive our guide to Disney World’s Cancellation Policy.

Disney Tickets Cancellation Policy

Tickets to Walt Disney World are non-returnable and non-transferrable, however, you can modify the dates on your tickets as long as you do so prior to the first date on the tickets. If you find for whatever reason that you are unable to go at your original time, just log in to your My Disney Experience App and look up  “future plans”. Where you see your park passes and reservations, just click the “modify” button. There you will be able to change the date on your tickets and set new park reservations.

It’s important to note, however, that Disney’s ticket sales are priced on a demand-based calendar. This means if you originally purchased your tickets for off-season dates in March but now are looking to modify those tickets to be used around the high demand times in December, there is going to be a cost adjustment to make up for. Don’t worry, if you bought a high-demand date ticket before and are switching it to a low-demand date, you will receive a refund for the difference.

Before you get upset about the demand pricing for the tickets, you have to know that the best thing about this system is that now your Disney tickets can be modified an unlimited number of times! You don’t have to worry about your tickets expiring before you get to use them. Should your plans keep changing, just keep modifying the tickets!

Military Tickets

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If you are an active duty member in the military or one of the qualifying retirees or reservists, you know that the Disney Armed Forces Salute tickets are very different from that of the regular park tickets. The special military tickets are a flat rate price throughout the year, so while yes, you can modify them if plans change, BUT you need to know that Disney Armed Forces Salute tickets EXPIRE at the end of the year.

Disney’s Armed Forces Salute tickets always expire on December 17th the year that they were purchased, and this has no exceptions. Military families: be weary of December Disney trips because if your soldier gets deployed or TDY’d last minute, you’re out of luck on those tickets.

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Disney Resort Room Only Reservation Cancellation Policy

A room-only reservation is just that. This means that you booked only the room and didn’t combine your package with tickets. This type of reservation has some of the loosest cancellation policies. As long as you cancel within 5 days of your reservation you are issued a full refund with no penalties.

Guide to Disney World’s Cancellation Policy 3

If you are within this window of 5 days or more, you will be able to cancel the reservation on your My Disney Experience App and find your reservation. You should then see a “cancel reservation” and a “modify reservation” choice after clicking on your hotel reservation. If you do not see these options or if you are already after the 5 day window, try calling Disney’s customer service at (407) 939-7429.

Disney Resort Vacation Packages Cancellation Policy

The most typical Disney vacations are bought in packages where guests can order everything through Disney directly. This includes their resort and park tickets. While this is the most convenient way to book a Disney vacation, it has the least flexible cancellation policy.

When you initially book a Walt Disney World vacation package, you have 48 hours to pay a $200 deposit to hold the room. This deposit goes towards your final payment of the package. Should you need to cancel your vacation, you have to do so in at least 30 days out from your first day in order to receive a 100% refund, including your deposit.

If you cancel after your Disney Resort Vacation Package in under 30 days, you will be able to refund your entire trip minus the $200 deposit. Could be a lot worse, but still not great.

Disney Travel Insurance

If this is your once in a lifetime Disney trip, or traveling from a very long distance, or if you’re absolutely crazy and travel to Disney a 9 months pregnant, (who does this?) (me, I’m people, I do this), you might want to consider vacation insurance.

Disney offers travel protection/travel insurance when you are booking a new vacation package. This service can be added at any time until the final payment is made.

Travel insurance covers more than just your Disney Resort Vacation Package, it literally covers you from the time you leave the house. Your vacation is also insured for the flights, your bags, you’re covered for medical emergencies and transportation during your vacation, and everything in between. Life is unpredictable!

Covered reasons to use your travel insurance include illness, medical emergency, loss of job, military service, and more. To see the full coverage, terms and conditions for Disney’s Travel Insurance click here.

Disney doesn’t release their travel insurance costs outside of their planning agents, but it’s been found to be about $82 per adult and $6 per child. Each vacation is different, and while travel insurance might be a good idea for some, it’s not cost effective for others.


If you live in the United States and are planning a trip to Disney and know it’s going to take you a few different planes to get there, GET SOME TYPE OF INSURANCE! We hear it time and time again – Airlines overbooking flights, canceling flights, etc. Next thing you know you’re 3 days late to your 6-day vacation and you’re out the money and the fun. Get the insurance so you can recoup those 3 days you spent in airports!