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Disney Small Shop Overhaul For Your Next Trip

Disney Small Shop Overhaul For Your Next Trip

Hey travelers, my name is Carinna and I will be your personal wardrobe stylist for the day. Whether you are scrolling through Instagram or walking through Target, seeing Disney-related products is definitely exciting. There are those “must-haves” for your upcoming trip you can’t resist, so I am here to help! Today, I’ll help you dress from head-to-toe in a stylish and supportive way with my Disney small shop overhaul for your next trip.

Small Shops are changing the social media game over the past few years. Especially in the Disney community, everywhere you look there is a Mickey inspired shop. Aside from the products being affordable and super creative, the owners of the shop spend time connecting with their followers. The stories on their beginnings are so heartfelt and their kindness never goes unnoticed. But let’s admit one thing…we always want to have the perfect outfit when visiting the parks because it’s so much fun to show off your best look! Here are a few of my favorite shops that I adore.


To kick off dress up, let’s knock the hardest decision off the list. Clothes. There is an infinite amount of choices when you are looking for that pocket tee or phrase shirt you know you won’t be able to live without.

Wonderful Shop

@thewonderfulshopco offers an array of pocket tee’s from Dumbo to Spaceship Earth. Hanna’s tee’s are full of life and color… the perfect shirt for a beautiful Florida day! Heck, even her Instagram name is fun. Definitely matches her style and creations. Be sure to head to her Instagram to check out her two adorable sons rocking their momma’s tee’s!


If you get stuck in that nasty Florida rain, have no fear… @theblonderuby is here! This monogram shop presents customized tees, stylish pullover sweatshirts, and (if you haven’t guessed) rain jackets! There are a plethora of different character borders you can choose from including my favorite, Pua, snacks, villains and more. These products are perfect for that newlywed who can’t wait to show off her new monogram, and for those who wanna rock their letters inside Winnie the Pooh’s pot of honey.

Drinking Around the World

Keeping up with the bros! The next best craze collides with Disney and that’s what we call @thelostbros. Whether you like the World Tour or Waffles, they’ve got it all. This company collaboration of two brothers who, what I think, intends to change the game. Their bright, witty tees create the best photo-op with your dole whip in hand!


Now that you found the perfect top, I think it’s time to add a little jazz to that v-neck tee. It is just as important as the shirt.

Make It Minnie

As you walk through the line of “it’s a small world”, you are greeted by the famous clock and shimmering white landmarks. It never goes unrecognized and it never will if you have @makeitminnie ‘s beautifully crafted Clock Numbers Necklace. In three loved colors, you can show off your small world bling just as well as Ashley, owner of the shop, does! Even her daughter loves her necklaces. Not only does she support one of the most well-known attractions, she supports two! Peter Pan. Make It Minnie provides customers with the choice of Second Star earrings or necklaces. How cool is that?

The Mouselets Store

“If lost please return to ___” the castle or course! Or my Ohana if you really have to. The @themouselets are three siblings who joined together to create adorable little bar necklaces and bracelets, along with a token shaped “Hakuna Matata” Necklace. The Mouselets newly released WDW Coordinates necklace, which is perfect because wherever you are, you’ll never forget where home is. I purchased their Ohana bar bracelet and I never go a day without it. They are dainty, cute, inexpensive, and perfectly hand-crafted. (p.s. – they make the best photos in the parks)


I think I changed my mind, this may be the hardest decision to make. Picking the perfect pair of ears can take forever. We all have been there. I dare you to go in your “saved” category of your Instagram, or screenshots. How many different ears can we possibly save?! It’s an addiction. Here are two shops that can make you stress out even more about choosing. Good luck.

Briar Patches Ear Shop

Supporting Toy Story Land, craving snacks, or plan on just riding the monorail all day long? @briarspatches has the pair for you. As you scroll through Briars Patches Etsy, you will most likely notice the different textures that are offered. There are a ton of options that you will add to your cart because of the creativity or relativity of your outfit. I’m with you…I am dying over the soft, cozy Sorcerer Mickey ears. Call me weird, but these ears are perfectly stuffed and the bow is perfect, too!

Neverland Ears

If the stuffed ears aren’t your thing, I’ve got you covered. Wire ears are so in! @neverlandear is filled with beautiful wire ears that are accessorized with colorful flowers. Perfect for the flower and garden festival right?! A combination can see you rocking is Neverland Ears with a Wonderfulshop Co tee! Pick your character and add a little floral to it.

Accessories for your Disney Vacation

Now that we are near the end, let’s just add a few touches. What Disney-goer is complete without a few accessories? That’s right…none. Take a trip down the “necessity accessory” aisle. (I’m clearly not Dr. Seuss)

Disney Small Shop Overhaul For Your Next Trip 1

Now that Apple Watches are a big hit, and Magic Bands are a must, it kills the look of the wrist, don’t you agree? Well, don’t we have the solution for you! My girl Patty, as you know, runs WDW Vacation Tips, but she also runs @destination___vacation, and she just made all our lives a breeze. Destination Vacation is home of the Magic Band pods. All you have to do is insert the mickey scan part of your Magic Band in the pod, and slide the pod right on the band of your Apple Watch. Now, you have room for The Mouselets bracelets. These pods are 3D printed in so many different colors, so mix and match it up guys and gals!

Little Something

Now that you have your Magic Band pod conveniently located on your Apple Watch, why not bling that out too? @imalittlesomething is a sweetheart shop owner from Hawaii (jealous) who creates mickey ears Apple Watch covers. With a ton of colors, and characters you can choose from, she makes it easy to snazz up your wrist if you don’t like to wear a ton of jewelry. These covers are also 3D printed, but you would never be able to tell because they are glittered the heck out.

Pretty Little Cozies

After all of the outfit planning, you deserve Main Street Starbucks. But before you walk out, slip on your @prettylittlecozies. It is the ultimate must-have to do Disney the right way. The creator of Pretty Little Cozies, Kara, slays the game with her super affordable and comfortable cozies. In almost any fabric you can imagine, PLC goes perfectly around your hot or cold cup. Tip: it stops your cold cup from sweating. I have, no exaggeration, nine cozies because they are just that necessary. She crafts her products so carefully and perfectly that it’s impossible to find a flaw. With a little button and elastic near the back, it is easy to put on and remove so you don’t spill anything!

Disney Decor

What a day. You are most likely going to battle the post-Disney depression, so here are a few home decor items you are going to want so help you last until your next trip. These products are great for home or office spaces.

Cheers and Ears Candles

The thing we miss the most about our trip is the delicious smell of Main Street or the woodsy smell of Frontierland. @cheers_and_ears runs the Etsy Cheers N Ears Candles. New to the small shop community, Cheers N Ears offers inexpensive 6 oz candles inspired by rides, characters, snacks and more! The fragrance will bring you back to the heart of Main Street or the theatre of The Laugh Floor. Not to mention, the colors of the candles go perfectly with the scent and it definitely sets the scene.

Disney Wall Art Prints

Heading back over to Epcot? We wish. While you are sitting at work, check out @themouselets digital prints of the famous Disney walls. I have both the bubblegum and the blueberry wall prints and I created canvases. Not only does the vibrant pinks and blues brighten up the office, but there is a plus. You can take product photos in front of your print and pretend you are in Epcot! These prints help the PDD (Post Disney Depression) for sure.

Galactic Garden Arts

While we are on the Epcot subject, @galactic_garden_arts makes it extremely easy to be amazed. Her shop is full of super cute garden signs made from metal. The Welcome sign shaped as the castle makes the perfect complement next to your bright flowers. But wait… there’s more. She created a 3D printed Spaceship Earth planter. When I opened mine, I wanted to cry. Tiny Epcot in my hands.

Thanks for letting me be your stylist today! I hope you can rock some of your best looks using these wonderful small shops I’ve picked out for you. There are thousands out there that will make your trip perfect.