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Disney Pog Juice: Where to Find and How to Make at Home

Disney Pog Juice: Where to Find and How to Make at Home

If you’ve recently enjoyed breakfast at ‘Ohana at Disney’s Polynesian Resort, you’re probably already familiar with the famous Pog Juice you can get there. Pog Juice – which stands for passion fruit, orange, and guava – is a tropical blended beverage that tastes like a (Disney) vacation in a cup. Because of its contents, it’s extremely fruity and is commonly served for breakfast at various Disney World dining locations. 

Where to Find POG at Disney World

Sadly, Coke Cola which manufactured POG Juice decided to stop making it in 2021. Disney figured something out though since this delicious drink is back on the menus and it was only gone for a few months. Rumor has it that they switched suppliers and the new sweeter POG is from Nestle corporation. Currently, you can find it at Ohana or Boma where it is famously served for breakfast.

Locations that Serve POG at Disney World:

  • Ohana, Polynesian Resort
  • Aloha Isle, Magic Kingdom
  • Steakhouse 71, Contemporary
  • Boma, Animal Kingdom Lodge
  • Tusker House, Animal Kingdom
  • Dawa Bar, Animal Kingdom
  • Shimmering Sips, Epcot
  • Garden Grill, Epcot
  • Trail’s End, Fort Wilderness Resort
  • Cape May, Beach Club Resort
  • Dropoff at Art of Animation

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During the pandemic, Disney started to release the recipes to some of their favorite treats around the parks, including this fan favorite. If you want to make Pog Juice at home this weekend (and yes, we highly recommend it), you’ve come to the right place. 

The ingredients for Pog Juice are very easy to find and the recipe is so simple to make it’ll only take you a few minutes. Here’s what you need to get started:

Ingredients to Make Disney’s Pog Juice

To make Disney’s Pog Juice, here’s what you’ll need:

  • 4 cups of guava juice
  • 4 cups of orange juice
  • 4 cups of passion fruit juice

You can use any brand you prefer, but I like to use Florida’s Natural Orange Juice (sans pulp) and Ceres brand passion fruit and guava juices. You can also use Goya branded guava juice and Welsch’s for passion fruit. It’s your call and based on what’s available at your local supermarket. 

Personally, I don’t put pulp in my recipe because I don’t want to alter the texture, but if you want to include some pulp, I’d recommend keeping it to a minimum. 

How to Make Disney’s Pog Juice

Once you measure out all your ingredients, mix them in a pitcher and serve on ice. It’s that simple! You can top it off with a little paper umbrella, as well for garnish. If you want to create this drink but add a little kick to it, feel free to add some white wine or rum. 

Where Can I Buy Premade Pog Juice? 

If you want to enjoy the flavors of Pog Juice but aren’t in the mood to make it, no worries. You can actually buy pre-made Pog Juice at select Walmarts. There’s also a lot of variety available on Amazon. Just type in “pog juice” and see what pops up. 

History of Pog Juice

Disney Pog Juice: Where to Find and How to Make at Home 4

And now for a little bit of history! Pog Juice was created back in 1971 (the same year Walt Disney World opened to the public) by a woman named Mary Soon. Mary was a product consultant for Haleakala Dairy in Maui, Hawaii, and actually won a contest by combining these flavors together. Good thing she did, too, as her brilliance created a drink that’s become a cult favorite amongst the Disney community. 

Have You Ever Made Pog Juice? 

Have you ever made Pog Juice at home? What’s your favorite brand of ingredients to use? Are there any other famous Disney recipes, whether snacks or drinks you’d like to see us write a recipe for? We recently wrote one about how to make Disney waffles at home, so be sure to check that one out and make some deliciously fruity Pog Juice to go along with it. 


Sunday 22nd of January 2023

They sell it on all the Hawaiian islands. Take a trip out sometime ❤️ you’ll never visit the Caribbean again 😉