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Disney Mugs

Disney Mugs

Hi Friends! I am so excited to share with you today, one of my favorite Disney related items to collect and that is Disney Mugs! I think my whole kitchen cabinet is consumed of only Disney Mugs, but hey they are acceptable for every type of drink, right?! These magical mugs can be found all over the Disney property! There are resort mugs, Starbucks mugs, attraction mugs, and of course character mugs as well as many, many others! I think mugs are the perfect souvenir because they are the most practical! They won’t sit and collect dust, unless that is what you want, but in my case, they are actually used! Making them worth the money!

Resort Mugs

Disney Mugs 11

($16.95) Want the perfect way to remember the epic Resort you stayed at during your Disney Vacation, check out the mugs sold at the resort! There are specialty ones sold at each resort, but I loved how “clean” this Grand Floridan mug is, very true to the Grand Floridan style-simply elegant! These mugs are also a great way to remember which resorts you have and have not stayed at. Think of it as a bucket-list check off system!

You Are Here Disney Mugs

Disney Mugs 12

($16.99) These mugs can only be found at the Starbucks locations throughout the parks. I love these mugs because they add a different twist to the typical Walt Disney World mug or Disneyland mug. These mugs are perfect for collectors as well, because the You Are Here collection is sold at Starbucks locations all over the US for all different cities and states! As a collector, it was very exciting to find out that they had a Disney version of the You Are Here mugs! You can also get your Annual Passholder discount on these mugs!

Attraction Mugs

Disney Mugs 13

($22.99) It is a guarantee that you will leave Walt Disney World with a favorite attraction, so why not remember that attraction with a mug! Or you can be like me, and get one for every attraction, because let’s be honest, one favorite is just not enough! All of the attraction mugs are so elaborate which I think is what makes them so cool to collect! It is not just the attraction logo on a mug, it is Mickey and friends riding the attraction or posing as the CM for the attraction! All of them are so unique!


Character Mugs

Disney Mugs 14

($16.95) I don’t know about you, but I want my favorite characters on every item possible and this includes mugs! There is a huge variety of character mugs, and not just the mainstream ones either, which I think is great! So if you don’t want just Mickey or Minnie, there are plenty of other awesome ones, like this Pua one! There is one for every fan!

There you have it friends, the mugs of Disney! I hope you enjoyed geeking out with me, as mugs are one of my favorite items to collect from Disney! I feel as though I am not alone in this either! There has got to be some other crazy collectors out there with only Disney mugs to drink from at their house too! Until next time, happy mug collecting and don’t forget to use your Annual Passholder discount!