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Top 5 Memories Made as a Disney Mom

Top 5 Memories Made as a Disney Mom

Disney Mom life is the best life. I’m a mom of 2 boys that are now 4 and 2 years old and have been in the middle of the magic since birth. I’ve made many memories at the parks but my top 5 memories made as a Disney Mom will hold a special place in my heart always. I know I have hundreds of hundreds of Disney Mom memories to come but I also know I won’t get back this precious baby and toddler time so I’m soaking up each moment and talking about it as often as possible. I’m not lucky, I’m a blessed Disney mama.

5. Watching my kids enjoy the magic over and over as locals and passholders. 

Growing up in southern Florida I didn’t come to Disney as much as I would have preferred but I did get to experience Disney a handful of times as a child. It wasn’t until I was an adult that I truly got to experience all things Disney and build a passion for the parks and the history of the magic that surrounds it all. I was an emotional wreck when I got the honour of bringing my kids to Disney for the first time when my oldest was about 9 months old and then again when his brother was 3 months old. Watching the joy that spreads across their face when they see characters they know or get to ride a ride or even watch the fireworks is nothing like I’ve ever experienced. Seeing Disney through my children’s eyes is a whole new Disney and it’s my absolute favourite view Disney. We live in central Florida and get the pleasure of calling Disney World our backyard. As a Disney mom, nothing beats heading into the parks any time we want and watching our kids explore the magic over and over. Each Disney visit offers a new experience. 

Top 5 Memories Made as a Disney Mom 2

4. Naptime down Main Street U.S.A.

My oldest didn’t love naps and could do Disney all day long without a nap but my youngest loved to take naps at Disney. We joked that this is how our Sebastian does Disney. Every single time we entered the park and strolled down Main Street USA he fell asleep. I like to think he just felt relaxed and at home to comfortably sleep through the noise peacefully. I have over 10 photos of my youngest sleeping through many parts of Disney including on a ride! During the summer months we often run out of the park before naptime because of the heat, but when the weather is nice naptime down Main Street USA with my littlest is so peaceful and sweet. 

Top 5 Memories Made as a Disney Mom 3

3. Watching brothers admire Disney together 

When my youngest was able to walk his older brother was even more excited to do Disney with him. The first time they did Flower and Garden together was in 2018 and I captured one of my most favorite images of them that day. They were excited to show each other their favorite characters. They don’t always hold hand but when they do and it’s at Disney I melt into a puddle and have to be picked up off the ground. Hearing my oldest ask his brother if he noticed something, wants to try something, or if he’s okay on a ride is just the sweetest. Disney brings out the best of them and watching brother admire Disney together is so darn special. 

Top 5 Memories Made as a Disney Mom 4

2. Nursing my babies in the middle of the magic

While this isn’t for everyone feeding and taking care of my babies in the very thick of the magic was so special to me. One day while nursing near the purple wall I said “wouldn’t it be funny if I posed for a photo while nursing” and then I thought why don’t I capture this moment instead of joking about it? I did just that! I nursed both of my babies all over the theme park, in the baby center, and in the Disney parking lot. Taking care of littles is a lot of work but when you relax and go with the flow things run so smoothly. I never let nursing or feeding my babies be something that stopped me from showing them the magic of Disney World. I get emotional when I see this photo. 

Top 5 Memories Made as a Disney Mom 5

1. First Steps at Disney World 

Hands down my favorite Disney Mom moment was watching my youngest take his first steps at the Magic Kingdom on Mainstreet USA in front of Cinderella’s Castle. We knew our Sebastian was getting closer and closer to taking his very first steps and when he begged to get out of the stroller at Disney we didn’t expect it to happen right away. I cried, took photos and have a short video of him taking his very first steps at Disney World’s Magic Kingdom. I mean, does anything get better than that? First steps at Disney World- whoa! I have several favorite moments and I’m excited to make more but this one tugs at my heart the most.