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Best Disney Resort Pools for Babies and Toddlers

Best Disney Resort Pools for Babies and Toddlers

Disney World pools are a summer must. We vacation (staycation) during the summer months as many Disney locals do and one of the must do things is Disney World resort pool time. During our last stay at both Disney’s Fort Wilderness Cabins and Disney’s Pop Century resort we didn’t leave the resorts for theme parks – we stayed on property and partook in all the summer activities including pool time. The Florida heat requires water time regardless of where you’re staying, but nothing beats a Disney pool especially in my toddler’s eyes. We’ve stayed at a handful of Disney World resorts and have toured some resorts to find the best pools around. In no set order here are some of the best Disney resort pools for babies and toddlers. 

Disney’s Fort Wilderness

What you can expect: a large pool with a fun slide, poolside parties, and poolside eats. What the babies and toddlers can expect: buckets of water pouring over a small kiddie slide and area about 1 foot deep for babies and little ones to sit in. You can also expect to follow some rules such as parents can’t climb on the small slide but you can pick up your child and help them slide down, no sliding down together. This rule applies to all slides even the kid pool areas, but we’ve never had an issue when it comes to safety and placing/holding our child as they slowly go down the baby slides. This pool is one of our boy’s favorites. Our 4-year-old goes between the kiddie pool area to the large pool area and our youngest (now 2) loves to sit in the water and splash as the buckets of water pour down randomly. 

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Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort 

This pool is hands down our favorite because it’s so large and the slide is fun. The kiddie pool at Coronado Springs I would consider a baby pool. You’ll spot babies sitting in just 2 feet of water and it has little splash pad like effects that are low enough for a toddler to touch the top of. The side pool is one of the most ideal for infants and babies pools I’ve seen. The main pool at Coronado Springs has a large slide I wouldn’t recommend toddlers going down unless they are confident in the pool. The slide is such fun and goes fast then you end in deep water. My 4-year-old has gone down this slide twice with us just feet away from him but overall I suggest it for the older kids. Next to the pools, you’ll find a sand area with playground and the arcade. The entire pool area is such fun. From nachos, drinks, multiple pools, and a playground this is a spot we tend to spend hours at each summer. 

Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort 

The kid’s pool area at Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort is such fun, especially for the pirate fans. The kid pool has a wrecked pirate ship on the top with water gushing down every few minutes. My boys loved sitting in the 1-2 foot water in the kiddie pool area. Last year we spent the hottest day of the year at the 2 pools at this resort. The main pool is pirate themed and very large as well. Some of my favorite memories of my youngest who was not yet 1 are held at Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort pool. 

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Disney’s Value Resort Pools

Pop Century, All Star Music, All Star Movies, All Star Music, and Art of Animation all have fun pools kids will love. One of my favorite things about these pools are the poolside games that happen. From Disney trivia to jump in contests to the number of kids just simply having fun these resort pools are great for summer fun during very budget friendly staycations. Art of Animation pools are such fun with bold bright colors and splash pads for the kids to enjoy, but I do like the multiple pools throughout each value resort. You don’t have to walk far to find a pool at the value resorts and during the summer heat and with kids that is ideal! Our boys enjoy 30 minutes in the pool then they want to do something else, then go back to the pool. Having multiple pools around with fun themes to keep them stimulated are ideal and we’ve found that to be something value resorts offer with ease. 

Other resort pools worth a mention are Disney’s Beach Club, Disney’s Boardwalk and Animal Kingdom Lodge. We can’t wait to see each and every Disney resort pool! Our boys request specific resorts based on food, overall theme, and of course the pools. My 4-year-old will say “remember that pirate pool” or “let’s go see that big slide at Coronado”. All of the Disney pools offer something different and all have their perks. I suggest resort hopping with your toddlers and babies to see which pool you want to spend to explore first and second and then third. My best Disney resort pools for babies and toddlers preferences are in line with boys favorite things and themes. Take some time to discover which resort you and your family will enjoy the most of during the summer months.

Cheers to toddler poolside splashes! 

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