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Disney Cruise Fun for Kids and the Whole Family

Disney Cruise Fun for Kids and the Whole Family

Unlike regular Walt Disney World or Disneyland vacations, onboard the Disney Cruise kids get to have their own vacation. As the old saying goes, let kids be kids.  When we sailed on the Disney Fantasy, we made sure our children had plenty of kids only fun (no joke they were begging to go to the Oceaneer’s Club and Lab), and of course, we made sure to have fantastic family fun too.

Disney Cruise Family Games

Just like the adult only game shows, earlier in the day and evening they offer family-friendly versions in areas like the D-Lounge or The Tube.  On our last night, we played the Quest scavenger hunt and guess who won?! We did!  Our son had a fantastic time being our team captain running up to the stage to get our points with whatever crazy request they asked for. One of the funniest requests was bringing your parents with you and having them do the floss or when we needed to take a selfie with one of the game hosts. Plus, wearing that winner medal around the ship is pretty awesome! I know next time we sail, he wants to participate in even more games.

Family Friendly Shows

The adult only acts offer family-friendly shows throughout the cruise either in the Walt Disney Theatre or The Tube.  Our son loved joining us to watch Shawn Farquhar perform again.  This show was all about up close magic with cards  All I know is he took a picture with this teen’s phone of her holding his wallet empty and in the photo (he put up on the big screen) his card was in the picture! It was crazy.  But be sure to get to the show early, because it gets packed quick! Unfortunately, we missed out on Ricky Kalmon’s family show, but I was talking with one of our Facebook group friends at breakfast who was there with her family.  Apparently, he made this big burly dad play out the Circle of Life scene with the raising of Simba from the Lion King with his sandal while singing the song. I wish we saw that show haha!

Goofy’s Golf on Disney Cruiseline

Most evenings after dinner, we headed up to deck 13 aft (back) to play a round of Goofy’s Golf.  Nine holes of free mini golf, and it is WAY harder than it looks!  Who cares about the score when you get unbelievable views of the pristine water.  Be aware the lighting is not that good when it gets dark, so it is best to play earlier.

Midship Detective Agency

If you see families and kids running around the ship looking for clues, then they are playing Midship Detective Agency.  On both the Disney Fantasy and Dream, kids go crazy over this FREE interactive whodunit game about the Case of the Missing Puppies and the Case of the Plundered Paintings.  Especially on days at sea, this game is a huge hit.  Each group or solo player gets an interactive barcode badge and you scour the ship turning unassuming Disney art into your next clue!

Disney Cruise Fun for Kids and the Whole Family 7

Oceaneer’s Club and Lab

The Oceaneer’s Club and Oceaneer’s Lab is what our children, love the most.  Make sure to register your kids during online check-in.  Each child receives a magic band (similar to what you wear at Walt Disney World), but it must be returned at the end of your cruise.  If not, then you will be charged a fee.  This was littlest’s first time in the “big kids” club, and she did NOT want to leave.  Most of the time when we could come to pick them up, she would be found playing in Andy’s room.  Our son is now old enough to be able to check himself in and out, which he took full advantage of (parental approval is required). Since we are a Star Wars fanatical family, both kids loved flying the Millenium Falcon too.  My son got a sorcerer lesson from Dr. Strange in the Super Hero Academy.  My husband and I want to do that! The daily scheduled activities are incredible (check out the daily personal navigator). 

Overall Thoughts on Disney Cruise Family Fun

I am sure by now I sound like a broken record, but each Disney Cruise just keeps getting better and better.  If it were up to my husband, we would be cruising with Mickey and the gang once a quarter, but since he travels so much, we are shooting for twice a year now.  We love all the magic our kiddos get to experience, and the memories we make together are absolutely priceless. Ever since we disembarked, littlest says, “I wanna go on a ‘cation coose” aka vacation cruise pretty much every day. Words do not even come close to describe how much fun everyone has on a Disney Cruise.  Thinking about booking a Disney Cruise or already have a countdown going?! Post in the comments below.