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Disney Candied Apples Inside Look at Tasty Treats

Disney Candied Apples Inside Look at Tasty Treats

When you think about Walt Disney World treats, there are always specific things that pop into your head. Dole Whips, Cupcakes, Mickey Bars and Churros are just a few. However, right at the top of the list, I would put the famous Disney candied apples.

You can get Disney candied apples just about anywhere at Walt Disney World. The more pervasive a Disney treat, the more necessary it becomes to indulge. That’s why the Dole Whip has been expanding to so many locations. Candied apples are also among the freshest Disney treats, made daily by skilled confectioners. If you love Disney candied apples or want to know more about this must-have Disney snack, take a look at what makes these classic treats so great, how they’re made, and where you can find them.

What Makes Disney Candied Apples So Great?

To start with, we think the use of apples is pretty ingenious. The snacks are enormous, which alone is a credit to them. But the fact that they are mostly fruit alleviates any guilt about overindulging in such a sugary snack. Sure apples are mostly sugar anyway, but fruit is fruit, so we don’t think it through too much.

Beyond the use of apples, the flavor combination of apples with caramel is one of the most famous and irresistible pairings in history. Any caramel apple is going to taste fantastic, but Disney caramel apples are exceptional because they are hand-dipped right before your eyes. You can watch the Disney confectioners as they create beautiful layered works of candy art.

Which is one of the other reasons the Disney candied apples are so good? They come in all kinds, with layers of toppings carefully applied. Usually, they will have some “character” added to them as well. Disney candied apples come from all kinds of inspired sources. You can get poison apple inspired candied apples or apples coated in character likenesses, such as Nemo, Dori, Mater and Lightning McQueen. Disney characters are prevalent in candied apple form, especially Mickey and Minnie Mouse. Disney candied apples with those trademark ears are one of a kind masterpieces that are extra fun to enjoy on a day in the park.

How to Make Your Own Disney Candied Apples

Disney Candied Apples Inside Look at Tasty Treats 2

Making Disney inspired candied apples on your own is extremely fun and easy to do. To start with, you need a granny smith apple. You use these apples because they have a hard and crispy inside and a tart flavor. This helps the apple to hold up against the sweetness and the density of the multiple candy layers. You can make your own caramel or use store-bought caramel, but it is important to have plenty of it in a decent-sized bowl for dipping. There are plenty of Caramel recipes online, such as this one, that are easy to follow and produce desirable results.

Before you push the caramel apple stick into the top of the apple through the core, make sure you twist the stem off and rub the wax coating off of the apple with a towel. Don’t push the dowel through the apple. Another tip is that it’s best to use chilled apples. When you dip the apple in your caramel leave space near the dowel about the size of a quarter, so the caramel does not ooze out of any additional candy layers. as you drag your caramel-coated apple from the bowl, twist it while wiping off the excess, to give it a uniform appearance.

Mickey Ears

Next, to get those signature ears, take two large marshmallows and trim off a little less than a quarter lengthwise on one side of each. Stick the ears in place and let them adhere to the caramel as it dries. Next, you can dip in milk chocolate one side at a time to get that final candy coating. Give it a shake to let the excess drizzle off, then roll the apple around any crushed up candy you prefer.

If you want to add Mickey’s shorts, let the chocolate dry and then dip in your third bowl of white chocolate to use as a primer, get a nice straight line around the widest point of the apple, then place two yellow jelly bellies for the buttons and sprinkle red sugar over the wet white chocolate. The top portion dries before the bottom so sprinkle a scoop over the top line first before coating the rest.

Where Can You Get Candied Apples at Walt Disney World?

Disney Candied Apples Inside Look at Tasty Treats 3

Disney Candied apples are almost anywhere in Walt Disney World where cast members make candy, Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and Disney Springs each have at least one candy store with candied apples. In the Magic Kingdom, you can get them at the Main Street Confectionery and Big Top Sweets. In Disney Springs, they’re at the Candy Cauldron on the west side. Epcot has an incredible caramel shop in the Germany pavilion called Karamell Kuche with unparalleled goodness. In Hollywood Studios, you can get your Disney candied apples at Beverly Sunset.

The visual appeal of these classic treats is usually enough, but don’t let the difficulty of eating these edible masterpieces discourage you. You can always ask to have your apple cut, and you can enjoy these magical creations by the slice.

Are you inspired to make your own Disney caramel apples? What is your favorite Walt Disney World confection?