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Biggest Disney Bag Mistakes to Avoid

Biggest Disney Bag Mistakes to Avoid

The bag you bring into the park often gets overlooked until you arrive at Disney World. Typically the bag you bring into the parks is your lifeline for the entire day. We find that are some key mistakes people make when packing their theme park bag for a day-long theme park adventure.

The following are some main things to be aware of when you are putting together your bag for your next theme park day.

Missing Sunscreen

It’s the sunshine state, it’s time to lather up with that sunscreen. Even if you don’t normally burn you are going to want to reconsider skipping the sunblock. Florida has much more intense rays from the sun than most of the rest of the United States.

A sunburn, especially early on in your trip can really but a damper on the whole vacation. Not to mention the pain, peeling and did I mention pain? I have been a victim of a Disney sunburn and it can make simple things like wearing sneakers a nightmare!

On my face, before I head off to the parks for the day I love to put this Neutrogena sunscreen on. It’s nice and lightweight and not too smelly like some other ones. In my bag, I toss in this little guy for touch ups.

Not Staying Hydrated

In the summer this is a must for us. My husband and I each pack ourselves a water and a power aid. This saves us tons and makes sure we always have a drink when needed. Typically our first drink disappears before we can even make it onto our first ride. This lightens up our load early on.

Recently we have fallen in love with these water bottles. I was amazed to find that they really can keep ice in your bottle frozen all day in the park. Plus you can order it in Rose Gold (need I say anymore)?

There are fountains throughout the park where we refill or we just ask for a free cup of ice water at quick service locations.

Over Packing

Ugh! I have been a victim of this one far too many times. I get so excited about venturing out all day that I literally stuff my bag with every last thing I can think of. You never know when you may want the 3rd extra camera lens or a set of markers!

You never know when you may want the 3rd extra camera lens or a set of markers! When you pack your bag be realistic of the items you are truly going to need for that day. Only take what you will need.

Trust me when I say that bag gets really heavy. Full theme park days can easily eat up six miles of walking around.

Not Bringing the Right Bag

Finding the perfect bag to take to the parks is one of the hardest things to do. A camera bag is my go to for the parks. Backpacks are pack mules and are great if you have a lot of stuff you need to bring around with you. There are even some new Disney-themed backpacks recently released by Jansport.

Forgetting Shades for the Whole Family

Just like you need to protect your skin with sunblock you need to protect those eyeballs with some shades. I have prescription shades I have to truck with me but for my husband, we got him some inexpensive polarized lenses. This way if they were to fly off on Big Thunder Mountian it won’t be a big financial loss.

Rain, Rain, Go Away!

It’s important to always be ready for rain here at Disney World. We even have a whole article dedicated to How To Do Disney World in the Rain! Once June hits you can expect afternoon showers almost every day through September. April, May, and October also see a fair amount of showers but not as bad as the previous summer months mentioned.

So how do you get ready for the Florida showers? We always have ponchos on us. We personally like to order these ones or go to the dollar store to purchase because they are so cheap you can just toss them when you are done. It stinks to have to carry around a soaking wet poncho.

As well don’t forget protection for your bags, especially if you are bringing along any expensive photo or video equipment. If you have young kids you are not going to want to forget about rain protection for your stroller.