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Best Mandalorian Quotes: PLUS New Season

Best Mandalorian Quotes: PLUS New Season

The world has gone gaga for Baby Yoda for the last 4 years leading people who had never cared about Star Wars to come flocking over to the nerdy side just to catch a glimpse. We get it, he’s adorable!

What is The Mandalorian?

The Mandalorian is a popular American television series created by Jon Favreau for the streaming service Disney+. It is set in the Star Wars universe, taking place a few years after the events of the Return of the Jedi film. The series follows the adventures of a Mandalorian bounty hunter named Din Djarin (portrayed by Pedro Pascal) as he travels through the galaxy with a young Force-sensitive creature known as “The Child”, or Grogu, (nicknamed “Baby Yoda” by fans).

The Mandalorian premiered on Disney+ in November 2019, and quickly gained a large following for its mix of action, adventure, and humor. The series has received critical acclaim for its writing, direction, acting, and visual effects, and has been praised for expanding the Star Wars lore in exciting and unexpected ways.

New Season of The Mandalorian!

Season 3 of The Mandalorian will premiere on Disney+ on March 1, 2023. Baby Yoda, okay, Grogu, is at it again! He is still stealing little snackies as he brings his cute little self into season 3. How could we forget in seasons 1 and 2 how he kept stealing all kinds of things to snack on. In season 3 he appears to be using the force to steal red jelly beans? Whatever it is, it’s still adorable!

The first 2 seasons are also available on Disney+ so you can rewatch your favorite moments before binging the latest season!

Mandalorian Quotes

Is there a better way to prepare for a bingefest than memorizing tons of show and movie quotes to both impress and annoy your friends? We don’t think so!

Here are 50 of the best and most memorable quotes from The Mandalorian:

  1. “I’m a Mandalorian. Weapons are part of my religion.” – Din Djarin
  2. “This is the way.” – Mandalorian Creed
  3. “I can bring you in warm, or I can bring you in cold.” – Din Djarin
  4. “Never lower your head to anyone.” – Bo-Katan Kryze
  5. “I’m a simple man making his way through the galaxy. Like my father before me.” – Jango Fett
  6. “I’m not a stormtrooper, wiseass. I’m an Imperial Death Trooper.” – Imperial Death Trooper
  7. “I have spoken.” – Kuiil
  8. “The songs of eons past tell of battles between Mandalore the Great and an order of sorcerers called Jedi.” – Armorer
  9. “A foundling is in your care. By creed, until it is of age or reunited with its own kind, you are as its father.” – Armorer
  10. “I’m not a bounty hunter. I’m a Mandalorian.” – Din Djarin
  11. “There is no dishonor in facing defeat. But there is in not recognizing it.” – Pre Vizsla
  12. “I can’t go back to the Empire. But he can.” – Din Djarin
  13. “Do not underestimate my abilities.” – Sabine Wren
  14. “The Empire is no longer in power. The New Republic is the future.” – Cara Dune
  15. “Mandalorians are warriors. We protect our own.” – Bo-Katan Kryze
  16. “This is not a negotiation.” – Moff Gideon
  17. “I will not abandon this mission.” – Din Djarin
  18. “If I am to rule Mandalore, I can’t do it with the sword alone.” – Bo-Katan Kryze
  19. “I will help you. I have spoken.” – Kuiil
  20. “I am a Mandalorian. My armor is my religion.” – Paz Vizsla
  21. “The only way to end this war is to unite all the clans. This is the way.” – Bo-Katan Kryze
  22. “I’m not a hero. I’m a survivor.” – Cara Dune
  23. “You are a disgrace to your armor.” – Sabine Wren
  24. “They know what it takes to raise a child.” – The Armorer
  25. “Don’t you mean the Death Watch?” – Bo-Katan Kryze
  26. “There’s nothing to be gained by killing you. You’re no use to us dead.” – Moff Gideon
  27. “There’s nothing like a good war to drive technology.” – Sabine Wren
  28. “You have something I want.” – Moff Gideon
  29. “The Empire is no longer the only shadow in the galaxy.” – Greef Karga
  30. “I am not a bounty hunter. I am a mercenary.” – Boba Fett
  31. “The Empire is no longer here. And if it tries to be, Mandalore will survive.” – Bo-Katan Kryze
  32. “You expect me to search the galaxy for the home of this creature and deliver it to a race of enemy sorcerers?” – Din Djarin
  33. “I don’t want your armor. I want my armor that you got from Cobb Vanth back on Tatooine.” – Boba Fett
  34. “I am not a living thing. I am a weapon.” – IG-11
  35. “You are Mandolorian no more.” – Mandolorian Armorer
  36. “Redemption is not possible since the destruction of our home world.” – Armorer
  37. “Then you lead them. Wave that thing around, they’ll do whatever you say.” – Bo-Katan Kryze
  38.  “You’re still running around here with that same little critter.” -Greef Karga
  39. “You paid us for murder and mayhem inside these doors.” – Karga
  40. “Hang on kid. We got pirates.”  – Mando
  41. “Do you still have the saber?” – Bo Katan
  42. “What a kind sentiment from a man who just destroyed four fighters.” – Vizla
  43. “Go home.” – Bo Katan
  44. “When I returned without the Darksaber, my forces melted away.” – Bo Katan
  45. “I’m here to join you.” – Din Djarin
  46. “There’s nothing left to join.” – Bo Katan
  47. “I need a droid I can trust to explore Mandalore.” – Din Djarin
  48. “Never trust a pirate.” – Mando
  49. “Goodbye, Din Djarin.” – Grogu
  50. “Stop touching things.” – Din Djarin

PLUS: Mando and Baby Yoda are now roaming around Galaxy’s Edge in Walt Disney World!

Best Mandalorian Quotes: PLUS New Season 4

Thank goodness! We were starting to think all those people on the West Coast in California were getting to have all of the fun!

Mando and The Child were spotted in Galaxy’s Edge on March 1st, just in time for the new season. We can’t wait to see them ourselves so we can walk up and say, “I’d like to see the baby.”

Galaxy’s Edge in Disney’s Hollywood Studios is a super immersive Star Wars themed land on the planet of Batuu. Unlike other areas of Walt Disney World where there are designated meet and greet locations for characters, Galaxy’s Edge is totally different. This is the planet of Batuu and there are Storm Troopers and rebels with a mission. You will see all types of Star Wars characters walking around.