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Best Lines at Disney World You Will Want to See

Best Lines at Disney World You Will Want to See

Wait, are you really reading about the best lines at Disney World? I mean who wants to wait in a line, am I right? Well, believe it or not sometimes Disney actually manages to make the wait in line not so painful! With Fastpass+  it makes it easier than ever to skip the lines while on your vacation but you may not always want to use that. Here we are breaking down our list of the best queue lines at Disney World. This is our opinion based on spending years waiting in lines at Disney, letting you know which lines are the best lines! If you are looking for the lines to avoid read, Worst Lines to Wait in at Disney World.

Haunted Mansion

The spooky hearse out front of this attraction and classic graveyard stones have always made this line a classic. However, several years ago when they decided to first introduce the idea of an interactive queue this ride went from good to great!

Head to the graveyard portion of the line and see the foreshadowing for the doom to come your way! Here you can hear the spooks play music and shift books around, right before your eyes. This is a perfect way for young ones to get a glimpse of the spooks that await if they can’t handle the line it’s best to skip the attraction.

Seven Dwarf Mine Train

Best Lines at Disney World You Will Want to See 1

This line gets crazy long, fortunately, there are plenty of elements in the queue to make the time pass quickly. Inside the line, you will get the opportunity to sort diamonds, discover colored water, and spin barrels full of gems! Insider tip: if you get all the barrels spinning at the same time Snow White appears dancing on the ceiling. Also, the outside portion of this line is tree covered, creating a shady area in the hot Florida sun. While there is a ton of detail in this line it gets old fast if you have to wait around for more than a 30-minute wait. This is one of our top recommendations for Magic Kingdom Fastpass+ pick as we rarely ever see the line posted at 30 minutes or less.

Pirates of the Caribbean

Best Lines at Disney World You Will Want to See 2

Enter into this giant fortress and you will wonder what troubles lie ahead. The queue here winds you through jail cells, piles of ammo and of course the famous stalemate scene. If you don’t know about this lookout for two skeletons playing chess and take a close look at where the pieces lay on the board. The scenes you pass along the way combined with the iconic music of this attraction will have you singing, “yo ho, it’s a pirate’s life for me!”

Tower of Terror

Best Lines at Disney World You Will Want to See 3

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While I am beyond terrified of riding this attraction, I have to give respect where respect is due. Before you even enter the queue you can already feel the foreboding doom of the Terror of Terror walking down Sunset Boulevard.

If you watched the classic television series the Tower of Terror is inspired by, the Twilight Zone, keep your eyes peeled for all sorts of nods. The premise of the ride is that you are stepping into an actual episode of the show.

Star Tours

Best Lines at Disney World You Will Want to See 4

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The perfect attraction for the Star Wars fan in your family. There are so many wonderful hidden gems in the line for Star Tours. Many props can be seen from the line. Be sure to pay close attention to the baggage check and watch the luggage scans!

Expedition Everest

Best Lines at Disney World You Will Want to See 5

This attraction has a deep and intricate storyline to follow as you journey through the queue line. You are heading out on an expedition through the Himalayas and have to pass through a place where you not only to grab supplies but also see a museum. The museum warns of the Yeti showing all the proof and various sightings people have had of this creature.

Turtle Talk with Crush

Turtle Talk with Crush

The waiting area over here is packed with different activities to do while you wait! First off there are the really cool sting ray tanks that are by the entrance into the theater. You may even be lucky enough to catch feeding time, you can watch Cast Members feeding some of the different animals.  If the area is packed up by the front there are also quizzes you can take along the wall and test your knowledge of the sea!

Toy Story Midway Mania

Best Lines at Disney World You Will Want to See 6

This is the perfect attraction for taking a trip down memory lane. The queue line here is covered in games and toys from our childhoods. How many of these classic games were a part of your childhood? While the wait for this line can get super long, it’s been a lot better with the recent expansion. Its much-needed with the recent reduction of rides while the park undergoes construction for the expansion of Star Wars and Toy Story Land.

Test Track

Line for Test Track Epcot

Take your shot at building the concept car of the future! The new Test Track loses the annoying loud crash effects and instead allows you to customize your very own car. Which you then get to take out on the SIM track and see how it preforms. Test Track had to make our list since the car you build directly effects your ride experience!

This covers our picks for the best attraction queues at Disney World that we enjoy waiting in! What do you think are the Best lines at Disney World?

Best lines at Disney World