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Yummy New Treats at the Magic Kingdom

Yummy New Treats at the Magic Kingdom

We love that Disney had caught on to the Instagram game and is constantly coming out with new treats just begging to be posted on the gram. So let’s check out all the new treats that Disney has in store for us!

Wish Granted Donut

Head to the Sunshine Tree Terrace for this is a limited time offering available now to June 31st.  Of course this all ties into the brand new live-action Aladdin movie being released on May 24th.

This is a glazed donut with gold-coated sugar to resemble the lamp, a chocolate lamp piece, and cotton candy to represent that blue smoke that would be around the genie when he comes out of the lamp.

Tangled Wall Éclair

Yummy New Treats at the Magic Kingdom 13

You can grab this one at Pinocchio Village Haus starting May 9 through June 31st. This Tangled wall éclair-Éclair filled with dulce de leche and white chocolate whipped cream. Topped with sugar flowers and a chocolate frying pan. Sold close by this is the perfect treat to take over to the Tangled wall in Fantasyland. This one would be fun because we have a wall that matches the item they can take photos with!

Mickey Push Pop 

Yummy New Treats at the Magic Kingdom 14

This cake pop is making its return once again to the Magic Kingdom. It’s a birthday Cake-flavored Pastry Cream layered with, Cake crumbles, confetti, Buttercream, and Glitter. This item is not new, as it was sold during Mickey’s birthday weekend in November. But hurry as it’s only back until June 31st. 

You can get this cake push pop at Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Café, Golden Oak Outpost, Columbia Harbour House, and Friar’s Nook.

Mickey Milkshake

Yummy New Treats at the Magic Kingdom 15

Auntie Gravity’s Galactic Goodies serves up this red shake, topped with yellow cotton candy and a Mickey straw. You can grab this delicious new shake until June 31st.

Mouseketeer’s Cupcake 

Yummy New Treats at the Magic Kingdom 16

Jumbo red velvet and yellow swirl cupcake base in red liner, buttercream ring rolled in the red black and white Mickey quin mix, buttercream dome coated in black sanding sugar and black jimmies, chocolate wafer ears, red and white buttercream medallion, chocolate Mickey face.

Mickey Cheeseburger

Yummy New Treats at the Magic Kingdom 17

Okay this one isn’t exactly your typical Disney treat but the burger is so epic we included it anyway. Angus Burger with Macaroni and Cheese, American Cheese, Cheese Sauce, Flaming Hot Cheese Dust, bacon, topped with a signature, Mickey Mouse Bun. 

Let us know in the comments below if you plan on grabbing any of these delicious new treats in the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World.