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What to Wear at Disney World in the Summer

What to Wear at Disney World in the Summer

If you have a Disney World vacation planned for the summer you may be wondering what you should wear. Of course, it is important to note that summer is a relative term down here in Florida. Some years we can get the oppressive heat as early as April. So I wanted to cover what I thought were good ideas of what to wear at Disney World in the Summer. These items will help you deal best with the oppressive heat you can often find in the summertime in Central Florida.

Ideal Summer Clothing for Disney World

The fact of the matter is when you are dealing with extreme humidity and heat that Florida dishes up in the summer you have to prepare. Unfortunately, the best solutions listed below aren’t always the most fashionable. However, you really won’t mind when you aren’t melting into a puddle like Olaf in Summer!

Light Clothing

It’s hot and it’s humid you don’t want to be wearing any heavy clothing at this time. You can skip the cargo pants, sweaters, and any other bulky clothing. I highly recommend bringing along your favorite tees and try to stay away from dark colors like black. They will just collect the heat when you are out in the sun. Bonus points for picking up some UPF clothing.


Quick Dry Summer Clothing for Disney World

Sweat-wicking fabric is a fantastic option for the Florida heat. Since the technology has been out for quite some time now the pricing isn’t so crazy. Uniqlo (found at Disney Springs) has some fantastic prices on some pieces as you can see below.


Summertime Footwear for Disney World

We have a full in-depth guide for Disney World shoes but I must admit it’s tricky in the summer. The heat and rain make sneakers less ideal but they give your foot the most support. If the rain chances are high I go for Sanuks, they are cute and quick dry. The bottom is out of yoga mat material so talk about super comfy. If it’s a long day I will lace up into my broken in sneakers. I have the Asics below currently and I love how much walking I can get in without my feet hurting.

Gear and Accessories Essential for Florida Summers

Chilling Pad – I have no idea how it took me three years of living in Florida to buy one of these life savers. All you need to do is wet one of these towels and place it on the back of your neck. This simple item will keep you cool throughout the day, well that is, as much as you can be cool in 98-degree weather.

Small Portable Fan – While we are talking on the subject of staying cool, let’s talk fans. Disney sells them in the parks but you are going to pay the Disney premium. I am a fan of just ordering it ahead of time off Amazon, like this model.

Disney Hat – It really doesn’t specifically have to be a Disney hat. Any hat that will give you a little extra shade will do. The bigger the brim the better! If you do want a Disney hat has loads!