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Tips on Getting Disney Gift Cards at Walmart

Tips on Getting Disney Gift Cards at Walmart

Disney is a magical place filled with excitement and joy. Yet, it can also be a place filled with worry and concern in terms of how to afford such an enchanting trip. What some people do not know is there are ways to plan a Disney vacation on a budget. One such way is to get discounted Disney gift cards at Walmart. Disney gift cards can be used at more places than just the Disney store at your local mall. Gift cards can be used anywhere throughout the theme parks, Disney resorts, Disney Springs, as well as on Disney Cruises.

Be sure to check Walmart’s gift card polices to make sure nothing changes and you are up to date on information. Walmart only sells Disney gift cards in-stores and not online. These gift cards never expire, and there are no activation fees. Walmart typically sells gift cards in amounts of $25, $50 and $100. You can save up to 10% off a Disney gift card easily by taking a few extra steps.

Save with Discounted Walmart Gift Cards

First, you can find online gift card brokers that offer discounted Walmart gift cards. One such site is This particular website not only gives discounts on gift cards but first-time users can also get $10 off their first purchase when you provide your email. After you have your discounted Walmart gift card, all you need to do is go to your local Walmart and buy a Disney gift card with your Walmart gift card.

Another website called Swagbucks offers gift cards to many retailers such as Walmart. All you do is sign up for an account and watch videos or take surveys. Currently, Swagbucks is offering a $4 signup bonus to first time users. While most surveys do not pay out a lot of money, depending on the length of the content, you can earn at a steady rate. The good part with Swagbucks is that you don’t have to wait till you have a lot of money to cash out; you can redeem earnings of just $5 and apply it to a Walmart gift card. Harris Poll Online and Survey Junkie are other survey websites that are similar to Swagbucks that can be used to earn Walmart gift cards. Survey Junkie is a very popular survey website because it will tell you how many points will you earn prior to starting the survey. That is a nice feature so you don’t waste time taking a survey that give you low point values. Every 100 points earns you $1.00.

Mypoints is owned by the same company as Swagbucks so it is similar in how the site operates. You earn points by watching videos, playing games, taking surveys, and downloading apps for points that you can use to redeem for a gift card. Unlike Swagbucks, MyPoints allows people to accumulate five extra points daily by completing five activities listed each day on their site.  MyPoints also allows you to earn cash back on purchases you make at top retailer stores. Similar to, Mypoints also provides $10 to first time users when you sign up.

Get Cashback from your Favorite Stores

Cash back websites are also great tools to use when looking for ways to earn Walmart gift cards. Ibotta and Shopkicks are two websites that allow you to earn Walmart gift cards by earning cash back on purchases you were already planning to make such as groceries and clothing. Ibotta is slightly more popular since it has a wider retail pool. Both websites allow you to shop in-store or online which makes it easy to earn points on your merchandise. You can claim the offers by either scanning your receipt from the store using an app on your phone or you can simply link the app to your loyalty cards from a particular store. Ibotta even allows you to pay at selected retailers through the Ibotta app. This allows people to earn even more rewards. Shopkicks takes it a step further by allowing app users to gain points by simply going to certain stores and scanning barcodes for certain products without having to actually purchase those items.

Another cash back website is called TopCashback. This site allows you to earn cash back from purchases you make at thousands of different websites. The amount given back to you depends on the site; however, TopCashback is known for being one of the highest-paying cashback websites. You can also earn cashback on your purchases from shopping online at Walmart.

One unique free browser extension many people do not know about is called Honey. It helps you save money while shopping online. The best part is that Honey will do this automatically. It finds you the best coupon codes to save money and helps you find the best price at Amazon. While shopping you earn Honey Gold reward points that you can use to get Walmart gift cards.

Take Advantage of all Walmart’s Perks

Walmart, as well as other retailer stores, will offer gift card exchanges. Walmart will accept unwanted gift cards from about 200 different retailers for which they will give you a Walmart gift cards. However, Walmart does take a small percentage back for themselves. So you will receive a gift card that is about 95% of the retail value of the one you traded in.

A few retailers have just adopted drive up grocery pick up to make shopping even more convenient. Walmart is one of those retailers. When you log on to the Walmart grocery app, you pick a time you want to get your groceries and select your items. If you have never used Walmart grocery prior, you earn $10 off your first order. Additionally, when you pick up your groceries, the sales associate will often give you a card in which to take a survey or recommend the service to a friend. If you do this you can earn an additional $10.

Get Ready for your Next Disney Experience

Once you accumulate your Disney gift cards to use on a magical Walt Disney World Vacation, it is best to combine them onto one card. This can be done on the Disney Gift Card website. You need to create an account before you can proceed. Once your account is set up, log in and click “Manage Cards”. Here you will type in your barcodes from your gift cards. Next click on “Transfer Balance”. Once you designate one card to be your main card you can transfer the remaining cards to your one main card. However, a maximum of $1,000 can only be put on any given card. Another great benefit of registering your gift cards on the site is that if you lose one of your cards that still has money on it, you can simply go online and transfer the money onto another gift card.

By using these quick, simple tips, you’ll be able to create even more of the Disney memories you cherish—for less!