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Tips for Toddlers Wearing Costumes at Disney World

Tips for Toddlers Wearing Costumes at Disney World

We’re Disney people and we are pirate loving people too. My youngest has multiple pirate costumes and the best place to wear them is at Disney World, of course! Oddly enough he won’t chat with Jack when he’s out at the Magic Kingdom and we haven’t figured out why. He gets a little star struck and freezes. They asked him to come on stage during the show in front of The Pirates of The Caribbean ride and he just shook his head no while smiling. Regardless of his stage fright, he loves to dress up and prefers a pirate costume at the Magic Kingdom. He’s worn a Kylo Ren costume to Hollywood Studios, but the pirate costumes trump all for this boy.

My youngest is just now getting into costumes and he has the cutest Buzz Lightyear costume that I can’t wait for him to wear to Toy Story Land soon! Costumes at Disney World are such fun, but the heat in Florida is not conducive to costume wearing. It is one of the cutest things to see my toddler wear his pirate costumes in the theme park and we’ve gotten very creative with the when, how, and such on wearing costumes in the park. 

Last Spring, we had the pleasure of meeting Hook and stood in line for an hour to do so. While in line my son took his pirate hat and pirate vest off to cool down some and when it was our time to meet the Peter Pan characters we put the costume pieces back on in lightning speed. Toddlers love meeting characters and I think the characters have extra love for kids in costumes. Here are some more photos of our pirate loving costume wearer and my top tips for toddlers wearing costumes at Disney. 

Tips for Toddlers Wearing Costumes at Disney World 12

Tips for Toddlers Wearing Costumes at Disney World 13

Tips for Toddlers Wearing Costumes at Disney World

  • Consider costumes that don’t completely cover. These can be tough to find but sometimes a DIY costume or epic shirt that looks like a costume is a great option in the summer heat here in Florida. 
  • Wear costumes for short periods multiple times throughout the day. This costume wearing option is the one we frequent here in Florida with our toddlers because the heat is just too much in the summer months. I would say the longest my oldest has lasted is close to 2 hours in a costume and that was after I asked him to take it off over and over. Limiting the costume wearing is what’s best. Be sure the costume is on for when they are meeting their favorite character that inspired the costume or in one of the lands that goes along with the costume. I can’t wait to take a photo of my little Buzz in Toy Story Land soon. 
  • Take the costume photos and then pack up the costume for the day. Now this one might seem silly but hear me out. Depending on the temps in Florida that day it might be best to take all the fun photos to cherish, but not feel stuck in a hot costume for hours. Take family photos and character meeting photos then wrap up the costume and tuck it away in your bag. You’ve got the shots and now your littles will no longer have to wear extra layers of clothes in the summer heat! 
  • Make costume modifications at any given moment. If the kids are having an epic meltdown I don’t deal with costumes. No photo is worth miserable hot babies, my friends. Try to ask them if they want their costumes right before they get to their favorite ride or before they get in line to meet their favorite character inspired by the costume. We also let them wear just sections of the costume – really whatever they want. My oldest wore his pirate vest once and said that was all he wanted! When my toddler wore 1 piece of the 3 piece costume he still looked as cute as ever. Don’t ever let the kids get too hot or too emotional over costumes. 
  • WATER! Hydrate like crazy in the Florida summer heat with or without a costume, but when my kids are in a costume I make them drink more! Have them stand in the shade, run a cool towel over their face, and make sure they have hand-held fans with them. Think ahead when it comes to the heat and whatever applies for that think double when costumes come in to play. 

Tips for Toddlers Wearing Costumes at Disney World 14

This last pirate outfit can be purchased in the gift shop connected to Pirates of The Caribbean ride and its one I can’t get enough of. We debated on splurging on the piece but I’m still thankful we did! We’ve used this costume for one of his Birthday parties at home too! 

Enjoy strolling in the theme parks with your favorite toddlers in costume and stay cool!