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Things you Probably Never Knew About Expedition Everest

Things you Probably Never Knew About Expedition Everest

Expedition Everest is a high-speed roller coast at the Animal Kingdom in Walt Disney World. Many consider the coaster to be Disney World’s biggest thrill ride. Be prepared to fly both forward and backward on the track the covers the Forbidden Mountain.

What to Expect on Expedition Everest

When you enter the attraction you are visiting the Forbidden Mountain (not actually Mt. Everest) for an adventure brought to you by the Himalayan Escapes Tour Company. When you enter the queue watch for the small notes from people who have made previous expeditions. These details all allude to the mysterious monster you will meet inside the mountain.

This is a true roller coaster that tops out at speeds of 50 miles per hour. For comparison this is twice the speed of Space Mountain. The expedition will send you both backward and forwards through the mountain. During your journey there will be sharp turns, dips and drops. This roller coaster doesn’t have any loops or inversions.

Things you Probably Never Knew About Expedition Everest 2

Fun Facts about Expedition Everest

  • Disney is known for their mountain attractions you have Space, Splash, and Thunder to start! Expedition Everest is actually Disney’s tallest mountain at 199 feet tall.
  • Expedition Everest made the Guinness Book of World Records in 2011 as the most expensive roller coaster built. The ride took more than six years to build and it is reported is cost over one hundred million dollars.
  • In the queue, you will go through a Yeti museum. In order to make it feel authentic Disney purchased over 8,000 props from Nepal.
  • When you finally meet the Yeti towards the end of the ride you are seeing Disney’s largest-ever audio-animatronic figure. The Yeti stands 25 feet tall, what Disney dubs as life-sized. Unfortunately for years now the animatronic hasn’t been working due to mechanical issues. Since the figure is so large they have no easy way of fixing it without completely shutting the attraction down.

Video of a Ride on Expedition Everest

Basic Ride Information

This is a high-speed outdoor roller coaster and the headlining attraction at the Animal Kingdom, that last just under four minutes. If you skipped a Fastpass for this attraction in favor of one of the new Pandora rides don’t worry you can still squeak in with a low wait time. We find it best to adventure here before 10 am in the morning or wait until after 3 pm in the afternoon. There is a 44″ height requirement to ride Expedition Everest.