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The Purrrfect Disney Cat Gifts

The Purrrfect Disney Cat Gifts

We love that we have been spotting more and more shopping goodies for the Disney and cat fans that are out there. Most recently I have been obsessing over the release of a brand new cat Dooney and Bourke bag but there is more. My cats at home sport their own Disney cat beds and I have the comfiest pair of Disney cat leggings. 

Dooney and Bourke Disney Cat Collection

The Purrrfect Disney Cat Gifts 15

There are 4 silhouettes in this collection: tote bag, a satchel, and a crossbody but then there is also an Annual Passholder exclusive in a mini dome bag! The cats featured include Figaro, Lucifer (Cinderella); Cheshire Cat (Alice in Wonderland); Si & Am (Lady and the Tramp); Sgt. Tibbs (101 Dalmatians); Bagheera (The Jungle Book); Duchess, O’Malley, Marie, Toulouse, Berlioz, Scat Cat (The Aristocats); Rufus (The Rescuers); Oliver (Oliver & Company), Rajah (Aladdin); Simba (The Lion King), Mittens (Bolt), and Mochi (Big Hero 6).

Disney Minnie Cuddle Cup 

Minnie Mouse Cat Bed

You can never have too many cat beds! While I may have way too many cats we have a nice comfy cat beds scattered all throughout the house. They love anything the can snuggle up in and catch a few zzz’s.

Disney Mickey Cat Dome

The Purrrfect Disney Cat Gifts 16

It’s like a competition on who gets this bed each day in our house. We have a couple of cats that go nuts over having a hidey hole to escape to.

Cat Collars Inspired by Disney

The Purrrfect Disney Cat Gifts 17

If you can manage to actually get your tiny tiger to wear a collar, of course, it must be dedicated to the mouse. Even though we tried when they were kittens our boys just won’t even think of a collar it’s like a must be destroyed item haha. 

Disney Cats Tee Shirts 

The Purrrfect Disney Cat Gifts 18

Sometimes the cat owners need a little gift too! Some of the most famous Disney Cats are featured all together on this Juniors tee. Thomas O’Malley, Fiagro, Duchess, Lucifer, Chesire Cat, English Cat, Italian Cat, Oliver, Berlioz, Toulouse, and Marie. You can find this tee here on Amazon.

Disney Cat Lady Loungewear

The Purrrfect Disney Cat Gifts 19

What is better than lounging on your couch in cat leggings and getting some cat cuddles from your BFF? I seriously can not get over how soft these leggings are that Disney makes. They are like Lu-La Roe but even more comfortable. 
The Purrrfect Disney Cat Gifts 20