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Must Have Toy Story 4 Merchandise

Must Have Toy Story 4 Merchandise

When there is a new movie release on the horizon it means we get loads of new awesome merchandise. We have been falling in love with the characters from Toy Story since the first movie in 1995. Every movie we get some new favorite characters and this time around it seems like Forky is stealing all our hearts. I haven’t even been able to see the movie yet and I already need to order my very own Forky Pop Funko. 

The beloved adventures of Woody, Buzz, and the gang continues in theaters on June 21st. I already am picking up merchandise since this Pixar classic series stole my heart long ago! We have a lego set and Mr. Potato Head! Let’s take a look at some of the favorites of new Toy Story 4 merchandise from

Harveys Toy Story Collection

Must Have Toy Story 4 Merchandise 17

OOOOOOOhhhhhh become the chosen one! Pack all your daily essentials in a Toy Story Alien backpack or tote by Harveys. The great thing about Harveys bags is the seatbelts make them hold up well to wear and tear. With all our trips in and out of the parks, this is a must.

Toy Story 4 Pin Set – Limited Release

Must Have Toy Story 4 Merchandise 18

Meet the cast of Toy Story 4 with this enamel cloisonné pin set priced at $29.95. In addition to the return of Bo Peep, this limited release set of six pins includes some of the new characters from Disney and Pixar’s movie. If you are looking for the older pin sets from the earlier Toy Story movies those have also popped back up on In fact, they have pin sets from the three prior movies.

Pop Funko for Toy Story 4 

Must Have Toy Story 4 Merchandise 19

The store is filled will 11 different characters from the movie in Pop Funkos. I am going to hold out until I see the movie to pick out my favorites from the pack. Funkos are a great small way to brings some Disney elements into your home. I have a shelf in my office I like to display mine on. The Pops are all priced at $12.95 each. 

Sock Pack for Toy Story 4 

Must Have Toy Story 4 Merchandise 20

Add a playful pep to your step with this Toy Story 4 Sock Set for just $29.95. Featuring intarsia knit designs of Woody and Buzz, Forky, Ducky and Bunny, Combat Carl, and Duke Caboom, your feet will always have a friend in these colorful crew socks! You can find out more on this cozy set of 5 pairs of socks here

Spirit Jersey for Buzz and Woody

Must Have Toy Story 4 Merchandise 21

Of course with every major Disney event now comes a coordinating Spirit Jersey. No complaints here other than us Floridians need some short sleeve styles for the summer. 

Must Have Toy Story 4 Merchandise 22


Must Have Toy Story 4 Merchandise 23

I am all about the loungewear, there is nothing a good comfy pair of leggings can’t fix. Disney has joined in on the legging game and we have seen more prints from them lately. Just ahead of the release of Toy Story 4 we now have a Toy Story and Luxo Ball leggings. They are ultra soft and stretchy great for the parks or hanging at home. Both styles are $39.99 each and you can check them out here

In the comment section below let us know which of the Toy Story 4 merchandise you have your eye on the most!