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The Pros and Cons of Taking Kids on Vacation

The Pros and Cons of Taking Kids on Vacation

Now that you have kids, you’re probably looking into ways to take the kids on vacation with you. Allowing kids to get out there and experience the world with you is a fantastic way to teach them about other cultures and to gain new experiences. Believe it or not, sometimes parents leave their kids behind and enjoy a relaxing Disney vacation. Especially with relaxing destinations with the Disney Cruiseline and Aulani. If you’re thinking about taking kids on vacation but wondering what the pros and cons are, then continue reading to learn some of the pros and cons of taking kids on vacation.

Pros of Taking Kids on Vacation

Priceless Memories

Being able to take kids on vacation opens the doors to making priceless memories that you can’t otherwise make in your backyard. You’ll be able to give your kids the gift of culture, new foods, and new environments so that they have fond memories of time away from home with you. 

Where else can you say hi to Mickey Mouse and then adventure on an African safari? I think just at the Animal Kingdom! Of course, with Disney World, they have great solutions like Memory Maker for capturing all these once in a lifetime memories. 

Cheaper for Younger Kids

Taking younger kids on vacation is much cheaper, as the younger your kid is the likeliness of them costing more to go on vacation with you minimize. Many hotels, transportation options, and dining options offer free or low fees for kids up to a certain age. If your child is under 3 there is no charge for their ticket at Disney World and you can NOT put them on the dining plan. This saves you some serious cash. 

Enhanced Education

Kids who travel with their parents are more likely to score higher in academics as they have hands-on experiences with so many different cultures. Kids may even learn a foreign language when you take them on vacation to areas that speak a language other than your own. Don’t you wish you can this fact when you were a kid to encourage your parents to take you on more adventures?

Cons of Taking Kids on Vacation

Slower Travel Time

Some kids simply make traveling a bit slower of a process. Let’s face it, when is your kid every ready to head out the door in a timely fashion? Taking kids on vacation with you could slow down your transportation time as well as close the doors to experience locations that aren’t kid-friendly.

Not to mention all the accessories that come with kids. You have the strollers, diaper bags, snacks, waters, extra clothes and more! Kids definitely add some extra bulk to the packing list

Lack of Space and Downtime

People usually travel to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, but when you take your kids on vacation with you, that doesn’t happen. You’ll find that you have fewer chances for downtown and less space at your hotel when you bring kids on vacation with you. Of course, if you are bringing little ones you may need to make a daily nap break part of your day. 

Added Cost of Extra Person

As your kids get older, the cost to bring them along on vacation with you can get pretty hefty. Older kids will need their own space, food options and other things similar to an adult. This can get pretty expensive as you work to bring older kids on vacation with you. Plus of course, you have to bring back a few souvenirs from the trip as well.  

There you have it, a list of the pros and cons of taking kids on vacation. The list of reasons to gather up the entire family for vacation could go on and on, but I hope this list helps you figure out whether or not you’ll bring the kids along the next time you plan a vacation. In the comment section below let us know where your next adventure will take you.