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Team Blizzard Beach

Team Blizzard Beach

Today’s forecast is 100% chance of sweltering heat and humidity that is unlike anything you have ever experienced.  Plus, you are guaranteed to hear constant complaining from both kids and adults (my husband is notorious LOL) about said heat and humidity. Happy summer vacation from Walt Disney World. So now that it’s “officially” summer, it’s time to ditch the traditional Disney World Parks and make some unforgettable memories at the water parks with your family! Here is a look at my family’s favorite water park Blizzard Beach.

Tickets for Blizzard Beach

Just like the main four Disney World theme parks, the two and under crew is FREE at both Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach! Yes, you read that right!! Now, for ages 3-9 a standard (non-blackout date) one-day water park ticket is $59 and ages 10+ (non-blackout date) is $65. Check out this link for more information   

If you are using a military park hopper pass, it is only $40 (regardless of age) more to add a day at Blizzard Beach or Typhoon Lagoon. Remember, those passes have to be purchased at a participating ITT office on a military base or at the local Disney World Shades of Green Resort (that is where I buy my park hoppers for family visiting).  Click this link for more ticketing information from Shades of Green

Why we LOVE Blizzard Beach

blizard beach photo op

Maybe it’s the fact that I grew up in Wisconsin, love snow, snow sports (former competitive figure skater), and know I NEVER have to shovel again every time I watch someone happily board that “ski lift”?  Or is it all the calypso and island music that plays (which makes us all think of Castaway Cay) while we float down the lazy river? We are team Blizzard Beach all the way. Don’t get me wrong; I love Typhoon Lagoon too.  I just think it’s better suited for the older crowd.  So for the next few years, we will be enjoying all that “melting snow.”  

Tike’s Peak  (48 inches tall & under)

Tikes Peak Blizzard Beach

Shade glorious shade oh how we love thee!  I LOVE that the snow castle slides (located at the very top) are shaded!  With five little slides to choose from in a very “contained” area, you do not feel the need to sprint the moment your child goes down.  It is pretty easy to spot your kid going down any of those slides with your toes happily in the water staying cool. Next to those slides is a perfect cabana, where I park my stroller with all our stuff (instead of all the way at the bottom). That’s where littlest loves playing the most, so I have easy access to snacks and drinks instead of trudging up and down the hill. Most people try to find a spot down in the main wading pool area, but make a bee-line for the top. 

Kids Bizzard Beach Slide Kids water slide Blizzard Beach

The toddler tube ride is our daughter’s favorite ride by far.  Her current record is 15 times in a row! It is much nicer than the tube ride offered at Typhoon Lagoon because there are lifeguards stationed at the entrance and exit of the ride.  At Typhoon, you have to load your child on the tube and then sprint down to the end to catch them (super annoying).

Blizzard Beach Inner Tube

Team Blizzard Beach 2

Along with an adorable baby alligator-filled wading pool, you can find racing slides for the whole the family to enjoy!  Our son and daughter love racing each other! There’s also a fun single slide for the little more adventurous preschooler!

Kids Area Blizzard Beach

Team Blizzard Beach 3 

Ski Patrol Training Camp  (elementary school age – tweens)

Blizzard Beach Ski Patrol 

If given a choice, my son could stay here for the WHOLE day.  Ski Patrol Training camp offers the older kids –

  • Fahrenheit Drops – zip line into the pool

Team Blizzard Beach 4

  • Freezin’ Pipe Springs – enclosed speed tube slide
  • Iceberg Rope Climb – use the ropes to trek across icebergs

Blizzard Beach Pool

  • Cool Runners – open-air tube slides

Team Blizzard Beach 5

  • Racing Slides

My son’s favorite is Fahrenheit Drops (5 feet and under).  Heck, I like watching the kids jump into the pool whether it’s by belly flop or a cannonball with a huge splash!  Unlike Typhoon, the tween group has their own place to blow off steam and have fun. Plus this is where the “Incredible Summer” activities take place!  Every day this summer offers guests can enjoy different activities for the family.

Team Blizzard Beach 6

Teamboat Springs

Whether by chairlift or walk up to the top of Mount Gushmore, the family raft ride – Teamboat Springs is a must do!  Each giant tube can hold up to six people, and it’s common for smaller groups to ride with another family.  Did you know it’s the longest family “white – water” rafting ride? It’s nice just having to walk up the stairs versus Typhoon where you have to roll up the giant raft yourself for Gangplank Falls, not very fun when you’re going solo with the kiddos. Luckily, my son helped me because otherwise, I’m sure our daughter would have gotten smooshed LOL!

Cross Country Creek

There”s nothing quite like floating down a lazy river to end a busy day.  With seven entrances and exits, no matter where you are in the park you can easily hop in or out.  I don’t know if you would count our floating as “lazy” since we love to play chase. My son is usually in the lead, with me not too far behind pushing my daughter in her tube, and then my husband is the one floating on by haha!  

Quick Family Tips for BOTH Water Parks

  • If staying on property, make sure to ask the front desk about bus transportation.  A few resorts offer direct connection but most connect through either Disney Springs or Animal Kingdom Lodge.  IF driving in – NO parking fee!!
  • Like other Disney Parks, you are welcome to pack food and drinks (non-glass bottles).
  • FREE cups of ice water are available at quick-service stands
  • Show your kids where the lost children cabana is at the front of each park and talk to a lifeguard cast member, so they become familiar in case someone becomes separated from your group.
  • Take off ALL magic bands after you tap into the park because they can quickly come off on water rides (husband lost his after he slid down one of the slides at Typhoon).  
  • Lifejacket stands are all over each park with various sizes.
  • Waterproof cell phone cases (with lanyard) work great for snapping pics in and out of the water.  
  • Bring goggles, cheap sunglasses and hats.  It can be blindingly bright with the reflection of the water with that central Florida sun.  
  • Swim diapers can be purchased at most resorts or in the parks; also consider reusable swim diapers!
  • Utilize all the Disney photopass photographers.  Blizzard Beach has a goofy character meet and greet between the sleighs in the sand and the gift shop.  Across from the lost children cabana and next to the gift shop, you can find Lilo or Stitch in front of the surfboards at Typhoon Lagoon.

Overall Thoughts on Blizzard Beach

Team Blizzard Beach 7

For our kids’ ages toddler and tween, Blizzard Beach is just the best fit for their needs.  That makes everyone happy. Once we move to the teenage and tween years, then typhoon lagoon will be more their speed.  But for now, you will find us most mornings hitting the ski slopes in our swimsuits and making some fantastic memories all summer! To find out more information check out What water park does your family love? Post in the comments below!