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Sunset Seasons Greetings

Sunset Seasons Greetings

Hollywood Studios now has a Flurry of Fun for the holiday season. Part of that is a projection show on the Tower of Terror called Sunset Seasons Greetings. This show takes over the entire street and wows you will dancing lasers and falling snow…err snoap. Prep and Landing stars are the ones who take you on an adventure through the four featured clips. Once the show starts, watch as billboards suddenly begin to move into motion and tell a tale, courtesy of iconic characters sharing their love for the season. Plus the most impressive part is watching the Hollywood Tower Hotel magically transforms, bringing to life the characters’ stories.

Sunset Seasons Greetings

Important Facts About Sunset Seasons Greetings

  • The show starts on Sunset Boulevard at dusk aka about 6 p.m.
  • Once Sunset Season Greetings starts it runs on a continuous loop there are no set showtimes
  • You can still watch the show for up to 45 minutes after park close
  • The last day to catch the show for the season is January 5th, 2020
  • To experience an entire loop of all the show season you will need to hang around for about 15 minutes

Sunset Season Greetings Clips and Holiday Scenes 

Mickey’s Christmas Carol

Sunset Seasons Greetings 11

Scenes in this segment are from the classic animated movie Mickey’s Christmas Carol. The message, “Joyful gatherings at Christmastime are a gift you can give all year.” This statement sparks a show onto the Tower of Terror. Here we see a Norman Rockwell-inspired town watch as it starts in black and white before slowly changing into color. The whole segment ends with a not so hidden Mickey.

The Muppets

Sunset Seasons Greetings 12

Head to the kitchen to see the Swedish Chef putting the finish touches on his gingerbread house for the season. Which I must say his decorating choices are a little… questionable shall we say. Of course this whole intro ties in nicely with images of the Tower of Terror turning into one giant gingerbread house. 

Olaf’s Frozen Adventure

Sunset Seasons Greetings 13

This scene is a straight-up clip from Olaf’s Frozen Adventure. This is the Frozen short that first appeared in front of the Pixar movie Coco. Olaf is seeking out family traditions that people have around the holidays. The tower then gets decorated along to Olaf singing his ballad of “That Time of Year.” So naturally expect to find yourself the rest of the evening humming along to, “Happy, merry, holly, jolly season’s greetings here, I’m wondering what your family does at that time of year. Love and joy and peace on Earth and tidings of good cheer. Do you have tradition things? For that time of year.

Toy Story

Sunset Seasons Greetings 14

Woody and Buzz have an important holiday announcement or rather I say plea for you. “All those toys you get for Christmas this year, treat them nice.” Instantly we get images of the Hollywood Tower Hotel wrapped up like a big old present! That present tears open and you see the classic Toy Story background as presents fly in and stack upon each other. Slowly we see toys pop out and come to life across the scene. My favorite is the final note that says remember friends are the best gift! 

Viewing Tips for Sunset Seasons Greetings 

We find that there are two times this area gets really packed for viewing on Sunset Boulevard. The first is right when the show starts for the night people tend to pile up waiting for the show to start. The second time it gets crazy is when the Fantasmic show gets out. Just like the rest of the year this area gets packed immediately following the release.

The nice thing is that since the show is running continuously every 15 minutes people come and go constantly. Even during the busy times watching the show is still very manageable since you have literally hundreds of spots to catch it from. 

As far as the best spot to view the show, the sweet spot seemed to be right outside of the entrance to Fantasmic. You were close to the show without being so close that you couldn’t take in the massive scene in front of you.

Watch the Video of Sunset Seasons Greetings

Here is a video of all four segments and their mini intros. Caution full spoilers of the show ahead!