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Small Ways to Bring Disney Home

Small Ways to Bring Disney Home

You just left Walt Disney World and the Disney blues are kicking in. It’s totally understandable. Disney World is the most magical place on Earth and the real world is…real. Reality means adulting, and adulting sucks!

Are you like me and want to bring some Disney home with you so you never have to leave that magical feeling? Well here are some great ways to bring Disney home. Scroll on to learn how to bring some of that magic at home. Most of these ideas are cheap and easy to do yourself!

Ambient Music

When you’re in Disney World, everywhere you go there is music. It’s not just elevator music, either. The magic of Walt Disney World is in the details. Every area, attraction, and even the cue lines have their own music tracks.

The Ambient Worlds channel on YouTube is filled with hours of music from all four parks, and even specific attraction cue music. My favorite is the Pirates of the Caribbean playlist. I put it on my TV and go about my day. The pictures are a mix of artistic renderings and photos that change every 30 minutes.

They even have a playlist for Main Street USA. Think about it: You can get that happy rush just walking into your living room!

Smell the Parks?

Did you ever notice that everywhere you go at Disney World, there is some unique smell to help you believe that you’re in a different world? In fact, the Disney parks use a Smellitzer, a device that discreetly pumps coordinated scents at precise times and locations. See a speaker low on a wall? Yup, not a speaker. Think about that wonderful smell as you walk by the bakery, or the distinct smell of Rome burning on Spaceship Earth. They put you in the story! Or in the mood for a cupcake…

Park Scents has recreated all of our favorite scents and turned them into candles, oils, wax melts, and room sprays. They have specific resort lobby scents and ride scents. If you’re jonesing to have your home smell like Rome burning, they’ve got you covered. Don’t worry, they have the nicer smells, too, like Churros, or Main Street.

I must say, my curiosity is getting the better of me with Walt’s Office. I feel like it would smell like old books, tweed, aftershave, and crayons, but I will have to buy one to find out! My favorite park scent to bring home is Pirates of the Caribbean because there is just something special about that smell as you float into town. For me, that smell says “I’m on vacation in Disney World”.

Disney World Treats Straight From Your Oven

Craving churros? How about Tonga Toast? Or what about the refreshingly iconic Dole Whip? Amazon has a good selection of Disney-inspired cookbooks, but we feel that Delicious Disney: Walt Disney World: Recipes & Stories from The Most Magical Place on Earth is the most authentic. The author is a former Disney Cast Member as the lead food publicist and OG Disney food blogger. She knows her Disney food! Plus, this book is filled with historical fact nuggets for those of us that can’t get enough!

Imagine the family theme nights! You can create your own Ohana breakfast, or Star Wars movie night with Ronto Wraps. The possibilities are endless. Theme nights are a great bonding activity with your family. You created core memories at the Disney Parks, now you can make more at home!

Themed Dinner Parties

Now that those recipe books have your creative juices flowing and the music is setting the mood, let’s take it one step further to Disney-themed dinner parties. Imagine how great a meal it would be to recreate the Be Our Guest scene?!

Here’s your menu:

Think about a Princess and the Frog Cajun-themed dinner, Emperor’s New Groove with Kronk’s Spinach Puffs, Merida’s Bewitched Bear Cakes from Brave, and so much more. The limit is really your imagination and how far you’re willing to go. One question though… If you did a Little Mermaid theme, would you serve fish? R.I.P. Flounder.

Subscription Boxes

You can’t scroll through Facebook or Instagram without seeing ads for Disney-themed subscription boxes. The two most popular ones are Bibbidi Boxes and Walt Life.

Bibbidi Box

Small Ways to Bring Disney Home 2

The Bibbidi Box has subscriptions that start at $39 and go up to $299 per month. The pictures show Loungefly backpacks, Minnie ears, mugs, and the Main Attraction series. The $119 version guarantees a designer item, like Loungefly, every month. It sure would be exciting to open those possibilities every month! Side note: Is there such a thing as a Disney Sugar Daddy that just pays my subscriptions and requires me to do nothing? No? Darn…

Walt Life Box

Small Ways to Bring Disney Home 3

The Walt Life box starts at $49.99 and goes up to $89.99. These boxes feature more small items, like pins, Funko pops, socks, crocs charms, and small plushes. Attention Minnie Ear hoarders! I mean, collectors! *Cough, cough* Walt Life has a box that features only Minnie Ears!

This is a quarterly subscription and is actually a money saver! Minnie Ears in the parks start at $29.99, and this box is only $27.99. This is perfect for people who love all of the ears and just can’t decide. Yup, that’s me. I’m people.

WDW Magazine

Small Ways to Bring Disney Home 4

During the pandemic, when Tiger King was over and we as a country agreed that Carol Baskins killed her husband, we all started feeling the pressure of quarantine. My escape was WDW Magazine. This magazine exceeded every expectation I had. It was large, thick paper, glossy, and the photos! Oh mylanta, the photos! This magazine printed their photos and articles in a way so their readers can actually rip them out and display them! Articles were about attraction backstories, dining reviews, and my favorite, stories from Imagineers. This magazine was everything during quarantine and continues to put a smile on my face. If you are missing Walt Disney World, set yourself up with a print subscription to WDW Magazine. You won’t regret it.

Disney Wall Decals

Amazon sells these decals along with many other Disney themed versions.
Amazon sells these decals along with many other Disney themed decals.

How cute of an idea to have these two friends of Cinderella running along your baseboard. It’s a fun hidden detail to add to your house and costs less than $10!

Welcome Your Guests Properly

Disney Doormat

Do you love Disney or Beauty and the Beast? This is just a perfect way to welcome people into your home. A doormat is a fun and inexpensive way to remind you and your guests of the Disney magic.

Ode to a Disney Coffee Mug

disney coffee cup

One simply never has enough coffee mugs! I am a pretty sure a lot of you reading this can relate to the Disney coffee cup collection addiction. There is a fantastic Etsy shop that sells these vinyl stickers so you can make your own custom sign and show off your collection!

String Up a Wall Mickey

This DIY project is on my to-do list! There is a perfect spot for this project over the tv between a couple of Disney posters that this would be perfect for.

Display Your Disney Collectables 

Small Ways to Bring Disney Home 5

Whether you display your Disney Infinity collection like the blogger pictured above or Vinylmation you are going to want to share your collectibles! There are so many different things to choose from no need to hide them away. For more information on how to make your own check out the original post!

HOW ARE YOU BRINGING DISNEY WORLD HOME? Let us know in the comment section below.