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Shocking Items You Can’t Buy at Disney World

Shocking Items You Can’t Buy at Disney World

Ever been traveling and just not had the item you needed? Then you have to take valuable time away from your vacation to hunt down said item? Yeah, I have been there too but let me help you out with your upcoming Disney World vacation. There are some items that are just not to be found when you are limited to Disney World property. So be sure to read through all the items and make sure you pack them in your bag! Here is our list of shocking items that you can’t buy at Disney World.


This is one of those legacy Walt Disney rules. Walt didn’t want anyone dirtying up his parks. While gum isn’t banned on property they do not sell it anywhere. Not even at the gas stations on Disney property but nice try! So if you are a gum addict be sure to bring along a few packs of gum with you. 


While we hope you never get sick on your vacation it can’t hurt to make sure you have a thermometer just in case. This applies if you are bring along little ones who tend to pick up germs easier and can get hit harder with fevers. 


Okay, you wouldn’t normally per se buy a straw. But we wanted to give you fair warning the restaurants at Disney World have shaken things up. In a huge push to go green Disney has stopped serving straws at the parks. In the shops, there are lots of fantastic reusable cup options. In an effort to save money and of course save the environment, we have loved investing in a Final Straw. This straw is easy to use and it’s perfect for travel. This is because it folds up to fit in a case that can attach to your keychain. It’s TSA friendly too!


Sharp objects are just a no-no at Disney! Don’t try to bring these in the park if you are going either they are not allowed. Be sure to read our list of What’s Banned at Disney World.

Hearing Aid Batteries

Unfortunately, you will not find any hearing aid supplies on Walt Disney World property. Be sure to pack extra of these cirictical supplies before your trip. While there are lots of drug stores close by to property it is rather difficult and will cost you to get there unless you have a rental car. 


Disney World is officially partnered with Coca Cola. This means you won’t find any other soft beverage options on property. So if you are a die-hard Pepsi fan I recommend heading over to our information on How to Get Groceries Delivered to your Disney Resort. This is the only way you will get your Pepsi fix at Walt Disney World.


Nothing worse than spending your day pulling up your pants while trying to conquer as much of Disney as possible. This is a must for the packing list. While the shops may sport some fashion belts from time to time it will be nothing like your favorite belt at home. 


While there is a small selection of over the counter drugs available in the gift shops at Disney World Hotels you won’t find it in the stores in the theme parks. So if you need anything while in the parks it’s a good idea to pack a little emergency pill case. If you forget and are ever in need we recommend heading to the First Aid spot for the park. Here is the breakdown by park. 

  • Magic Kingdom First Aid Station: It sits right in between the Crystal Palace and Casey’s Corner. Take a left off Main Street, as if you’re walking towards Adventureland after entering the park.
  • Epcot First Aid Station: Is right inside the Odyssey Center, which a building on the water in Future World by Mexico in World Showcase.
  • Hollywood Studios First Aid Station: Head right to where you enter the park by Guest Services and Sid Cahuenga’s.
  • Animal Kingdom First Aid Station: There it is located on Discovery Island, and close to the bridge that takes you to Africa.

What have you tried to buy at Disney only to find out it’s nowhere to be found? Let us know about it in the comment section below! If you want more information on items to stock up on ahead of your Disney World vacation read What to Buy Before your Disney Vacation. We also recommend getting our FREE Disney Packing List.