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Secrets of the Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run – How to Unlock Chewie Mode

Secrets of the Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run –  How to Unlock Chewie Mode

All hail Galaxy’s Edge, the Mecca for Star Wars fans. Star Wars fandom is unlike any other where the details must be exact, and everyone must play their part. There is no going halfsies in Star Wars. Let’s take an in-depth look at one of Galaxy Edge’s rides, Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run, to unlock all of the secrets. And yes, how to unlock Chewie Mode, as well!

What is Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run?

Get ready to take the biggest hunk of junk in the galaxy to the skies to deliver cargo! In this ride, you get to hop in the cockpit and navigate the skies, and hope to deliver the goods in one piece.

Each ride is different from the next. Guests play 1 of 6 different roles that are all equally important to help navigate the Millennium Falcon through the dangers of the galaxy. Will you complete the mission or will you fail? Will you destroy the Millennium Falcon??

Positions on Smugglers Run to Play:

(2) Pilots –

There are 2 pilots for this attraction, one person is in charge of flying up and down, and the other is responsible for flying left and right. If it sounds difficult, that’s because it is! It is a real act of teamwork to fly this beast!

(2) Gunners –

Look out for an enemy attack! It seems like the second we get into space we are under attack. Imagine that. Gunners sit behind the pilots and press the buttons firing the weapons.

(2) Engineers –

The engineer position is the introvert’s dream come true. This position is perfect for the person who wants to be immersed in the story, but really doesn’t want to interact. That’s a nice way of saying that really the engineers don’t do a whole lot. They press some buttons, but they are positioned in the of the ship and don’t have as many interactive elements in the attraction.

Do you need to use Genie+ Lightning Lanes for Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run?

Genie+ is Walt Disney World’s new pay to skip the line service, and while some parks it’s not really necessary, other parks it’s practically crucial. Disney’s Hollywood Studios is one of those parks where it is absolutely necessary.

Hollywood Studios is really a park above the others, hosting 5 of Walt Disney World’s biggest thrill rides. Among the top 5, Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run typically has the shortest of the wait times compared to the others. According to Thrill Data, the average wait time for this attraction is 53 minutes! That alone is worth the cost of Genie+.

More great news is that Genie+ Lightning Lanes for the Millennium Falcon are not difficult to snag. Do not waste your early morning 7:00 AM wake-up Lightning Lane grab on this one. We found it to be available periodically throughout the day and had no problems securing one.

If you do not want to purchase Genie+, (we get it, it’s expensive!), be sure to either ride Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run first thing in the morning or last thing at night. Rope drop is always a good time to beat out the crowds, though Hollywood Studios has the busiest morning crowds in Walt Disney World.

We suggest visiting Galaxy’s Edge at night. We are always so surprised how dead this area is after the sun goes down! Now, we’re not saying that it’s a walk on, but the wait times are really minimal. Keep in mind when you see 15 minutes on a ride like Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run, that’s practically a walk on since the queue line is so long.

Is there a Single Rider Line for Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run?

YES! Because the Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run attraction takes 6 people, there are often little gaps to fill. Remember, Disney does not guarantee that the Single Rider Lane will be faster, but you have a pretty good chance.

Things to consider:

  • You will be split up from your party if you choose to do the Single Rider Line
  • By taking this line, you will miss a lot of details from the queue. We don’t recommend the Single Rider Line if this is your first visit!
  • You WILL be the odd duck out of the group since you’re an interloper, and that means that you can’t choose your position. When you go in with your group there is room for negotiation or you can ask the Cast Members for a specific position, but in the Single Rider Line, you take what you are given.

Moral of the story: We do NOT recommend using the Single Rider Line for the Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run in Galaxy’s Edge.

Secret Tip for Millennium Falcon: UNLOCK CHEWIE MODE!

You can actually unlock a secret Chewbacco mode in the Millennium Falcon and have Chewie’s voice conducting you through the mission! Read the directions carefully and you can feel like a real Disney Pro!

  1. As the Cast Member escorts you into the cabin, do NOT activate your positions!
  2. Pilots need to move their respective joysticks on either side to side or up and down as fast as they can go.
  3. Pilots hit the ACTIVATE button.
  4. Engineers and Gunners hit and HOLD white button then ACTIVATE positions while holding the white buttons
  5. Make sure all of these are complete before the Cast Member does their final seatbelt checks.

Finding the Tiny Millennium Falcon

Did you know there is a tiny Millennium Falcon that sits on the Millennium Falcon? If you want to find out how to hunt down the tiny ship keep reading.

It’s located on the ship right outside the entrance of Millennium Falcon Smugglers Run. You will want to look below cockpit/cabin jut out of the ship and it’s hidden in the bottom of that. The fence/grate around the ship will keep you from standing directly underneath it but you can still get very close and snap a photo for yourself!

It’s nestled between two boxes and two pipes run over the top of it. It’s not the easiest hidden secret to find it took us a bit the first time we found it and we even had to ask a cast member for some help!

BONUS! Use the Play Parks App on Galaxy’s Edge!

Galaxy’s Edge is filled with details and easter eggs throughout the land and the queue. Be sure to have your datapad (smartphone) fully charged and gear up to translate Aruebesh, find new smuggled cargo, and even conduct mini missions to help the rebellion. Unless you’re on the dark side…

See the full list of things to do in Galaxy’s Edge on the Disney Play Parks App here.

Don’t miss out on these hidden surprises and achievements the next time that you’re on Batuu, download the Disney Play Parks App today!

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Friday 8th of September 2023

This is an inaccurate way to unlock Chewie Mode