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How to Save Time at Disney

How to Save Time at Disney

I think everyone who has been to Disney World can agree with time the statement, “time is of the essence.” Did you know depending on your ticket and time spent in the park you can be spending an upwards of $14/hour in the park? In order to avoid wasting any time while enjoying your Disney World vacation, we have put together a list of the best tips on how to save time at Disney World.

Rope Drop Park

There is a reason they say that the early bird gets the worm! The early bird at Disney gets to spend more time riding rides and less time in line. Even on their busiest days, the Disney parks are always their quietest for the day first thing in the morning.

Stay on Property

Staying on Disney property gives you the advantage of proximity to the parks. Some parks are even within walking distance from select Disney resorts. Another added bonus is that when you stay on property you can avoid the nasty traffic that often builds up in areas surrounding the Disney area.

Fastpass Early, Fastpass Often

You may think with the shorter line in the morning you won’t need a Fastpass. This may be true but a Fastpass will guarantee a short wait.

Rain Dance

When it rains it pours! But Florida showers typically don’t last very long, especially in the summer months. The best part about rain is it tends to scare people away from the parks. Which means that you throw your poncho on and race through as many rides as you possibly can! If braving the rain isn’t for you, read our article Singing in the Rain! How To Do Disney World in the Rain.

Skip the Parade

In order to get a good view of the parade, it often takes staking out a spot sometimes an hour in advance. That time eats into valuable Disney touring time. If Disney parades aren’t a high priority for your party and your park time is limited we recommend skipping it in favor of getting in some more attractions. Another bonus is that during the parade wait times are often short since a large portion of the park crowds will be waiting or watching the parade.

Arrive Early or Stay Late at the Parks

These are the two quietest times at Disney World. Extra Magic Hours are a great perk if you’re staying on Disney Property! Early morning is the best.

Eat Early in the Day

The worst thing you can do is wait in line for food when you could be enjoying another ride on the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. The lines are always shorter when you eat before noon. So get a head start on lunch to avoid those nasty lines that can build up at Disney quick service locations.

Child Swap

Child swap or rider switch as it is sometimes called is a great option if you have a small kid who doesn’t meet the height requirements yet. This program allows for part of the group to stay with the ones who can’t go on the attraction while the rest wait in line for the attraction. Once they get off the ride then they can trade places and wait in little to no line!

Split Up

In a perfect world, everyone in your party would want to do all the same things on vacation but this typically isn’t the reality. Sometimes it’s best just to take a chunk of the day to split the group up to allow people to get to go enjoy what they want to enjoy. This is a perfect solution if you have some kids that meet the height requirements and others who don’t.