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iPhone Photography Tips for Disney Parks

iPhone Photography Tips for Disney Parks

It seems like more and more our cell phones are replacing stand-alone cameras. Professional photographers are even now using iPhones for their work. Vacations are always filled with memories you want to capture and we believe you can achieve this with your cell phone camera. In order to help you up your photography skills in the parks, we put together a few iPhone photography tips that will help you capture better photos.



Ever wonder how people get those gorgeous night-time shots when yours comes out all blurry? Odds are they are extremely lucky or are using a tripod. Currently, we are using this Joby iPhone Tripod. We love the Joby brand and also have their DSLR version of this tripod. This tripod has magnetic bottoms and can be twisted to grip in place just about anywhere. We love this because you can get unique shots that most people don’t even think about taking.

Add on iPhone Lenses

Wait, cell phones can have attachable lenses? Yup! Moment allows you to turn your standard cell phone into something as powerful as a DSLR camera for a fraction of the price. We, of course, had to get them all! The two we use the most is the Fisheye Moment Lens and the Wide Angle Moment Lens.  In order to avoid the whole attachment plate glued to the back of our phone (which we did for a year and it left no marks), we now have invested in their special iPhone case. If you would like to browse through their stuff we have a link to all of it here!

External Battery Pack

Shooting lots of photos and especially video will drain your battery quickly. We always make sure to have at least two extra external batteries with us when we head to the parks. This is what we keep in our bag, it holds a ton of juice so we can get multiple charges for all of our devices. The average person probably only needs one backup battery. We just have with us a video recorder, two phones, stabilizer, DSLR and the list goes on.

Lens Cleaner

This may seem obvious but a lot of people miss cleaning off the lens. Your phone gets handled all the time. Think Disney, you are probably currently wearing, sunscreen, makeup, and maybe even a little sticky from the Mickey Ice Cream Bar you just ate. A simple microfiber cloth will do, or you can upgrade to a lens cleaning brush like this.

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Tips and Tricks

Capture the Magic Fast

Did you know that you don’t have to unlock your phone to get access to your camera? Sometimes the most magical moments at Disney happen fast. Simply swipe up on your phone from the lock screen to get to your phone’s camera ultra fast.

Practice Makes Perfect

Don’t just wait until you get to the parks to start capturing pictures. Make sure you take some time to play with the camera on your iPhone so you are used to all its settings, modes, and features.

Focus, Focus, Focus

Tap the screen to set your focus point. You will notice as you tap the screen the lighting will adjust to best process for that focal point.

Make Space for Pics

When you head to the parks you are going to fill up your available storage space fast! It’s important that before you head off on your trip you clear as much space on your phone as possible or upgrade your iCloud storage space. I am a huge fan of storing my photos up in the cloud through Apple. The best part is it automatically syncs to all my devices so I am never without my photos. You can even upgrade your storage space for as little as $0.99.  If you are looking for a free option Google Photos is the perfect option. You need a Google account and then they will give you unlimited photo storage a 100% FREE.

What tips do you find useful for when you are taking pictures on the go? Leave your comments below we would love to hear from you! We also love for you to join our private Disney World planning Facebook group and share you picture perfect Disney photos! Seeing others art is always a great way to inspire you. Be sure to follow us over on Instagram and see our latest Disney World pictures from our adventures.




Sunday 11th of February 2018

Hi! Qq, We are headed in April, and your blog is the first I’ve seen bring up a phone tripod, which I have and wanted to vring but wasn’t sure. Anyone give you a hard time?. ...

Patty Staricha

Monday 12th of February 2018

Not at all, the rule is your tripod can't be bigger than a backpack when folded down : ) phone tripods are very small and fit nicely into a lot of bags. It's just an option if you want to take your photo game to the next level, not a requirement which is probably why other blogs probably haven't mentioned it.