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How to Stay Comfortable Wearing a Mask at Disney World

How to Stay Comfortable Wearing a Mask at Disney World

Disney World is slowly starting on the path of reopening but there are new rules that come along with this. One of them is you must wear a proper face covering at all times. Which begs the question is how does one stay comfortable wearing a mask at Disney World all day? We are going to break down some of our key pointers we have found helpful.

Official Disney Face Covering Rules

All guests 2 years of age and older, along with cast members and third-party operating-participant employees, will be required to wear an appropriate face covering while visiting Disney Springs. This is an important part of protecting both our guests and our cast. Please be sure you have an ample amount of face coverings for yourself and your party before you arrive, as you’ll need to wear them over your nose and mouth at all times (except when sitting at a dining table).

Prepare to Be Hot

The Florida heat and humidity are not the best mixes to be wearing a face mask. So it’s important to be prepared going into your trip. Just like our normal summer recommendations stay hydrated and consider a personal fan. They are my two best friends when outside in the summer.  If you want to get a taste for what it will be like take a walk with a mask around 2 pm when it’s nice, hot, and sunny where you live.

Opt for face masks that aren’t made of super heavy fabric. It seems like the standard medical grade masks are spot on with providing protection while remaining thin. There is also the adorable Disney themed masks that shopDisney has for preorder.

Wear Your Hair Back

To follow up on the heat we also wanted to mention it’s a good idea to pull your hair back. This helps keeps your hair from causing you to get any hotter. It also helps if you chose to wear an ear saver, which we will get into more below. I find they snag less in my hair when I have it pull back into a low bun.

No Touchy

When wearing your mask it’s important to not touch your mask or really your face at all. I find some of the masks to be itchier than others. So give your face mask of choosing a test run before you head out to the Disney Parks. If you find yourself wanting to itch your nose or face it is time to find a different face mask option.

Get Comfortable

Remember the rule is face masks must be worn at all times while at Disney World. The only exception is when you are sitting down to eat or if you need to take a sip of a beverage. Children 2 and under are also not required to wear a face mask. This means if you plan on a full park day you are also in for a full day of wearing a mask. Check out these ear relief straps to help to make your trip a little more comfortable. Alternatively, you could opt to get a mask with ties instead of straps.

Go Disposable

When dealing with germs it’s best to go disposable. You can instantly trash the germs vs. having to bring them home and cleaning yourself. It’s just less opportunity to spread those germs places you don’t want them to be. If you need to find any, there are loads of bulk options over here.

Prepare Your Kids

If you have young children it’s going to be important that they get used to wearing a mask before you arrive for your vacation. It is the policy for all kids two and older to have a proper face covering. A face mask may seem scary to a kid, they are often associated with doctor’s offices and those who are sick. A bit of rework will need to go in reading your kiddos before they come.

Pack Extra

Heat, sweat, and accidents oh my! As Disney themselves said come prepared and have plenty of masks for everyone. I would bring at least one backup mask per member of your party. Again, masks are not optional, if something happens to your mask and you can no longer wear it you will need to leave.

It is not yet known if you will be able to buy masks when inside the park. At Disney Springs we have seen several stores carry a limited supply of face masks if you are in a true pinch. Some of those stores include Vera Bradley and American Threads.

Do Not Hang Your Masks in You Car After Use

Remember when taking off the mask never touch the front of it. The standard method is to remove a mask by the ear straps and avoid touching another mark. If it’s disposable you should immediately throw it out, do not try to reuse. If you have a washable mask stow away for immediate washing and wash or disinfect your hands.

It’s tempting to hop in your car after a hot day in the parks and hang off of your rearview mirror. However, this is only going to allow all the germs the mask collected throughout the day to spread all over your car the second you crank that AC on.


We hope everyone stays positive and makes the best of this difficult situation we are all facing day by day. While we may not classify wearing a mask in the column of fun it’s one of those necessary evils. It gets us a chance to go back and experience the magic while still being conscious of the health and safety of everyone around us. Plus, we hope this ends up benefiting us with no longer getting those after Disney vacation colds!

If you want to read more on the new Disney World policy changes read, Disney Springs Reopens! What to Expect on Your Next Trip.