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Favorite Disney Small Shop Halloween Accessories

Favorite Disney Small Shop Halloween Accessories

Everyone needs a little fall in their life. The one thing I miss since moving from New England down here to Florida is the fall season. The crisp air, apple picking, fall leaves. So instead I try to fill up with a little fall spirit of my own. Here are some awesome small shops that carry Disney inspired items. This article is taking a look at some of our favorite Halloween items. 

Pumpkin Straw Topper 

Favorite Disney Small Shop Halloween Accessories 17

Pumpkins are key when it comes to Halloween time. These adorable toppers are a nod to the pumpkins you can spot around Disney World and Disneyland during the holidays. You can even bling out your topper with a sparkly bow. Pumpkin toppers are $4.97 (without the bow) and can be purchased at Destination Vacation

Mansion Ghosts Sign

Haunted Mansion Ghosts

Of course, we can’t forget that we need to add some of the fun Disney festivities to our home as well. This is a metal cut stand you can place on your desk or really anywhere around your house. This stand starts at $43 and has a wide range of colors for you to select from. The ghosts can be found at Baxter and Co Designs

Spooky MagicBand Holder

Favorite Disney Small Shop Halloween Accessories 18

This adorable little adapter allows you to add your Magicband icon onto your Apple Watch or other fitness trackers. They have tons of options but of course, this one fits perfectly into our Halloween theme. The holder is $9.97 and you can pick it up here

Haunted Mansion Halloween Starbucks Cup

Favorite Disney Small Shop Halloween Accessories 19
Where else would you put your pumpkin spice coffee drink? Pumpkin spice anything has to be my favorite part of the fall season here in Florida. Since fall leaves and crisp cool air in the mornings doesn’t exist in this state. These cute cups are $22 and can be personalized with your name as well! You can pick up yours at Crafted by Melissa.

Pumpkin Trick or Treat Bag

Favorite Disney Small Shop Halloween Accessories 20

Of course, it essential to have a great place to hold all that candy you are going to collect. I love that this bag can be customized with your name. You have to announce whose candy is whose right? No sneaky any candy out of my treat bag! You can order your own custom bag at Briar Rose Enchanted, bags are $15. 

Halloween Treat Ears

Favorite Disney Small Shop Halloween Accessories 21

If you are wishing for a sweet pair of ears look no further! I already love Disney snacks but this cute Halloween spin is so precious! These ears are from Bowtiful Mouse Ears and cost $32. 

Magicband Bow

Favorite Disney Small Shop Halloween Accessories 22

The Mouse on Main Street offers you the perfect accessory for any of your magical vacation magic bands, Apple Watch or Fit bit. Each bow costs $6.25 and you can get yours in her shop here

Halloween Glam Pop Sockets

Favorite Disney Small Shop Halloween Accessories 23

This is a sparkly handmade 3D printed Glitter spooky Mickey spider in an original Popsockets. The custom design is $40 and can be purchased over at Main Street Bling. Be sure to check out all her other amazing Popsocket designs. 

Let us know which ones are your favorite in the comment section below! 

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