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Do You Need Travel Insurance for a Disney World Vacation?

Do You Need Travel Insurance for a Disney World Vacation?

It’s a personal decision as to whether or not you need travel insurance for a Disney World vacation. As with any scheduled event you have invested thousands of dollars into it’s not a bad idea to look into insurance. For some their vacation is affected due to weather, others it may be a loss of employment, a death in the family, a sudden illness or another major life impacting event. Having to delay or cancel a Disney vacation can be very costly. While I have heard some amazing stories of how Disney has helped families during these times of crisis, these acts of generosity are never guaranteed and the Disney Cast Members can only act within their means.

I know travel insurance for a Disney vacation can seem like just one more expense but before you decided you should read over why you may end up needing insurance and what travel insurance options are available to you when traveling to Disney World.

Note: Disney cancellation fee only applies if you cancel. If you postpone the trip to later dates the money you paid will just be applied to the later dates.

Why you Might Need Travel Insurance

Baggage is Lost

The countdown to your Disney vacation is over and you have finally arrived at Orlando International Airport. Unfortunately, the airline made a mistake and your baggage will be delayed. Luckily you’ve got your essentials in a carry on, but what about your other clothes, shoes, toothpaste, and personal items?

If you purchase coverage for delayed bags, you can relax. The service hot-line will help you recover your bags. You’ll also be reimbursed for the essential items you need to start enjoying your trip.

Hurricanes at Disney World

If you are visiting Disney World during hurricane season (June-November, with the peak period in August and September) then I highly recommend investing in travel insurance. While Disney’s resorts weather the hurricanes in the past very well it was an inconvenience for travelers. Guests were stuck in their rooms for up to 72 hours and many had major travel problems because airports were closed. Just look at Hurricane Irma which disrupted guests in September 2017.

For more information on Disney World’s hurricane policy, you can read it here.


Your Flight is Canceled

After the Magical Express drops you off at the airport to return home you are told severe thunderstorms have canceled all flights from Orlando. Who will help you find a new flight to return home?

With trip interruption coverage, you’ll have the money to refund the expenses of a new return ticket or to stay in a comfortable hotel.


Sick or Injured on your Trip

This has happened on a trip I took with my mother. During the vacation, she got sick with the flu and we needed to return home early. Unfortunately we didn’t have travel insurance and had to eat up the costs of the unused ticket days and extra fees to change our flight.

With travel medical coverage, you won’t be paying a huge medical bill. You’ll also have assistance services to locate a suitable medical facility and arrange transportation.


Disney World Cancellation Policies

Room Only Reservations at Disney World

The cancellation penalty for canceling less than 5 days from check-in is the first night’s room rate. A no-show is considered a cancellation and has the same penalty.

Disney Package Reservations

You can change or cancel your reservation without penalty up to 31 days in advance. Cancellations made 30 days to two days prior to arrival have a cancellation fee of $200 per package. If reservations are canceled one day prior to arrival or later, the full package price is non-refundable. You’ll also lose any nonrefundable elements, such as travel insurance and airfare. No-shows will not receive any refund.


Travel Insurance Options Through Disney

Disney sells trip insurance, but for most trips, it’s more expensive and usually more restrictive than going through another company. For the Walt Disney World Resort, the cost of the insurance is $77.50 per adult over 18. Minors are covered automatically if adults have purchased insurance. Additionally, Disney trip insurance only covers the cost of the Disney portion of your trip (including airfare). So if you do anything else on your trip, such as visit another theme park, buy tickets to an offsite event, those aren’t covered. With a third-party policy, you can cover all potential costs of the entire trip, from any providers, with one policy. You can almost always get better insurance than Disney provides, and at better rates, by buying it elsewhere.

Insurance through Disney can be a good deal if you are booking a very expensive trip. This is because Disney’s insurance charges at a flat rate per adult (includes children as long as all adults buy the insurance). Third-party plans have a variable charge based on the total cost of your trip and the ages of the adults. The break-even point for a family with two 30-year old adults is roughly a trip total of $8,000-$12,000, depending on which insurance plan you choose and what coverages you want. So if you’re staying in a Polynesian Bungalow room for 10 nights, Disney’s travel insurance is an incredible steal. For most trips, though, we recommend third-party insurance.


Third-Party Travel Insurance for Disney World

Travelex Insurance

Let Travelex Insurance protect your trip investment starting at $20!Do You Need Travel Insurance for a Disney World Vacation? 2 I like that Travelex lets you customize your travel protection to your liking. With over 55 years of protecting travelers, they are one of the most experienced in the industry. Travelex also offers kids included at no costs just like Allianz. Get an instant online quote now and figure out what it will cost to get your trip covered!


The most unique thing about this company is they have a yearly plan that covers you an entire year for ALL your travels. Yup so you don’t need to buy travel insurance after every trip you book. They do have more plan options that can cover a single trip, cruises, rental cars and a whole lot more! For more just request a FREE travel quote from

Mike Epps

Thursday 19th of July 2018

Is Disney trip insurance useful if you are NOT flying in to Orlando? Mike

Patty Staricha

Friday 20th of July 2018

Yes, it's not just about flights but also your hotel, tickets, ect. If you know you will be coming on another trip to Disney soon it may not matter as much because Disney will give you a credit to rebook with them. It really ultimately depends on your exact situation and if you would need that cash back in your hands or could leave it pending or in some cases completely lose it all together. Each thing you get surrounding a Disney trip all has different refund rules.