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Disney Hollywood Studios Must Dos

Disney Hollywood Studios Must Dos

It may seem like Hollywood Studios is a shell of its former self nowadays with all the construction but there are some really fun things to do here still. Hollywood Studios has six areas (Hollywood Boulevard, Echo Lake, the Muppets Courtyard, Pixar Place, Animation Courtyard, and Sunset Boulevard). Plus two more are already in the works, Star Wars Land and Toy Story Land. This park far and away is the go-to spot for Star Wars fans as it has the characters and the attraction. Of course, we are all eagerly awaiting the Star Wars Land to open in 2019! If you wanted to you could spend a whole day here doing the rides and the shows. So here are my Disney Hollywood Studios Must Dos.

Toy Story Midway Mania

Step right up to this 4D challenge of midway mania! This ride is much like Buzz Lightyears Space Ranger Spin over at the Magic Kingdom but amped up a few notches. You ride and spin through various virtual games. Challenge your family and see who comes out with the highest score. This ride is the most popular at Hollywood Studios and as such the lines stay really long throughout the day. I highly recommend getting a Fastpass+ for this stop.

Frozen Sing-Along

Disney Hollywood Studios Must Dos 2

What started out as a quickly thrown together show after the mega success of Frozen has turned into a work of art. At For the First Time in Forever: A Frozen Sing Along Celebration you become a part of the experience. The audience is highly encouraged to sing and you get a chance to spend time with two of Disney’s most popular princesses. I think the true gem here is the story-tellers, their jokes are perfectly woven into the retelling of Frozen and even bring in current topical events (like Starbucks, Unicorns and Frappuccinos)! In addition to being a great show, you should schedule this as a perfect way to cool down and sit down for a half hour.

Drop in on the Tower of Terror

Disney Hollywood Studios Must Dos 3

Take an elevator ride that drops you 13 stories down the 1930’s Hollywood Tower Hotel and into the 5th dimension, multiple times. But be warned this attraction can be scary for young ones and even rattle some adults (like me). If you want to get on this ride without a wait head here as soon as the park open. You won’t be fighting crowds because everyone will instead be heading for Rock N Roller Coaster and Toy Story Midway Mania.

Head to an Aerosmith Concert

rockin roller coaster

Want fantastic luck running into Aerosmith and them inviting you to their concert that is about to start! This roller coaster is perfect for high-speed fans. It goes from 0 to 57 mph in less than three seconds. When you enter the first loop you will be experiencing 5 g’s so make sure your ready for it! If everyone in your party doesn’t want to take this trip to the concert, use the single rider line!

Cruise Around the Galaxy

Disney Hollywood Studios Must Dos 4

Copyright Disney

This ride is now constantly being updated with each release of a new Star Wars movie! Which my husband, a huge Star Wars fan, throughly enjoys. Each ride now is a little different you never know exactly which planets you will jet off to so you can go back on again and again. There are three segments to the ride and the computer picks from several scenarios for each segment, so you can ride multiple times with different experience each time!

Dine at a Drive-in Movie Theater

Just outside the restaurant you have this perfect picture opportunity!

Just outside the restaurant, you have this perfect picture opportunity!

When you step into this sit down location you are taken to an old school drive in movie theater. You will dine in a car just like the one pictured above!

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Meet a Celebrity

Citizen of Hollywood Walt Disney World

I just love the Citizens of Hollywood that roam around the front of Hollywood Studios. Be on the lookout for their performances throughout the day. My personal favorite is the 99 joke competition, you the audience will challenge these comedians to come up with a “99” joke of the object of your choosing!! Talk about serious pressure?!?! You will be laughing with your family when you hear their responses. Don’t be in such a rush to ride the rides that you miss the great entertainment.

What is your must do when you spend the day at Hollywood Studios? Be sure to share your experiences in the comments below.


Disney World Hollywood Studios Must Dos