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Disney Fan Challenge: Can You Name the Seven Dwarfs?

Disney Fan Challenge: Can You Name the Seven Dwarfs?

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs was Disney’s first full-length animated film, so any true Disney fan should know all of the seven dwarfs, but did you know that the names have deeper meanings? Or what about the names that were scrapped during the planning process? 

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Scroll down for fun behind the scenes info we bet you didn’t know!

What Are The Names of The Seven Dwarfs?

  1. Happy
  2. Sleepy
  3. Sneezy
  4. Grumpy
  5. Bashful
  6. Dopey
  7. Doc

Why Do The Dwarfs Have Names? 

The original story by the Brothers Grimm didn’t actually name the dwarfs, but Walt Disney felt that the dwarfs were going to be the comedic relief, and even the focus of the movie. He insisted that the dwarfs have names that reflected their personalities, which should be fun and entertaining. 

Were There Other Names That Didn’t Make The Cut?

(Imagine a room where there’s just a group of middle aged men discussing dwarf names. We find this image hilarious! )

There were other names considered for the dwarfs including, Jump, Gabby, Wheezy, Nifty, Sniffy, Lazy, Puffy, Stubby, Shorty, Jumpy, Deafy, Dizzy, Hickey, Baldy, Swift, Stuffy, Tubby, Shorty, and Burpy. 

Thoughts Behind the Names

Walt Disney and animators knew that there needed to be a leader of this crew. He needed to be confident and naturally take charge, but they also wanted him to be personable. Doc was born from these discussions. It was said in the press booklet that “It was a good handle for a person of authority, and it suited his personality.” 

Next came Grumpy. Everyone loves a good grump, and having a working opposite right alongside is even better, so we got Happy. 

Sneezy was actually inspired by the actor Billy GIlbert who was known for his intense sneezes. It was not only the personality inspired by the actor, but also the name! That’s one way to be remembered through time!

Animators still had to come up with 3 more dwarfs! After going through the remaining names on the lists, they decided that Sleepy and Bashful were the best fit.

Dopey was the most difficult character for animators! Can you imagine Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs without Dopey?? He was the perfectly innocent comedic relief. Dopey had to be funny, but not an imbecile. Ultimately, his character was modeled after Charlie Chaplin. Then came time to choose a voice… 

Animators tested many voices for Dopey, but nothing fit quite right, and the one that matched the character the best was too similar to Doc! In the end, they decided that Dopey was going to be a non-speaking character. It’s not that Dopey can’t speak, it’s just that he never tried. 

Seven Dwarfs Fan Theories!

 We love a good fan theory! They make us look at these stories in a whole new way, just look at our fan theories on Disney princesses here

Seven Dwarfs and Seven Deadly Sins…?

There are certain numbers that appear in the Bible multiple times, and seven is considered one of the perfect numbers. Is it a coincidence that there are seven dwarfs and seven deadly sins? Just compare the lists! 

Tell us in the comments what you think…

Seven Deadly Sins Seven Dwarfs Names

  1. Lust > Happy
  2. Pride > Doc
  3. Envy > Sneezy
  4. Wrath > Grumpy
  5. Gluttony > Bashful
  6. Sloth > Sleepy
  7. Greed > Dopey


Have you heard the fan theory that the dwarfs represent the natural elements of Earth, Air, Wind, Water, Fire, Shadow and even Magic? Just hear us out! 

This theory is a little more hippy dippy than the seven sins, but reading through it, there is some merit! 

The magic element is not necessarily one dwarf but a spirit that envelops all of them, making Snow White stronger. Here’s our take on which dwarf is which element:

  1. Earth > Doc
  2. Wind > Sleepy
  3. Water > Sneezy
  4. Fire > Grumpy
  5. Shadow > Bashful
  6. Air > Happy

Have You Heard About the 8th Dwarf?!

Have you ever heard of Breezy, the eighth dwarf? Probably not. Breezy was introduced in a comic written by Romano Scarpa (non-Disney). The story is that Breezy left the cottage before Snow White’s arrival in search of riches and fame. He returns home and tries to impress his brothers, but he ends up getting involved with the Evil Queen’s latest scheme. 

Where Can You Meet All Seven Dwarfs in Disney World

Now that you know everything about the seven dwarfs from Snow White, it’s time to find them in Walt Disney World! Here are all the places you can find some or all of them:

Storybook Dining at Artist Point

Our favorite way to meet characters is at a character dining experience because you feel like you have a slightly less stressed experience with the characters, plus a full stomach! Win, win. Here you can meet Grumpy, Dopey, Snow White, and even the Evil Queen. *Shudder* 

Food is elevated dining for a character experience, and the overall ambiance is breathtaking woodlands in the Wilderness Lodge. Reservations are hard to come by, so be sure to set your calendar to your 60-day mark! 

See our review of Storybook Dining at Artist Point here. 

Snow White in EPCOT

Snow White loves meeting all of her new friends outside of the Germany pavilion in EPCOT. Check the times’ guide to see her schedule. Be sure to ask her about the dwarfs! 

Flower & Garden Festival in EPCOT

Disney Fan Challenge: Can You Name the Seven Dwarfs? 4

Unfortunately, you can’t meet and greet with the dwarfs in EPCOT, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get your picture with them! During the Flower & Garden Festival, horticulturists create beautiful topiaries of our favorite characters, and they even make 7 separate topiaries, one for each dwarf! 

Seven Dwarfs Mine Train

You can see all 7 dwarfs on the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train! This attraction is part roller coaster and part dark ride taking you through the story! We love seeing the animatronics in the dancing scene where Snow White is having a fun time with the little men in the cabin. 

Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party

Disney Fan Challenge: Can You Name the Seven Dwarfs? 5

In the past, all seven dwarfs would attend the Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party in the parade and then follow up with meet and greets in Pete’s Silly Sideshow in Fantasyland. Unfortunately, they are not scheduled to appear in the 2022 MNSSHP.

Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party

Just like the Halloween party, the seven dwarfs also are typical guests of Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party. They even have festive decorations on their costumes just for the occasion. No word on whether or not they will be at the 2022 MVMCP, but we will keep our fingers crossed! 

Specialty Snacks

Disney Fan Challenge: Can You Name the Seven Dwarfs? 6

Do you love all things Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs? All through 2022 Storybook Treats in Fantasyland in the Magic Kingdom will be featuring a Snow White cone and one specialty dwarf cone at a time. So far, we have seen Grumpy, Bashful, Happy, and Doc. We can’t wait to see what flavor combinations they will have for Sleepy and … Sneezy… Gross. Do you think they will save Sneezy’s cone for flu season? 

Fun Facts About Disney’s Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs!

  • The budget for the 1937 full-feature animated film was $250,000. The total cost was $1.5 million dollars, which is the equivalent to $30,862,083.33 today!! 
  • The movie grossed $8 million dollars the first year
  • The current gross sales of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs is an astounding $418 million dollars
  • Walt Disney mortgaged his home to finance the over-budget production