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Disney Cruiseline Pirate Night on the Disney Fantasy

Disney Cruiseline Pirate Night on the Disney Fantasy

“We’re rascals, scoundrels, villains, and knaves…Drink up, me ‘earties, yo ho” and we all know the rest of that song! Pirate Night on the Disney Fantasy was a swashbuckling good time for our motley crew.  We look forward to it every Disney Cruise (sailing in the Caribbean/Bahamas), and this vacation was no exception!

Photo Fun


The whole ship’s crew and characters don their best pirate attire to really make the night fun!  This is the one night where you need to get ALL the photos. The photo borders are automatically added by the Shutters staff which add such a great touch.  Make sure to be in line early for Captain Hook and Smee, Pirate Mickey, and Captain Jack Sparrow.  Also if you can, try to take pictures later, the lines are much shorter! One of our favorites was littlest passed out on my husband when we saw Captain Jack Sparrow right before we ate dinner.  We were standing in line, and she kept asking to be held, so of course, daddy picked her up.  In a flash, she was OUT!  Jack was such a good sport about it, and everyone in line around us just kept saying “Awwww.”


Dining on Pirate Night


Enchanted Garden

No matter your restaurant for rotational dining, everyone has the same menus for Pirate night.  Bonus the kid’s menu turns into a pirate hat! Your scallywag crew will love all the fun options. Even your servers get in on the fun and dressed to the “nines” in the latest pirate fashion.  Everything was delicious, but the desserts were standout favorites!  I could eat five plates of that Caramel Macadamia Nut Cheesecake Tart…pardon my drool.


Cabanas Late Night Buffet


Full Disclosure: SAVE ROOM for the ultimate taco and dessert buffet!  After the last firework has flown in the sky, make a mad dash to Cabanas buffet for the most mouth-watering buccaneer fare! I made a killer taco salad with all the avocado. My son is slightly crepe obsessed, so he was happy to have endless options. In typical Disney fashion, most people tend to clog the right side, but both sides serve the exact same food.

Live Action Shows

With two different live action shows one early and one late, all ages can get in on the merriment!

Mickey’s Pirates in the Caribbean


Mickey’s Pirates in the Caribbean show starts at 7:30 pm on Deck 11 Midship.  With early dining, I will say it is tight trying to get everyone scrambling up to the top deck to get a good spot. Mickey and his wild gang of friends invite you and your family to join his pirate crew to defeat Captain Hook and Smee. Definitely, stock up on fun glow sticks from the dollar store to make the pirate “magic” for less! My favorite viewing area is right next to the staircase stage left because some of the characters walk down right in front you and that’s where Captain Hook sits in his chair! Littlest kept yelling at Captain Hook saying “You’re mean, Go Mickey!” Every day since we have been home, she sings a “Pirate’s Life for Me” and proudly wears her pixie dust. What can I say, we are pirates LOL!


Buccaneer Blast followed by Club Pirate

My husband and daughter could not hang until the later Buccaneer Blast show at 10:15 pm, so I brought my scoundrel of a son to see the new show! Based on the latest Pirates in the Caribbean, Captain Jack Sparrow and his fellow marauders fight off the evil Captain Salazar.  This was our first time seeing this performance, and we were blown away!  The stage is extended out into the audience so far that they split the seating, that way the actors have ample room to perform.  The whole crowd joined in on a boisterous rendition of “A Pirate’s Life For Us” even my tween joined in (and that says a lot LOL).  Everyone cheered as Captain Jack came “stumbling” in aka jumping off the funnel!  What everyone waited for was the FIREWORKS! They worked them into the cannon fire between our ship and Captain Salazar’s, and that was amazing! A hush came over the crowd, and everyone is just in awe. Those fireworks out over the ocean are extraordinary…wow is all I can say!

Overall Thoughts

All I have to “sing” is “Yo ho, yo ho, a pirate’s life for…” our family! It is such a fun family night when the whole boat transforms into a pirate ship, and it is not to be missed! Check out the Disney Cruise Line website to find out more information.  Is Pirate Night your family’s favorite too or have more questions? Post in the Comments Below!