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32 Disney Cricut Projects You Need to Make!

32 Disney Cricut Projects You Need to Make!

If you have a Cricut, you already know the power of this machine. It never ceases to amaze me the number of projects you can accomplish with this tiny little machine! Here are more than thirty of the best Disney Cricut projects out on the web, also if you have a Silhouette Cameo that would also do the trick to accomplish these projects.

This is the machine I have, Cricut Explore Air™ 2. So far it has been really great. I have made Disney signs to decorate the house and even made some Christmas ornaments. I just invested in a Cricut Easy Press so I can start making some custom shirts for our upcoming Disney Cruise I am super excited to give this thing a try!

Projects to Complete Before Your Next Disney Vacation

You will find people get decked out for their Disney World vacations. Don’t feel left out while visiting Disney. I highly recommend creating a custom Disney shirts for your family. This makes it easy to spot and less likely to get lost.


Other Disney Projects

These Disney Cricut projects are the perfect fillers for your Disney cravings when you are in between vacations.

Cricut Home Projects with a Disney Twist 

Essential Supplies for your Disney Cricut Projects

I know I can’t wait to give several of these projects a try! So you may be wondering well what are some of the tools and supplies I need to get in order to complete these projects. Well here is my go-to list of goodies I keep on hand. 

Bulk Vinyl Basics Pack

First up is the essential basic colors of adhesive vinyl. I buy it in bulk from Amazon. I have this set of glossy paper as well as this set of matte vinyl for the current Disney sign project I am in the middle of!

Disney Printed Vinyl

32 Disney Cricut Projects You Need to Make! 10

Did you know if you shop the Circut brand they have officially licensed Disney patterns? Cricut has a whole collection with Mickey, Minnie, Pixar Characters, Frozen and more! You can shop for all the prints they offer here

Cricut Tool Set

32 Disney Cricut Projects You Need to Make! 11

I stuck with the basic set and saved myself some money. I found this on amazon and really I think it’s just as good as my official Circut tools. Plus I mean they look practically identical. You just can’t beat this price I have never seen the official one go so cheap! You can shop for this set of tools here

Happy cutting! Be sure to share your projects with us in the comments below, especially if they aren’t on this list!