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Club Cool Flavors: Sip Soda From Around the World for Free

Club Cool Flavors: Sip Soda From Around the World for Free

While most people are entering into EPCOT and racing to Test Track or Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure, we scurry off to Club Cool for a fun adventure that is unique and FREE! 

Club Cool is a location sponsored by Coca-Cola and shares popular sodas from around the world with EPCOT guests. Grab a mini cup and make your way to the pour-it-yourself soda fountain dispenser and go on an adventure! 

Epcot’s Club Cool Flavor Options


Beverly is the most popular drink in Club Cool. This infamous beverage hails from Italy and is used as an aperitif. 

Don’t be fooled here, my friends. This drink is not famous for how much everyone loves it. It is horrible. Disgusting. Abhorrent. Grotesque. Whatever word you want to use to mean utterly terrible. The drink is crisp at first and then the most bitter taste you have ever experienced just hits you. 

If you go with friends, be sure to have the camera out to take pictures of their reactions! 

Club Cool Flavors: Sip Soda From Around the World for Free 4

FUN FACT: Did you know up until recently you were able to get a Beverly cocktail at the Coca-Cola rooftop bar in Disney Springs? The bitterness actually contrasted with the other ingredients to make a decent drink, which is a shock considering what Beverly tastes like on its own. 

Unfortunately, the Coca-Cola Store’s liquor license ran out in September 2022, and it doesn’t seem like they are interested in renewing. 

Bonbon Anglais

French for “Sweet English”, this interesting soda comes all the way from Madagascar. Just like the name implies, it is sweet and has tropical flavors.

We think it’s pretty good! Maybe it’s just because we started off with Beverly that just about anything with any sort of sweetness will hit the spot, but we liked it! Though we couldn’t imagine having more than the tiny cup of the stuff. 

Country Club Merengue

Unfortunately, this soda was unavailable for our tasting session, but according to the description given by Coca-Cola it is a “sparkling sweet treat” that has a “creamy tropical fruit taste”. 

Though most of the merchandise is back, it seems Disney is still struggling with the food distribution system, as we are seeing certain items becoming unavailable more often. 


Korea is known for bustling cities and innovation, and this drink embodied that. Coca-Cola took a classic and completely revamped it. Joy is an apple lychee drink, and you can distinctly taste both! It tastes like a reimagined apple juice, and we’re here for it! 

Royal Wattamelon

Huge bummer! The description on this drink sounds so fun and delicious, but unfortunately, it too was unavailable. Twist my arm, I guess I will have to go back to Disney World soon to see if it’s available.

The description says that Royal Wattamelon comes from the Philippines and is a refreshing sour watermelon soda. That sounds like liquid candy! The description also goes on to explain that it’s available exclusively in the Philippines. Why?????

Suan Mei Tang

Club Cool Flavors: Sip Soda From Around the World for Free 5

Things are getting interesting again! Suan Mei Tang is also known as Sour Plum Tea and hails from China. Here’s exactly how Coca-Cola describes it – “Sour Plum Tea is a traditional Chinese beverage that has existed for over 1,000 years. Smart Sour Plum has a savory, sweet, tart flavor that is considered by many to be the ultimate sparkling thirst quencher on a hot day.” Lies. 

There’s a word in that description you might have glossed over because you’re tasting soda and not soup. Savory. Savory soda? I briefly scanned the description and was expecting a delightful tangy plum flavor, but oh meh gerd, I was greeted with BARBECUE BONELESS WINGS! 

It is like a punch in the mouth! This soda somehow is carbonated barbecue sauce, but I swear there was a little chicken flavor in there, too. It was NOT refreshing! How…? Who…? Frankly, move over, Beverly, China’s Sour Plum earns the biggest “yuck” award. Maybe it would be better if it was followed by a ranch soda…


Ah, there’s a name we recognize! This is Sprite from Russia and you might be surprised that it doesn’t taste quite like the Sprite in the United States… What we know as a lemon lime soda here is actually a… cucumber soda in Russia. 

To be fair, since its launch in 1961, this soda is sold now in many countries, but Mother Russia is its home, so it gets the credit. 

This Sprite actually was in my top 2! It was crisp and very refreshing. I wished it was a little sweeter, but as is was still delicious. Frankly, while sipping cucumber Sprite, my mind was going to how many different cocktails would taste good with it. 


Club Cool Flavors: Sip Soda From Around the World for Free 6

Hailing from the tiny eastern European country of Moldova is Viva soda. Viva is a raspberry soda that is sweet but also quite tart. This was my favorite soda! The color is light pink, so you know it’s going to be fun. This soda seemed extra bubbly, almost like a champagne in a soda, and the flavor was light and crisp. You would think that a raspberry soda would be sickly sweet and syrupy, but that was not the case with Viva. 

This was by far the most drinkable of all of the sodas and we would love to have bottles of the stuff. Time to fly out to Moldova! 

Where is Club Cool?

As you are walking into EPCOT swing over to the left and head for World Celebration. Navigating EPCOT can be a little tricky with all of the construction walls, but if you refer to your EPCOT map, Club Cool is number 8. This is a small little store that could easily be missed, but it is also connected to the large Connections Shop. 

Club Cool is all about the free sodas around the world, but of course, Coca-Cola wouldn’t miss an opportunity to sell some of their merchandise. You can buy Coca-Cola branded shirts, cups, and stuffies, as well as a basic bottle of Coca-Cola or Dasani water. 

What Soda Are Your Scared To Try? Let us know in the comment section below.