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Install the Best Apps for Disney World

Install the Best Apps for Disney World

Apps are such a commonly used aspect of technology these days that we rely on them heavily for various reasons. This should be no different when visiting Disney. You might think you have been doing well up to this point not using apps while at Disney. However, you have no idea what you’re missing out on and how much easier and more satisfying your visit could be if you are utilizing apps. If you don’t believe me, try out these “must have” apps the next time you visit Disney World and then tell me how much better it turned out!

My Disney Experience

The official Walt Disney World® app!

This is a definite yes when it comes to any apps at all when visiting Disney. This is the official app when visiting and allows you to plan out your trips, adjust details while there, look at wait times without wasting the time of walking all the way to the ride, etc. Endless tools to make your entire visit that much better.

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Walt Disney World Maps & Wait Times

Undercover Tourist App

This app is amazing for navigating every aspect of Disney. Every map you would need. Not to mention, if you turn on your GPS, it will show you where you’re at in the park. Plus, if you are lost and not sure how to get to a certain point on the map, it guides you from where you are and tell you how to get to your desired destination.

Download Apple App Store | Not Available on Google Play Store

Dining for Disney World

Install the Best Apps for Disney World 1

Dining is probably one of the top five exciting things to experience when visiting Disney. However, it can be so hard to choose where to go and how to find the place you like to go to. This app gives you all the info on the food carts and restaurants, including the hotels or resorts. It gives you the location where they’re located, and what options they have.

Download Apple App Store | Not Available Google Play Store

Magic Guide for Disney World

Install the Best Apps for Disney World 2

This app is a mixture of the Disney Experience app and the dining app mentioned above. It has a little bit of everything that both of those apps include. This makes it a nice all-around app. Although, some of its features aren’t as well-rounded as the other apps since it seems to cover more options instead of focusing on just one aspect.

Download Apple App Store | Not Available Google Play Store

Disney World Wait Times and Touring Plans

 Description LINES will help you save time and money during your Walt Disney World trip.

Two things that can suck a lot of time when visiting Disney is navigating everything and wait times. Not to mention, there’s so much to see and do that you might end up missing out on a lot. There’s nothing worse than making it to a ride or attraction and the wait time is astronomical. It’s also the worst when you realize you’ve run out of time to hit up some of your favorite spots.

With this app, you can select or create a touring plan that suits your family in order to hit all the best spots. It has a checklist, maps, etc. in order for you to hit your favorite spots without forgetting any. It also has live updates on wait times so you don’t waste your time going when there’s too long of a wait.

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Install the Best Apps for Disney World 3

With it being such a big place to visit, many times families and friends will split up so that everyone can hit their favorite spots. However, it’s always nice to check-in and meet up, especially if your kids are older and out doing their own thing. Glympse allows you to check-in and find each other, even when you can’t get someone to text or call you back. This saves time and helps you keep an eye on your loved ones while still having fun.

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Mouse Memo

Install the Best Apps for Disney World 4

When visiting Disney, there can be a lot of details to handle. This can range from flight information to check-in info for your resort or hotel. Keeping it all together can be a mess. Put all this info into your app so that when you reach Disney or on your way to Disney, everything will be in one place and organized for you to easily lookup and handle. So if our paper printable FREE Printable Disney Daily Vacation Planner isn’t your style this is a great alternative.

Download Apple App Store | Not Available in Google Play Store

Dark Sky

Install the Best Apps for Disney World 5

This is the best weather app I have invested in. It gives you a live look at the current and upcoming weather with scary accuracy, unlike what you see on the local news station. I use it to estimate how quickly I need to leave a park or how long I will be hunkered down hiding from the rain in a gift shop.

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These are just a few apps I’ve mentioned above. However, if you do a quick Google, you will find there are a ton more options when it comes to the best apps to have installed while at Disney.

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