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Are Disney Lockers Worth The Cost?

Are Disney Lockers Worth The Cost?

Did you overpack for your Disney Park day? Or go a little crazy with that souvenir shopping? No worries! All 4 parks in Walt Disney World have lockers near the entrance for guests to rent, but are Disney Lockers really worth it…?

Does Disney Require Guests To Use Lockers For Rides?

A huge difference between a Disney World experience and one at Universal Studios Orlando is the use of lockers. Universal Studios requires guests to use lockers at all of their thrill rides, and even a few less thrilling attractions. Because of this policy, most guests only bring small fanny packs into the parks, since the free attraction lockers are very small.

Walt Disney World currently does not utilize the attraction locker system, but in April 2023 Tron is opening in the Magic Kingdom and it will require lockers for guests to put all of their belongings free of charge.

Who Uses Disney Lockers?

Are Disney Lockers Worth The Cost? 2

You may have never even noticed the locker rental areas before, but after hearing how other guests use them they might become a normal part of your Disney Park days!


If you have to take medications, specifically ones that require refrigeration, lockers are a great idea! Don’t worry about losing them (or getting them stolen).

For medications that require refrigeration, like insulin, pack a cooler filled with ice packs. Remember, Disney does not allow loose ice in their parks. While the lockers are not temperature controlled or refrigerated, we guarantee that the lockers in the cool, enclosed cinder block area will be much cooler than out in the Florida sun.

Souvenir Storage

Those souvenir shops are so tempting. We get it. They’re designed that way!

A real Disney pro knows not to go to the main souvenir spots in the parks at the end of the night because they are crazy busy, but if you go during the day where do you put it? When you shop at any store on Disney property you have 4 options:

  1. Carry it with you during the day
  2. Have it sent to your Disney Resort hotel room
  3. Ship it home for a fee
  4. Store it in a Disney locker

Disney used to allow guests to have their purchases sent up to the front of the park to pick up later at the end of their park day, but that seems to be one feature not returning in the post-pandemic Disney.

While shipping items home is the best method for very expensive and fragile items because Disney shipping is equipped with their own insurance in case of breakage, it is also the most expensive.


We’ve all seen them. At times, we have been them. The over packers. The people who brought every item on every Disney World packing list found on the internet, plus a little extra just in case.

PSA: You do not need to pack your entire house plus the kitchen sink to enjoy Walt Disney World! You are still in a first world nation with everything you need at your disposal, not preparing to climb Mount Everest!

Let’s assume that you’re the overpacker. You’re there in the Magic Kingdom and bogged down with a 30 lb backpack, a 1 gallon water bottle, fanny pack, and all the spray fans hanging from your neck. Don’t torture yourself. Admit defeat. Rent the locker and shed the extra stuff.

It’s ok. We’ve all been there.

Once you do the parks with nothing but a phone and a wallet, you’ll never go back. It’s truly freeing. And possible. Even with kids. (Future article, maybe? Comment if this type of how-to is something you want WDW Vacation Tips to cover!)

Meal Preppers

It’s not very common knowledge, but Walt Disney World absolutely allows you to bring in outside food! Go ahead and bring a full picnic to enjoy on the hub grass! As long as you don’t bring in alcohol, glass, or loose ice, Disney does not care.

Whether you like to bring your meals to Disney to save money or because of a strict diet, there is no reason to carry it around on your back all day! Think about it this way – Extra weight you carry around is extra opportunity to chafe. Ouch.

Also, just as we mentioned before, the lockers in all of the parks are in an enclosed area made of concrete so it will keep your items significantly cooler than if you were carrying them through the parks all day.

How Big Are Disney Lockers?

All 4 parks in Walt Disney World have 2 sizes of lockers, and the Magic Kingdom and EPCOT both have a 3rd size.

Small Lockers: 12” x 10” x 17” (Magic Kingdom, EPCOT, Animal Kingdom, Hollywood Studios)

Large Lockers: 15.5” x 13” x 17” (Magic Kingdom, EPCOT, Animal Kingdom, Hollywood Studios)

Jumbo Lockers: 17” x 22” x 26” (Magic Kingdom & EPCOT)

What Can You Fit in a Disney Locker?

Even the small lockers are a really good size. You can easily fit a drawstring backpack, fanny pack, and basic essentials. Large lockers are perfect for lunch pals, souvenirs and/or a backpack. The jumbo lockers are perfect for a whole family to share.

How Much Are Disney Lockers?

Disney lockers can be purchased using a credit card on a touch screen in the locker area. Each park has their locker area tucked away near the entrance of the park. Lockers are purchased by the day, not by the hour, so if you plan on renting a locker, do it in the beginning of your park day.

Small                                                               $10 per day

Large                                                               $12 per day

Jumbo (Magic Kingdom & EPCOT only)       $15 per day

Are Disney Lockers Worth It?

So, the million-dollar question is, are the lockers worth it? The answer is going to be different for everyone. We think the lockers are absolutely worth it for those that need to bring food or medication. The amount of money you spend on a locker will still be significantly less than what you would likely spend on Disney restaurants. WDW Vacation Tips gives Disney lockers the thumbs up seal of approval.