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Anna and Elsa No Sew Felt Plushes

Anna and Elsa No Sew Felt Plushes

Raise your hand if you’re ready to head into the unknown! After watching the latest Disney Frozen movie I wanted to share a fun Frozen craft, perfect for a rainy or snowy day with the kids at home. I am going to show you how to make Anna and Elsa Felt dolls that require absolutely no sewing! Plus these dolls leave lots of room for you to get creative and add your own touches.

Supplies Needed for Anna and Elsa No-Sew Felt Plushes:

Anna and Elsa No Sew Felt Plushes 14

Directions for Frozen Felt Plushes

Step 1: Start by using your template provided to trace the body of Elsa onto a doubled over piece of blue felt.

Step 2: Cut out your traced body shape.

Anna and Elsa No Sew Felt Plushes 15

Step 3: Using your pre-heated hot glue gun begin slowly gluing your two pieces of your Elsa body together (you will want to do section by section as the glue dries quickly) Do this all the way around leaving a small opening that you will use for filling.

Step 4: Begin filling your plush by stuffing the poly-fil through your opening and spreading out as you go.

Step 5: Once filled, seal the final section of your doll.

Anna and Elsa No Sew Felt Plushes 16

Step 6: Using your template begin tracing the other accessories for Elsa (hands, feet, face, hair, etc.) and cut them out and hot glue them to your main body piece.

Anna and Elsa No Sew Felt Plushes 17

Step 7: Repeat steps 1-6 in order to complete your Anna Doll.